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Mediasonic Slimbox 2.5IN SATA HDD External Hard Drive Enclosure USB3.0 Black

Mediasonic Slimbox 2.5IN SATA HDD External Hard Drive Enclosure USB3.0 Black (Mediasonic: H21-SU3)
VPN: H21-SU3
Vendor: Mediasonic
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Product Reviews

Mediasonic Slimbox 2.5IN SATA HDD External Hard Drive Enclosure USB3.0 Black
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.24/10
With 21 User Reviews

Review Date: 12/16/14
Cons: Cheap

Pros: Cheap, USB3
Just needed a cheap external USB3 enclosure for an SSD, so I bought this. It does what I needed it to do, and gives decent transfer speeds over USB3. Single USB cable with no separate power cable.
Night Hawk@NCIX

Review Date: 11/09/14
Cons: USB socket is flicky

Pros: USB 3.0Support SATA3Portable, 1 cable support data and powerGood price
Came across this enclosure while I was buying some batteries. Seems good deal for a SATA3 enclosure.I bought some other enclosures before. Not all of them support SATA3. This one works, well, after I resolve some trouble.First, the enclosure is so tight. It is not really a bad thing. I won't want my HD get loose inside. But a new case, I don't know is it just tight, or it does not fit. After a few plug and remove, it is a lot better now.The contact of the USB socket is bad. At first I thought my HD does not work. But it is actually the USB socket. After a few try, the light does turn red and flash, it does work. Not sure did I bought a lemon or bad quality. If USB works well, I would give this enclosure 4 or 5 stars.
R. B. Inc.@NCIX

Review Date: 07/24/13
Cons: - Cheap design- Uses foam tape

Pros: - Cheap- Very portable, fits inside a pocket
Bought for a 500gb Toshiba drive. Transfers are slow, maybe because of the drive or because of the enclosure or because of USB2.0, but regardless for the price I can't complain. Not entirely sure what the maximum capacity is, couldn't find the information anywhere. Did not appreciate the foam tape for noise reduction/impact absorption, they could have easily added padding to the screws.
Barry P@NCIX

Review Date: 03/17/13
Cons: Short USB 3 cable

Pros: Cheap, USB 3, easy to install drive
Worked fine with my OCZ SSD drive. No problems using as a backup. Wouldn't try to swap drives in & out, you need a higher quality enclosure. Good value for the money ($14.99)

Review Date: 02/11/13
Cons: Connections problems on usb3 port.Small cable...

Pros: Cheap Ext. 2.5 Case
I bought this case to make a backup disk with an old seagate 360gb lying around. I barely use this drive, so i didn't notice in the first weeks that it often loose connection on usb3 ports. Work as intended on usb2 ports. Maybe a defect device or a poorly designed controller? Who knows... Not the only one with this issue, so check yours in the first day !

Review Date: 01/13/13
Cons: None

Pros: USB 3.0,Cheap
I picked this USB 3.0 enclosure onsale for $14.99 right before christmas. I was looking into getting a WD passport 1 TB, but I didnt like the 1 year warranty it came with, I have had these types of drives fail a couple months after the warranty was up. So I purchased this enclosure along with a 1TB 2.5" western digital blue harddrive just for the peace of mind and because of the 2 year warranty on the 1TB drive just incase of failure. I highly recommend doing it this way instead of buying the prebuild HD enclosures that already come with the drives installed

Review Date: 01/04/13
Cons: Plasticky

Pros: USB 3.0Inexpensive
I bought for the use of cloning my laptop's HDD, and it works perfectly as expected. As with all the other reviews, it is indeed plasticky and cheap-feeling, but it gets the job done.

Review Date: 01/03/13
Cons: Cheap materialCable easily disconnects

Pros: USB 3.0Easy to install
Good because its USB 3.0 and cheap. Don't expect much but it gets the job done.

Review Date: 12/27/12
Cons: connection problems.

