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ICY DOCK MB974SP-B Tray-less 4 in 3 SATA I & II Hot-Swap Backplane Raid Cage Module with eSATA & US

ICY DOCK MB974SP-B Tray-less 4 in 3 SATA I & II Hot-Swap Backplane Raid Cage Module with eSATA & US (ICY DOCK: MB974SP-B)
Vendor: ICY DOCK
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ICY DOCK MB974SP-B Tray-less 4 in 3 SATA I & II Hot-Swap Backplane Raid Cage Module with eSATA & US
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.6/10
With 5 User Reviews

Review Date: 08/19/13
was concerned that the housing was not going to fit the chassis, but there were no troubles with the install. i will be using the ICY DOCK MB974SP-B Tray-significantly less four in 3 SATA I & II Hot-Swap Backplane Raid Cage Module with eSATA & US, once again in future builds. Drives are accepted into the ICY DOCK MB974SP-B Tray-much less four in 3 SATA I & II Hot-Swap Backplane Raid Cage Module with eSATA & US with out the use of a proprietary shuttle which i consider is so boss. the eSATA cable is apparently soldered to the ICY DOCK MB974SP-B Tray-less four in 3 SATA I & II Hot-Swap Backplane Raid Cage Module with eSATA & US, assembly. I would have liked the solution of supplying the cable due to space and distance to the actual SATA port on the board, but even if i wasn't going to use the eSATA port now i have a cable to handle when striving for a clean look. would have provided the ICY DOCK MB974SP-B Tray-significantly less four in three SATA I & II Hot-Swap Backplane Raid Cage Module with eSATA & US, five stars, but the eSATA cable just left me sad.

Review Date: 05/06/13
Replaceable fan is nice touch (I can see that going first). Unit as a whole feels solid, drives slide in like a latex glove (kinda sticks but not in a terrible way). Energy buttons are nice so no accidental "failures" on the RAID. Fan moves air to preserve drives cool enough, I just leave it on Auto and I cant hear it over the other noises in the area. USB in front is handy and beneficial. TRAYLESS!! Cant eliminate eSata cable (I have no need to have for it) soldered to the board. Blue LEDS are bright, but are fun to watch with a RAID five getting accessed :) "stuffed" into an Antec 900, necessary to add more drives and three additional wasnt going to cut it, saw this and thought BINGO! No messing with trays, actually no need to have to shutdown method to get to drives. If you're pondering of finding it. Get it!

Review Date: 11/03/12
1. It has a replaceable fan! If it starts to get loud, or dies I can replace it rather of purchasing a whole new backplane. Brilliant! (some others make you obtain a new backplaneƜ. It doesnt have "open" engraved into the front like other backplanes. If you want directions on how to open the hotswap bay you shouldnt be setting up an array. (There is a sticker, but that is uncomplicated to eliminateƝ. External Sata and Usb ports.4. High/Low/Auto switch for the fan.five. Only needs two sata power connections.6. Great thing it was created from top quality components because I had to... persuade it into my comp.7. Fan turns off automatically when HDDs are powered down. The sata cables that come with it smell horriable. The space smelled like a hospital untill I replaced the One sata cable I used. I could begin my personal rave club with the status lights.

Review Date: 05/16/12
This is an update to my prior critique: The cage now functions effectively, the challenge was it did not like the SATA II cables I was working with on my SATA I drives. It is very handy for swapping out drives or booting to other OS. The power on and off buttons are excellent for when you only want to access specific drives when your program is powered on. The power on/off buttons are too little.

Review Date: 03/31/12
Ok for detecting hardrives Only fantastic for detecting drives, does not work wiping or restoring images. Will not perform with backup computer software such as Acronis Household. My primary purpose for obtain was to be able to allow or disable tough drives, and to wipe and restore drives. This device will detect hard drives connected to it, but has difficulty wiping and restoring pictures. I have not tested the information transfer efficiency because I was so disappointed with other capabilities, The price is WAY As well HIGH for something that will ONLY detects tough drives. Stay away if you have additional use. I am returning mine. Very limited use

Product Features

Product Specifications

Model MB974SP-B
Specifications Color: Black

Drive Fit: 3.5" SATA 1.5/3 Gbit/s hard drive x 4

Host Connection: 7 pin SATA port x 3 for HDD, 7 pin SATA connector x 1 for front Panel eSATA port, 5 pin USB 2.0 connector x 1 for front Panel USB port

Device Space: 5.25" half height device bay x 3

Transfer Rate: Up to 3 Gbit/s. (depending on hard drive speed)

Insert& Extract conection Via: Direct SATA hard drive connection

Front Panel Contents: eSATA Port x 1 & USB 2.0 Port x1, Adjustable fan speed control (High/Low/Auto)

Structure: Aluminum body w/ partial plastic

Drive Cooling: Removable rear outtake fan w/ aluminum heat dispersion

Cooling Fan Type: 80mm ball bearing fan with 2 or 3 pin connector

Power Indicator: Blue LED

HDD Access Indicator: Flashing blue LED

Dimension (L x W x H): 210 x 148 x 126mm (8.27" x 5.83" x 4.96")

Weight: 2.67 lbs.
Features Fits 4 x 3.5" SATA HDD into 3 x 5.25" Device Bays

Screw-less, tool-less design for genuine plug &play and hot swap use

Compatible with SATA 6 Gb/sec

Stylish aluminum construction for durability and heat dissipation

80mm cooling fan for maximum air flow

On-demand power system - Fan power only when a drive is powered on

Fan is replaceable with aftermarket fans that use 2-pin or 3-pin connectors

3 speed fan control including Smart Cooling Technology providing temperature

Front and rear ventilation slots

Front side USB and eSATA ports for convenient external storage connections

Individual power switches and LEDs for each drive

Child-proof power buttons to avoid accidental power shut down

Multi-locking door latches to prevent accidental drive ejection

Internal SATA cable and USB header cable built into rear of device
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 3 years limited
Labor 3 years limited
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