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APEX MI-008 Black Computer Case

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APEX MI-008 Black Computer Case
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Apex Computer Technology, Inc MI-008   $95.38 CAD Buy Now

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Product Reviews

APEX MI-008 Black Computer Case
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.89/10

Review Date: 09/16/13
Cant say enough about this case! I bought it to style a Windows Media Center for our livingroom. It is ideal size, appears fantastic, smaller, and the energy supply when left on 24x7 will only cost ฦ.00 a month in electricity vs. our cable box that was close to 39.00 NONE

Review Date: 09/10/13
Nice design and style, very good building, sturdy, Smaller and Inexpensive! Poor engineering! The energy provide fan blows the air out of the case, when the CPU fan blows the air on top of the CPU. This may possibly be wonderful if each fans weren't on best of each other! I was questioning why the case was creating such a loud noise, the noise is due to that each fans are fight for air! Sounds like a wind tunnel. I want that who ever engineered this case would have produced the PSU fan face upwards and placed holes on prime of the case in addition to the holes on the side of the case! I attempted to flip the PSU, but because there is incredibly tiny space between the PSU and the leading of the case, minimal air flow gets circulated and I can feel the PSU commence to get warm. I presently have the case off, till I uncover a person that can place holes on top of this case for airflow! I would have given this item Five stars, if the designers better engineered the layout of the case. Till I can get proper ventilation, the best will have to remain off. Just a note for future personal computer case engineers...... HEAT RISES! Finest to place holes where heat would dissipate!

Review Date: 09/05/13
This was truly sturdier than I was expecting, devoid of getting too heavy. I required a modest improvement box (not a laptop) to take with me when I meet with my group, and this fits nicely in my backpack. I feel I would have preferred a matte finish to the front bezel. No scratches however, but I have to be cautious. If you aren't packing this factor up twice a week to travel, no worries. I put the ASRock E350M1 motherboard in right here, and the construct went really smoothly. The case vents the heat nicely, and gets a lot of comments at my meetings.Newegg rocks. The end.

Review Date: 09/03/13
There is about 5Ǟ" clearance between the top rated of the passive cooler on the Atom board and the bottom of the energy provide. Excellent worth. Also appears that if needed, it will be attainable to get a replacement power supply. Doesn't seem like a very good strategy to do like the guidelines say and remove the bezel by "pulling from the bottom". As an alternative, unhook the 4 tabs from the back. Also, the CD and USB/audio doors don't appear they'll last lengthy.

Review Date: 09/02/13
Excellent quality...Great seeking...Smaller size...Excellent for a modest, bottom line Sempron Computer. power provide blocks cooling fan for any CPU more than 45 watts. I hear the Sempron 45 watt CPU is actually fantastic.Just one more half inch height and half inch length would let for the use of a great CPU. If you place a dvd/cd drive in, there is not enough air space for good cooling. Let's just say this case does not resolve the space challenge faced by tiny situations. I mounted the power provide on the back of the case so that I could place a Athlon x2 AM2 chip in and fit the cooling fan on best... I wasn't going to invest any a lot more money attempting to get a poorly developed case to perform. It's ulgier now with the power provide mounted on the rear of the case, but at least its a decent Computer for operating standard software program. With 250 Watts you can run a 65 watt cpu, 1 DVD burner, and a single case fan with no further coverage... Would I purchase once more? no, but I've discovered Newegg puts things in their "Shell Shocker" sales for a cause and only half of the things I have bought by means of that daily sale reside up to expectations... FYI... Nevertheless, Newegg is the ideal spot to get what you require...

Review Date: 08/24/13
Decent Small Case for my just bought Gigabyte D525 ITX board and DVD burner. I am working with it with two difficult drives I currently had. Was decent cost at ื.99 but I see as I write this the value went up to 49.99. HA! I don't know where they get the was 55.99 value from.The principal part of the case is all aluminum and quite sturdy. I not thrilled with the plastic front panel all together. Front I/O panel door will not latch. Also, the panel push button for the DVD burner will not attain the button inside to open the DVD burner. I have to manually attain inside the panel door to press it. This case was created in China. It is a small tight with creating the cables go in the right places not to block CPU fans and Power supply fan. There is no company to contact in case you have an concern for this Case. I truly don't want to replace the entire case because my technique is already constructed. I would just want a replacement front panel to fix this.

Review Date: 08/08/13
Small type element. Sturdy. Nice layout for the tiny size. Fantastic hunting. I cannot seem to match an optical drive into this unit. I have the Samsung BluRay drive, and I can\'t make it match. Any recommendations?? Slightly cramped, but looks wonderful below my Tv! Tends to make a good home theater.

Review Date: 08/04/13
I fine this to a great itx mobo case. A 250w PSU is additional than adequate for HTPC. Do some investigation on what CPU cooler to use. I'm making use of Intel SB 2100 3.1G CPU with aftermark cooler Thermaltake X3. I also added 80mm fan attached on the inside to pull cool air in. I'm prepared to spend a little added for a much better front USB panel. Looks and feels low-cost. There have been a lot of choices with itx instances. I chose this one more than many other individuals becuase of the following: is small, i like the extra three.5inch slot, that will allow me to add USB 3. drives, it has a slot for PCI card if i ever wanted to add Video card, and the further 3.5 drive let me to add much more stuff like USB 3. drive bay. I originaly wanted to purchase the lianli Pc-Q09 mini itx, every little thing was great except it doesn't have PCI slot. The Theramal take itx case came a second close, i didn;t like the orange colour strip on the front of the case.

