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Samsung SYNCMASTER 2494HM 24" 1920 x 1200 10000:1 5ms HDMI Height adjustable -Black

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Samsung SYNCMASTER 2494HM 24" 1920 x 1200 10000:1 5ms HDMI Height adjustable -Black
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.73/10

Review Date: 12/22/10
Cons: Bleeding light around edges

Pros: Size, Picture, Adjust, Stand, Mountable
The 2494HM is awesome on my computer via DVI, and works beautifully with my Xbox over HDMI. The colour is clear and crisp. I went through some calibration tests and everything looked great. No dead pixels. Cons:- My monitor has a lot of light bleeding around all of the edges, mainly top and bottom though. Very visible with a black screen in the dark, and slightly visible in a lighted enviroment. Most people would not care, but it really bothers me. My old BenQ from 6 years ago did not have this at all, and I am a little peeved. Is this normal? I am thinking about exchanging it for a new one, and hopefully does not have the problem.

Review Date: 11/14/10
Cons: Poor menu design and VERY BAD DEFAULT SETTINGS; it is still very bright even in Brightness 0.

Pros: Very impressive image quality; built-in speakers have the same quality as those on my $600 Toshiba LCD TV; HMDI output is VERY GOOD AFTER YOU SPEND TIME CONFIGURING IT.
Overall, 2494HM is an excellent monitor. Image and Sound quality is as good as my $600 Toshiba LCD TV. With HDMI input and built-in speakers, this is an ideal monitor for those who want to connect both PS3/Xbox360 and PC. For me, the HDMI output with PS3 is as good as my $600 Toshiba LCD TV(BUT YOU HAVE TO CHANGE SOME DEFAULT SETTINGS)!!!There were many people complaining about HDMI output, that's all because of BAD DEFAUL SETTINGS. Basically, you need to do the following:1. Turn off AV model2. Change the color tone to your preference.3. Change the Gamma style to your preference.4. Turn off all crappy "Magic" functions.5. For PC input, Configure scaling function on your video card.Samsung is a great company on making hardware, but not so on making software. On my first hour using this monitor, I was very disappointed. However, after a bit search on the internet, I found out it's all about their BAD software settings, then I spent the next half an hour trying every possible setting. After that, the monitor gave me crystal image quality. This monitor is a great deal IF AND ONLY IF you are willing to spend some time configuring it. Not hard but you must do that.

Review Date: 11/03/10
Cons: None

Pros: Nice pictureTilts to the sideSpeakers
Monitor comes in the box already put together which is great and saves time. You can tilt the monitor to the side for when your doing long word documents or browsing the net. Recommended.

Review Date: 10/26/10
Cons: TN

Pros: Value, Height adjustable stand, HDMI/DVI/VGA D-SUB
Great value on sale or price matched.. very pleased with this despite only being a TN panel.. the adjustability makes it easy to set up a comfortable viewing angle so some TN limitations can be mitigated. No dead pixels on mine and no complaints so far. All inputs work well and once accustomed to the touch sensitive controls it's easy to adjust settings.

Review Date: 10/14/10
Cons: The HDMI signal processing has a major bug.

Pros: Quality as expected for a monitor in that price range.
I'll have two 2494hm to resell. The HDMI input doesn't work properly. You have to use the DVI or VGA port to have the proper resolution.A good summary at : http://www.overclock.net/monitors-displays/579884-samsung-2494hm-resolution-problems.html

Review Date: 09/12/10
Cons: I purchased the "zero dead pixel polocy" and after 33 days I had a dead pixel. Couldn't return it but whatever, bad luck I guess.

Pros: The price - got it on sale and couldn't resist!Image quality looks great! A bit bright, but you can change that in the settings.
Overall, this is a great screen for your money. Hopefully, you will be lucky and not get any dead pixels. They are really annoying especially in the center!

Review Date: 06/30/10
Cons: Nil so far

Pros: Sharp picture
I purchase this as a second monitor to sit next to my 27-inch iMac. I put my email and other accessory programs on it while I do my work on my main display. Although not as crisp as the iMac LED display, it is quite good and, sometimes, I find myself using the Samsung second screen as my primary.