Pros: Small and very light. Can fit in a pocketFast USB3 Good enclosure for SSD drive
This is a good SSD enclosure for peoples that want a fast backup systhem when a USB key is not enought. I did have some connection problems with it. May have to change the cable

Review Date: 12/21/12
Cons: Cheapish Plastic box that I wouldn't want to drop.Cable barely 2 feet in length.Kind of a tight fit to put the Hard Drive in.Minimal padding on the inside (Small foam squares places around)

Pros: Can't go wrong for $15. USB 3.0Doesn't require a USB Y Cable
Its what it is - a $15 HDD Case made of plastic. I fear it might break if I were to drop  it. The board on the inside however seems sturdy while I was insert ing the HDD. Speaking of which, its not easy to insert  as its a really snug compartment and I didn't want to try removing the circuit Board to connect the HDD. Not one of those easily swap-able types. The padding is also minimal so there are square foam strategically placed. Wish there was more of it though.I used it with a Seagate Momentus 7200 - 750GB. Worked with no hiccups. I only have a USB 2.0 to test on and the single USB connector drew sufficient power for the HDD to work. ATTO tests - 30 Read and 24 Write. The USB 3.0 cable seems well built although short. There is a dim light which glows green when connected and blinks red during I/O. Not too bright which is good IMO.I know I'm going to have to take care of this one.

Review Date: 12/07/12
Cons: short cable

Pros: Inexpensive
Bought this for a laptop drive that i had lying around. Works as expected and for less than $15 taxes in cant really go wrong. I would have liked a bit of a longer cable so i could hide this a bit better but works okay. I don't have USB3.0 on my current machine but works great with 2.0 for me.

Review Date: 11/28/12
Cons: Powered by USB only, short cable.

Pros: Compact Design, supports USB 3.0
Nice for external SSD backups, would be nice to have a way to use an external power source rather than reliant on the USB framework. Find a USB 3.0 port for maximum transfer rates. The cable is very short.

Review Date: 10/26/12
Cons: None

Pros: Great price on sale. Good value , good quality
Bought this for a easy way to ghost a laptop hard drive. Worked as expected, very easy to install hard drive. Only one screw. Good value for the price, $14 on sale. Am very happy with it and hopefully use it more in the future

Review Date: 10/12/12
Cons: Constantly has connection problems.

Pros: When it stays connected it's fast.
When the drive is plugged in it will read it, but then the USB will lose it 10 seconds later and repeat the process. This happens more than half the time it's plugged in.I've tried several drives in it and they all have the same result. I wasn't expecting much for $20 and I still feel I didn't get what I paid for.

Review Date: 10/09/12
Cons: Le plastic du boitier n'est pas de très bonne qualité, mais est quand même solide

Pros: USB 3.0Très bonne qualité/prix
Pour le prix, c'est un incontournable ! Facile à assembler et le HDD ne se promène pas dedans. Câble de très bonne qualité !

Review Date: 09/10/12
Cons: At $15 for a working 2.5" USB 3.0 enclosure can't think of much except since it's all plastic with very little empty space it's probably not very thermal conductive to be sure to monitor any high temp drives you decide to put in this. Doesn't 100% match the pictured item.

Pros: USB 3.0, simple, easy to open & assemble, secures with a single screw, rubber feet to resist movement on surfaces, securing screw can be hidden flushly with a 5th rubber footlike filler, was on sale for just $15, chip inside looks to be stamped by VLI, USB 3.0 cord is thick, stiff, 1'-1.5' long, packaging is a compact cardboard box with very little waste to toss after, details and colourful design on packaging. Supports SATAII.
I'm very pleased with this product. Everything you need is in it and only $15 for a USB 3.0 2.5" enclosure. It works and supports SATAII. Should be a good solution for older SATAI 7200 RPM drives aswell. Strangely the item received says ProBox on the package and does not says SlimBox on the casing of the item itself.

