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SUPERMICRO MBD-H8SCM Micro ATX Server Motherboard

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SUPERMICRO MBD-H8SCM Micro ATX Server Motherboard
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SuperMicro  H8SCM-F, LGA 1207, AMD (MBD-H8SCM-F) Motherboard with AMD 6-core SuperMicro H8SCM-F, LGA 1207, AMD (MBD-H8SCM-F) Motherboard with AMD 6-core $91.14 CAD Shop Now

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SUPERMICRO MBD-H8SCM Micro ATX Server Motherboard
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Review Date: 06/06/13
see preceding see prior get the enzo northbridge heatsink/fan (the 'egg has it!). it has a 59mm mounting pitch, and its much less than 13.5mm higher, so it won't mess with PCIE cards! pull the useless aluminum heatsink. there are two sets of mounting holes underneath, the ones the aluminum heatsink was working with, and a different set closer together, which have a 59(+/- 1mm) pitch; yes it suggests the enzo will mount a little cockeyed. if you think you're going to hear the little higher-speed fan, undervolt it. northbridge temps are presently 42C, down from high 50s if not 60s.pleased as pie!longshadow - i suggest you use R2 memory. i'm making use of 4x4G Reg ECC mushkin; no challenge (newegg doesn't carry it - so i went direct).other individuals - why are you wasting your time with an onboard computer software raid controller from adaptec? use linux and md, or get an areca. and please don't inform me you want to boot from it; get a 40G SSD for that.

Review Date: 05/12/13
64 GB memory, 6 SATA drive help, a number of PCI and PCI Express slots. Sounds like a good board. Purchased as part of a combo from NewEgg, so it was a decent price tag. 1st, it only sees two of the 4 memory slots. I have 4 - 2GB DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) ECC Registered Server Memory and it only sees two of the sticks. Video has stopped operating (you can remote desktop to the server and see it is running fine) requiring a complete shutdown to reset the video chipset. Only supports RAID Ǘቦ - you will need to have to buy an add-in card to use RAID five (so a lot for the 6 drive assistance). I've constructed dozens of desktops ࿂ systems in the past 2 years with all hardware purchased from NewEgg), this is my very first server. I purchased an AMD Opteron 4122 Lisbon 2.2GHz Socket C32 for this server. Didn't notice it did not contain a cooling device. Came back to NewEgg to acquire 1 and they don't carry one. Had to go to a different site to come across one that would operate with the C32 socket.

Review Date: 03/03/13
see other see other when the BIOS forced my memory to CLK 1066 i was curious. i emailed the vendor and asked why this was, why didn't it show up at 1333? the vendor kindly pointed me at the following document (don't feel i can hyperlink)supermicro - aplus_memory_help_H8SCMit explains the timings you will get with distinct sorts and distinct ranks

Review Date: 10/07/12
A solid motherboard. Excellent featureset, stable, solid, a lot of SATA cables in-box. As soon as set up, has been rock solid as the backbone server of our organization. Configuring RAID for a Windows Little Small business Server 2011 was a bit of a pain. The Driver Disk integrated only had a RAID driver installer app that worked with a floppy drive. Who utilizes floppy drives?!? Finally got RAID operating for OS Install by copying files off Driver CD and onto a USB Important. Also, if RAID was enabled and the DVD Drive was not in SATA Port 4, the DVD would not be recognized by the BIOS. Documentation was thin. No Manual integrated, had to download and print. There are adapters in the board for either a Socket AM2Ǚ Clip-Down-Style CPU Fan, or a three.five" Screw-Down Socket F CPU Fan. Make certain that you get one of these, as most Socket C32 Opterons don't come with CPU fans in-box.