Review Date: 06/25/10
Cons: Did not come with wiping clothNot option to turn off or dim the power lightNot the best looking bezel

Pros: Swivel, tilt, rotate and height adjustmentMatte black bezelTouch sensitive buttonsVery good colors, contrast and brightness1080p
I bought this monitor to replace a Samsung 23" P2370HD that I found to be too small of screen and fonts size for my taste, this monitor has fulfilled all my expectations. For the price you cannot go wrong with this monitor, I've also had a Samsung 22" 226BW in the past and this monitor comes very close in term of color and picture balance with minor calibration. The monitor arrived dead pixel free but did not included a wiping cloth even though Samsung says there is one in the manual. This monitor and not the very best looking monitor in terms of bezel design when compared to other Samsung monitors such as the Touch of Color P2370HD mentioned above but it does the job very well and the matte black bezel keeps it from becoming a finger print magnet. Overall coming from a person who've owned the highly popular 226BW and the beautiful Touch of Color P2370HD, I'd say this monitor is the best bang for the buck and you'll be very pleased with the features, picture and built quality of this monitor. Very recommended.
Garbage man@NCIX

Review Date: 05/16/10
Cons: flawless so far

Pros: Good specs, HAS feature
For the price this HAS unit might be one of the best...Imagine quality is clean and crisp and very impressive. Another good product from samsung, Highly recommended

Review Date: 04/17/10
Cons: TN panel, poor view angles

Pros: 5ms refresh, HD resolution, nice colors
This monitor is excellent for gaming, with fast 5ms refresh to minimize ghosting. Samsung brand is well known for its lcd and color reproduction on this lcd is top notch.

Review Date: 04/14/10
Cons: none

Pros: height adjustablegood picture
This is my first lcd monitor and I'm so glad I bought it. The picture is nice and clear and I have no dead pixels. The only thing that bothered me was the brightness, I think I put it all the way down to 30%. For the first day it hurt my eyes but now I'm fine. I like that it is height adjustable, and it's cool that it can rotate (although I don't really need it lol). I also like that it has different connections (like HDMI), so I can use it for my PS3.

Review Date: 04/11/10
Cons: need better software for its applications

Pros: Great color, HDMI, DVI, VGA with speakers,2 usb on the stand and portrate
On sale - I cannot complain. Good value for my dollar(s)I think this monitor is so good I bought 3 for Eyefinity. The resolution and operation is seamless and ZERO dead pixcels on all 3 monitors

Review Date: 03/18/10
Cons: The swivel is too stiff and the monitor just slides around on its feet.

Pros: beautiful monitor full of features
good monitor with lots of options and connections. The USB hub is kind of out of the way and not easily accessible, but not bad if you leave something plugged in. With max resolution and HDMI connection the image seems to quiver a bit. I had to lower the resolution a bit to fix it. It only does this with HDMI. The speakers are just speakers and have a very tinny sound, good enough for browser sounds but no good for music or decent video watching. I would not buy it at full price, but on sale with shipping deal it's nice.
Wakeboardin Bro@NCIX

Review Date: 03/03/10
Cons: Needs some adjustment out of the box (Brightness is 100)Box it comes in is big.

Pros: SizeGreat colorsQuick to turn on/off, switch between inputsHAS is a must even if you don't think you need it.No Assembly required. Stand comes attached in box.
I had a Samsung 2494SW that I had purchased, but it ended up having a corrupt EDID, so I returned it and purchased this monitor from NCIX (of course with the 0-dead pixel warranty).Monitor arrived next day without any issues. Hooked it up, and correct EDID was detected. Did a quick pixel test, and had 0 dead pixels. YES!The bezel is matte black, in comparison to the glossy bezel of the 2494SW. Screen is matte as well. Great colors. I'll be using the HDMI from my xbox and it looks great. Auto detects the mode, so it switches to AV mode instead of PC.I've been using a 22" LG and a 19" Samsugn 191T+ (professional screen from 2003) and I must say that the new TN models are almost identical in terms of color quality to the old professional LCD's. I was impressed. There is some backlight bleed, but personally, I think it's negligable.One thing I like about the sammy's in comparison to my LG is that it's almost instant on. To turn on my LG from sleep would take 6-10s, whereas this one is about 1 sec. Makes the wakeup seem muc faster.So all in all, great monitor, great price. My local shop wanted $339.99 and I got it from NCIX during the weekly special for $239.99. Well worth it. This review was modfied by poster @ 03-03-10 04:36 PM