Review Date: 08/26/12
Cons: Not much holding things togetherCable is short

Pros: USB 3.0Cable is included
I bought this for the USB 3.0 compatibility for an old laptop HDD. I doubt I'll be using it much due to the drive it-self being a few years old already, but when it works everything seems to be fine. I'm glad a cable is included and nothing else is needed once the drive is installed.My only complaints about this case is that the cable is a bit short and I wish it wasn't held together with one screw, the former can be addressed but the build of the product is something that can't be changed. The HDD is also basically lying flat with support from a bit of thin sponge tape.For the price I'm satisfied enough to use this once in a while. Would I buy another one though? Probably not, I think one of these is enough.

Review Date: 08/13/12
Cons: _None

Pros: _Excellent_Easy to install
I purchased this one for a gift, installed a 500GB hard drive in it, and worked like magic. Cheapest USB 3.0 case you can find and it works.I would highly recommend.

Review Date: 08/04/12
Cons: Construction is horrible

Pros: CheapUSB3.0
I just picked one of these up for a 750GB drive I just bought. The $15 price was decent, but when I got it home and opened it up I was quite disappointed. It's actually not worth me driving back to NCIX to return it hahaThere is 1 small screw that holds the two plastic pieces together, I almost stripped it trying to unscrew it first time. Even with it screwed tight, the two pieces have some play to it as you can slide them back and forth with the drive in place.When I first opened up the enclosure the drive just sits on some foam tape. The tape in the unit I had wasn't even in strategic places, looks like they somehow came lose and stuck wherever they landed.I decided to use one of my other 2.5" drives (Eagle brand) and return the small drive that was housed in that for my new drive.I thought this one would look decent, but looks quite cheap and I don't think it will hold the drive as secure as I might want it to be.** I was going to leave 2 stars but on my receipt, none of the numbers get me past the OrderID field successfully. But yes, it does work, but I would NOT purchase again.

Review Date: 06/27/12
Cons: There isn't an LED light even though there's a clear square that looks designated for one and the sticker for the screw isn't reusable so once you put the hdd in, you shouldn't be taking it out (unless you don't care about the sticker) These are pretty minor issues that I'm A-OKAY with!

Pros: USB 3.0 speeds (highest I got was approx ~90MB/s), comes with 1 foot cable, perfect for portability. Slim, sleek and great for everyday use.
Bought two on sale, they're excellent! Can't live without the USB 3.0 speeds and its portability! So convenient!

Review Date: 05/12/12
Cons: Not Gloss black, more a rough plastic Black finishDurability is QuestionableShort Cable

Pros: Cheap (got it on sale)USB 3.0Easy Install of HDNo Requirement for additional Power Cable
Bought this on sale for a 500 gig 2.5 laptop drive I had kicking around. It is a decent little unit, but would have liked to have seen a better finish (ie Gloss Piano Black) and a longer Cable (it is like a foot).But it does what it is suppose to do and if you get it on sale then it is a good deal if you need a case for a 2.5 drive, Would I buy it again, yeah, if it was on sale. If it had a nicer finish and a longer cable it would get a 4 or 5 out of 5.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Internal InterfaceSATA
External InterfaceUSB 3.0
Maximum Capacity (per Bay)Up to 1TB
SpecificationsSupporting Hard Disk Drive
All brand of 2.5" SATA HDD up to 1000GB (9.5mm slim type)

Partition Format
NTFS or FAT 16 / 32
Support multiple partition

USB bus power
FeaturesUSB 3.0 SuperSpeed (Backwards compatible with USB 2.0 / 1.1)

Maximum Transfer rate up to 5.0 Gbps via USB 3.0

Maximum Transfer Rate up to 480Mbps via USB 2.0


Fits all brand of 2.5" SATA hard disk drive (9.5mm slim type)

LED status indicator

Plug & Play for PC / Mac platform
Operating Systems SupportedMicrosoft Windows XP / VISTA / 7
Mac OS
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions3.15" x 5.19" x 0.72"
Weight0.11 lbs. (excluding hard disk drive)
Package ContentsH21-SU3 Enclosure

USB 3.0 Cable (1M)

Screws for hard drive
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