Review Date: 06/14/12
ipmi monitoringbios configurationfan headersPCIE slots6x SATA none see previous and then come back: here's the developh8scm-fopteron 4174he4x4 mushkin ecc reg (� at mushkin)mushkin callisto 40gb ssd (boot drive)areca arc-12228x hitachi two.five" 750gb4x snt dual 2.5" sata backplane(configured as four.5gb raid6 - two xfs partitions)ocz revodrive two - 100gbintel pro 1000gt (left over from old server - i use one nic every for laptop and desktop, the intel is for internet accessƝx gelid 120mm pwm (i favor scythe, but their base rpm is so low that the board would throw low non-recoverable important errors; the gelid fans run at 𞻬rpmƛx scythe kama flex 135mm򜢰rpmnoctua u9d0 a31x scythe kama flex 92mm pwm (replaced noctua 92mm - runs at ~ 784rpm)enzo slf-1 (replaces northbridge cooler - i have a 5v sunon to replace it if its loud)seasonic 560w 80gold (could have gone with 460w fanless)lian-li v354 (removed front usb - mounted on back by means of bracket)its quiet, it runs my house services, database (on the revo), media storage

Review Date: 04/05/12
Small form aspect, built in Adaptec raid a large plus. No manual or quick-commence guide for reference of motherboard jumpers or headers. Wrong CD included so no manual there either. Adaptec Raid manager demands to be downloaded due to the fact it's not included either. Appears like a great tiny board, but Frustrating obtaining to waste time downloading drivers and hunting down a manual for header info (not silk screened on board). I guess a 1¢ for a sheet of pinouts and so on. is as well much to ask for a board at this price tag level.

Review Date: 02/27/12
Supports desktop DDR3 ram up to 16GB for a budget make. Quite a few fan headers ƕ total, all PWM) for optimum cooling. MicroATX form element is great for constructing a little footprint but powerful server package which was my intent. The onboard USB connector is amazing if you intend to run an OS like ESXi from a modest bootable thumbdrive inside the chassis. First, the embedded Adaptec RAID does not operate with VMware ESXi; you'll require an additional RAID card for functional arrays to be identified as valid storage devices in ESXi. Secondly, the northbridge on this board runs incredibly hot! There is no fan on the heatsink for the NB, and I've been attempting to research it to see if I'm within typical limits but in years of making computers I've in no way seen temps that high (upwards of 70-80 Celsius). With the temps in thoughts, this will call for some excellent cooling. I place a high output 120mm fan facing the NB and it went down to mid 40's inside a minute or two. I got the last openbox H8SCM on Newegg for a tiny less expensive than a sealed package and saved a few bucks which was great for my spending budget construct. I put 16GB DDR3 G-Ability unbuffered RAM in it, an Opteron 4180 6-core CPU, and 3 WD 1.5 TB HDD's, operating VMware ESXi four.1. As a previous reviewer noted, make positive you get a CPU cooler for your C32 CPU. For a server getting placed in a desktop chassis, you are fairly restricted if you want quiet operation. Best bet is to do some study, and I identified a quiet HSF combo for around ๖. General, this is a good small server technique that didn't break the bank. I'm pretty happy with my purchase except for the fact with the Adaptec embedded RAID not operating with ESXi.

Review Date: 09/27/11
micro atx server boardmax ram capacitydual nicsipmi north bridge temperatures i have the -f version of this board, and i'm pleased with it. i'm making use of a 4174he, and temperatures overall are excellent. the north bridge appears to have concerns, as noted by another poster. my temps are in the high 50s, but this is nonetheless a trigger for concern, even though nicely inside spec. i'm taking into consideration hitting it with decent thermal paste and throwing a 40-60mm fan on top. has everyone tried separating it from the white pins?if you're going to live with this type of gear, and not throw it in a data center, get the noctua cooler, not like you have any selection. i'm utilizing the 90, as the HE doesn't need any much more.supermicro has a factor about memory compatibility, i don't; if its great it need to work. i threw in 4x4 from mushkin in and didn't believe twice about it.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

South Bridge: AMD SP5100
Number of DDR3 Slots: 4 240pin
DDR3 Standard: DDR3 1333
Maximum Memory Supported: 64GB
ECC Supported: Yes
Registered: Yes
PCI Express x8: 1 x PCI-E 2.0 x8 in x16 1 x PCI-E 2.0 x8
PCI Express x4: 1 x PCI-E 2.0 x4 in x8

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