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hec Black ITX ITX200A Mini ITX Media Center / HTPC Case

hec Black ITX ITX200A Mini ITX Media Center / HTPC Case (Compucase: ITX-200A)
Vendor: Compucase
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hec Black ITX ITX200A Mini ITX Media Center / HTPC Case
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.86/10
With 14 User Reviews

Review Date: 07/18/13
All I expected and far more. Employed with Zotac M-ITX / AMD 445 X3, Ƒ) SSD Ƒ) two.five HD Ƒ) Slim DVD. It all fits! Temps are low 40's beneath Video load. Structurally incredibly powerful. Power Provide quiet so far, hope it lasts. None It's left up to builder how to do any cable routing and wire management. Mine didn't appear quite inside but not a jumble either. I'll use this case again.

Review Date: 06/16/13
Excellent case for the value. Appears pretty well constructed. Every little thing fit together with no troubles and was fairly effortless to assemble. The fans are a bit noisy. I haven't had time to investigate however so I am not confident if it is the case fan or power provide fan or both, but I was hoping for a quieter program. When I 1st opening the box, I was a bit concerned as there was a reduce out in the back panel exposing a sticker on the energy supply which stated 藀V". I was worried I was shipped a European energy provide or anything. Nevertheless, it was effortless to take away the energy supply to reveal the sticker truly says 蕈V - 240V". It appears a little sloppy to have this situation, but it has completely zero effect on the actual use or operation.The instructions seem a tiny vague. This in all probability isn't an challenge for most persons as every little thing is properly labeled so assembly is somewhat self explanatory anyway.

Review Date: 06/02/13
Good size, building appears solid. There is no rear access to the mini-ITX MB expansion slot so my PCIe socket is useless. I've in no way observed a case, mini or otherwise, that didn't supply access to the expansion slot. Under no circumstances would have purchased it if I knew this -- I need to set up an added NIC. No energy cord in the box.

Review Date: 05/31/13
little and excellent-seeking mini Computer case. The sata cable for slim DVD drive is as well quick to connect to my ITX mother board. Now, I have to purchase a new cable. Disappointed!

Review Date: 03/29/13
Nice finish and all round design and style. Quite, quite smaller. Appears sturdy as well. Energy provide is much more than adequate for my mini-itx motherboard. Case fan really should be fantastic adequate for just about any mini-itx remedy. I was shocked to see that there wasn't a space for a pci expansion card. It's not just the fact that it's missing the opening, but there isn't even room amongst the motherboard and the PSU. I will have to do some modding to set up my capture card above the PSU. While it's not the best setup I had hoped for, I like this case too considerably to return it. I study reviews but I guess I overlooked the missing pcie expansion slot. Once more, I am nevertheless extremely pleased with this case and won't be returning it.

Review Date: 09/19/12
The value is sensible and the case itself is extremely solid. I read a negative review with regards to the noisy PSU from other instances from the similar business and I gotta admit that I was worried. But it appears they have fixed such noise issue in this a single. The situation doesn't look inexpensive and PSU is very very. This situation works best for my new htpc. I don't feel I can ask for much more. N/A It doesn't have any power reset button on it, but who wants it when I use windows 7 media center remote control? I can just place my htpc into sleep mode with a click of a button on the remote.

Review Date: 06/01/12
- Durable. I carry this in my backpack all the time. I was worried about the shiny faceplate, but it's holding up rather well despite becoming carried face-down in my bag (so that I don't have to eliminate my wifi antennae)- Lots of space. I have an optical drive and a complete size HDD in the provided slots, but also stuck a laptop drive to the cross brace, above the PSU. (This will make sense if you look at the pictures in the gallery). The empty space in front of the PSU offers space to coil up all your wires (excess length from PSU wires/SATA cables/etc)- A lot of ventilation. There are vents to enable heat to rise away from the motherboard no matter if the case is sitting vertically or horizontally. The included case fan is one particular of the strongest fans I've ever seen.- Included good factors like mini-sata/power cable and screws for Almost everything - more screws than there are screw holes in the case, including those teeny weeny slim optical drive screws, which saved my bu** since I had none. - The "detachable" feet (for standing the situation upright) don't attach to the case. They don't even cushion the case - they're metal (case) on plastic (feet). The feet bottoms have two thin foam circles which slide around on my desk, but they do cushion any feet-to-table vibrations. When I choose the case up off the feet, they can slide around independently on my desk (they're two separate feet), so I have to line them up before placing the case back on my desk.- The case fan is kinda loud, but from time to time when sitting upright the fan buzzes like crazy. The buzzing is really rare, but it does come about. I commonly just stick a piece of rolled up paper in to bump the fan blades and it goes away. In its defense, when the fan is running normally (not buzzing), it's entirely unnoticable even though watching videos, and my motherboard does not let me to reduce the fan speed from maximum. I may just unplug it entirely due to the fact I don't even need it. - The rivet connecting the drive trays to the cross brace (making it a single piece) feels like a extremely most likely point of failure. Why wasn't this one piece? Possibly to allow flexing to assure right fitment of the optical drive?- Every thing is held down with screws, except for a single side of the HDD tray. Feels a little old fashioned, but it operates.- Includes normal screws, not thumb screws, for the lid. Regular (fat) thumb screws hit the pull-handle for removing the lid. Fortunately, I had slim thumb screws that are spaced away from the situation that operate beautifully.- Removable mesh screen over mobo is a good touch, but collects dust (which possibly is the point)- No reset button- I read some complaints about the PSU getting loud. Mine is not. My concern was with the situation fan.-Overall fantastic case. Practically took a single egg away for the case fan (this is an HTPC situation, right after all) + vertical stands, but I didn't consider these were worth knocking the score down for.