Review Date: 02/22/10
Cons: - huge box- the bottom edge of the screen is too width

Pros: - samsung technology- very exciting to open it- 50000:1 but no difference can be seen
its a great monitor, but the degisn should be better. the bottom edge should be thinner and it will definitly look better.

Review Date: 02/19/10
Cons: a bit too big

Pros: got it for a good price match price
In general you get what you pay for, definately worth paying the extra for the extra size. No dead pixels. The rotating monitor works very well and is really smooth. Initially the preadjusted screen to 100 brightness is too bright, but adjusting is easy. Have yet to get HDMI cables for it to test it out. However downside is the volume on the monitor doesn't seem to be able to project too loud.

Review Date: 02/18/10
Cons: Menu are really dark to use

Pros: Price,built in speaker. Hdmi connector, 5ms
I got a 26 inch model (2693hm) That's the same feature at that model. I use it for my xbox and pc at the same time. I always buy samsung monitor for pc and never have any problem at all with it

Review Date: 02/17/10
Cons: Stand is not very attractive

Pros: Clear imagesGood colour16:9 Aspect ratioGood Response Time 5msMultiple inputs
I use this monitor to connect to both my ps3 via hdmi and my desktop for dual screening via dvi. It works great, has a very clear image while playing my game and the 24" screen real estate works really well for working on projects. Great purchase so far.

Review Date: 02/13/10
Cons: Rotating pivot doesn't lock in place

Pros: 16:9 ratioResponsive 5msVibrant colour rangeExcellent BlacksMuliple inputs HAS stand
Great for connecting multiple devices, the source button allow switching between devices quick. Use digital if possible, much sharper and clearer image display compared to analog. It's a bonus that the monitor comes with speakers. Works great for xbox 360 gaming as well as pc. The black values and color range are terrific.

Review Date: 02/01/10
Cons: none so far

Pros: Great display, crisp, clear!
This monitor is a great pick for the price, Great size, excellent picture and colors. a great addition to any system, and the ability to use VGA, DVI or HDMI and having speakers makes it very versatile for any system!

Review Date: 01/29/10
have had real good success with this monitor

Review Date: 01/18/10
Cons: None so far

Pros: Height adjustable stand, HDMI and speakers
Well featured monitor that includes a height adjustable stand. Didn't expect to find HDMI connectors (and speakers if that's a requirement for you) at this price. I've never had problems with Samsung monitors and this one does not disappoint.

Review Date: 01/15/10
Cons: Buttons may be hard to press due to touch

Pros: Price during salesPivot stand1920 x 1080 resolution (some may prefer 1920 x 1200)
This is a nice monitor for the people don't demand something very high end like IPS monitors.Highly recommended if you like to watch movies on your computer!

Review Date: 01/15/10
Very good monitor for its price!

Review Date: 01/08/10
A few things you need to know: (1) the specs listed above do not match the actual monitor. Get the proper specs from Samsung. (2) This monitor is not eligible for returns. If it breaks, you are talking to Samsung directly. (3) If you get the ingenious idea to use the HDMI port as a second DVI port (via a converter), well, it will work, just not quite as well as you want. You are better off with the VGA port. BTW there isn't enough space between the HDMI port and the DVI one to fit that converter. This is an excellent consumer-grade monitor. Hard-core gamers will prefer a monitor with a 2ms LCD ($$$). Design professionals will prefer a wide-gamut monitor ($$$$$$). Everyone else will like this one. 1920x1080 isn't too coarse as I feared. (I am coming from a 17-inch laptop LCD that has 1920x1200 res). I am content. I hate the OSD buttons: I can hardly see where they are unless I shine a lamp at them.
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