Review Date: 05/19/12
Incredibly sturdy, can be stacked properly.Feet are preattached and don't melt.Quite effective power supply.Exceptional ventillation for a disk drive contains quiet three wire host controllable case fan in addition to ps fan.Effortless to assemble screw placements.Finish isn't high gloss so is far more sturdy. Only holds 1 difficult drive. I have slightly smaller cases previously sold on newegg that hold two hard drives.No provision for expansion cards. Aforementioned case also has two expansion slots on the back as opposed to this one particular.

Review Date: 04/21/12
Fantastic Seeking.Smallish,No Authentic Bright Lights. Easy Constructing In. Give You A Slim Odd Power Cable. And Screws No two.5 Drive Adapter. P.S. Might Be Challenging To Replace. Good Priced. It Functions Really Well For A Fanless Setup. I Put A Asrock A330ION Motherboard In This And It Runs Great And Cool. I Will Acquire Once more.

Review Date: 01/05/12
Very good airflow design to cool a challenging drive.Effective power supply.Sturdy construction stacks numerous units very well.Matt finish doesn't show fingerprints like glossy situations. Case fan is a fake (it is a sleeve bearing).Only holds one 3.5" drive (other circumstances I have which are similar size can hold two). Bought about a dozen of these cases and the fans are beginning to fail within two-three months which is typical of sleeve bearings. Soon after owning dozens of affordable sleeve bearing fans I can assure you that they usually fail within 6 months or less on average. The very good news is that the fan is a typical size and you can acquire high quality ball bearing fans for like another Ű or so elsewhere. Check out coolerguys.com, for example. Save your self from baking your 贄 hard drive and just replace the stock fan when you construct the technique.

Review Date: 09/13/11
Properly built. Nice finish. Extremely compact. Unobtrusive. Energy and drive LED's are visible but not distracting. Energy supply dead after much less than one year. Will only take slim optical drive. Really tight working everything in but it all fits. It's like a 3D puzzle! Employed this with a Zotac ion motherboard. Not a big fan of slim dvd drives, as they tend to be fragile - the door on mine is sticky (not the circumstances fault tho). Subsequent HTPC construct is acquiring a larger case (for a normal sized optical drive). One ding for the power supply.

Review Date: 07/23/11
Great looks, simple style, nicely priced, modest. Comes with energy cord, slim DVD power/sata adapter (nice touch), and a lot of screws. modest; nearly too tiny. if your motherboard has a PCIe slot it will be blocked from the backplane producing it completely useless. Power supply is affordable, had to file off a gnarly jagged corner to stop bleeding on the motherboard. No QC on the PSU; dont' expect a lot out of it. Accomodates only 1 3.five" HDD with no adapter with no choice for two.5" hdd. I'm using an ASUS E35M1-I Deluxe micro ITX motherboard (mileage may well differ w/ other mobos) and the placement of the memory slots and the power connector make installation of the DVD/HDD bracket a actual tight fit. My suggestions is to install the mobo initial, route the wire bundle 'close' to the connector, install the dvd/hdd bracket, plug in the power connector, THEN install the memory. I found that reefing about with the energy connector and wires with the memory installed to be a bit tight. Ended up taking it apart and reversing approach as outlined above.Giving it three eggs due to the blocking of the PCIe slot, even though in my case I wont need it due to the fact the mobo has so a lot of alternatives. Analysis your mobo and epansion needs before deciding on this case. I was however able to squeeze in a 30Gb SSD. Tucked it in the open area behind the PSU. I can now install the OS on the SSD with media on a regular 3.5" 1TB HDD.

Review Date: 06/19/10
Cons: more ventilation would be great (minor con)No pci slot

Pros: smallpower supply includedlooks great
I have this up 24/7 as a server so more ventilation would be great. Can only fit one IDE hard drive but i guess that's expected from an mini itx case. Would be really great if it's a little bit bigger and can support one pci slot.

Review Date: 08/28/09
Cons: no reset button

Pros: Cool looks, stand for vertical setup, well ventilated
There arent't so many mini-itx cases out there, especially with a 3.5" HDD slot, wich gives this case an edge over the others. This case is sturdy and well ventilated. At first I didn't believe it would hold all my hardware, but surprisingly enough it did.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand hec
Series ITX
Model ITX200A
Type Mini ITX Media Center / HTPC Case
Color Black
Case Material 0.7mm Thickness SECC (Japanese Steel Metal)
Power Supply 200W
Motherboard Compatibility Mini ITX
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays 1
Front Ports
Front USB Ports Yes
Front Audio Ports Yes
Front eSATA Ports Yes
Cooling System
60mm Fans 1 x 60mm rear-mounted cooling fan
Features 5.25": Slim ODDx 1

Built-in CAG1.1 Air Guide

Top cover vent holes support Intel Fly Creek and Eklo main-steam Mini ITX MB Thermal Request

Default with HEC120SNFX Power Supply

Could be vertical stand up as a tower or horizontal desktop

Come with two foot stands

Optional intrusion switch supported

Optional latch kits on back cover

Optional metal covers for drive bays

Optional liner conductive spring for PCI slots
Height 2.76"
Width 10.50"
Depth 12.40"
Weight 5.05 lbs.
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 90 days limited
Labor 90 days limited
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