Review Date: 07/08/13
smaller case and looks great on neweggs website several cons. gets hot even with a sempron 140absolutelt zero area to perform with ,the inside layout is poorly thought out. Drive bay door was broken on arrival. not possible to sell my buyer create with that broken drive bay and is also not possible just tp line up the dvd flush or anywhere close to flush .cant sell on fleabay ,cant give it away at this point Apex has always been a decent case and i want to get a whole new face plate for it hopefully Apex will send me a single out

Review Date: 07/05/13
Quiet, tight, nicely constructed (mostly). Be cautious with the optical drive bay return spring! If you knock it out of location, you'll devote an hour placing it back (if you can locate the tiny spring!).Why do manufacturers insist on lousy decals? Be patient. There isn't substantially additional room to perform with. Easy swap for blue energy/drive LED makes a enjoyable uncomplicated mod project.

Review Date: 06/27/13
1)Very very good designtwo)VERY quiet energy provide3)Takes a complete height pcie card (though cable management gets tighter)four)"Plenty" of space under the tough drive space for another tough drive, though that one would have to be taped or anything like that (I taped a 2.five" hd to the backplate of the ssd and there is still space for more at the bottom.five) Fits a 120mm fan on the side panel, though this requires a brute force method, at least on the scythe sflex d that I installed (there is a tiny metal slide at the bottom of the case that makes the fan not match. If you slide it in with force from the side I assume you can cut through a bit of plastic on the fan and then it fits. It's working completely after installed. YMMV with other fans.Suggested: Use 2.5" and SSD's excellent combination w/ significantly less heat and leaves significantly far more area for ventilationFinal Remark: If you go for a core i3 build don't cheapen out and get the silverstone fan + some 2.5" hds, you won't regret it! 1)Cable management is a fairly tight (though not deadly) since cables are stupidly lengthy. Best to route them around the front.two)Had to chop off the tab of the ATX energy plug so it wouldn't run against the fan blades (no biggie because the tab is not required). Installed a core i3-530 on a gigabyte h55n mini itx mobo with 1 vertex two 60gb as os drive + 1 samsung two.five" 640gb for storage. Asus Blue-Ray drive in the 5.25" bay. This technique is amazingly Rapid and SILENT and freaking small!Factors you want for a effective core i3 makeɅ) Height for the Core i3 cooler is not much, the stock a single would get squeezed into the psu (I didn't attempt this but reading from other reviews). I bought a JUST RELEASED (as of 07ቶ񳏊) silverstone nt07-1156 which is only 37mm height. With this there is enough space in between heatsink and psu to function adequately.2) You want (kind of want it) shorter plug sata energy cables (I didn't use any of the two in the energy supply, alternatively I employed IO Crest SY-CAB40018 12 Molex 4-Pin to 2x 15-Pin Proper Angle SATA Power Cable)three) The blue-ray drive fits just fine, it's a bit tight coming towards the psu but there is clearance left (If you use the non-stock sata power plug)four) Optional: Put a good 120mm side fan, I employed S

Review Date: 06/23/13
Rounded edges (no bleeding fingers); Sturdy (does not twist abnormally when empty); Properly-placed taps for screws; Good optional placement of really hard drive which aids ventilation; There are even cavities by way of which to insert tools to mount the mobo; capable and quiet power supply. None. I would like to see the exact same hard drive mounting solution on each sides, given that SATA drives don't have the identical cable limitations as PATA drives, but I suppose that would negate the room needed for the optional PCI slot/card.I'll in all probability purchase yet another for a future project.

Review Date: 06/18/13
I purchased this case on a shellshocker deal with a ZOTAC GF6100-E-E AM3 mobo. Some of the critiques here worried me, but I'm glad I went for it. It's a nice case. The sheet metal cover is robust and fits the chassis like a glove. It has lots of vent holes on each sides. The bezel is lovely ... polished piano black with a green LED for power and red for tough drive. The BD/DVD cover opens automatically with the tray. The 250W power supply has sufficient juice for my HTPC and is totally silent. It has connectors for IDE and SATA devices. The power supply has three difficulties. 1) Its fan doesn't move a lot air. My Athlon x2 5600+ is 65C with no overclocking. If it rises following I add my video card, I may replace the PSU fan with a stronger one particular. two) It is installed directly over the CPU, leaving no space for a typical size heatsink. My low-profile Silverstone NT07-AM2 is 37mm higher but doesn't leave considerably clearance below the PSU fan intake. 3) The power cables are long for a mini-ITX case and tough to route.The 3.five" bay is yet another issue. The correct-angle SATA cable on hard drive there touches my CPU cooler and standard size 3cm higher DIMMs. Low profile RAM would fit much far better and strengthen airflow. Also, the tough drive pushed the CPU fan shroud into the fan, making a terrible noise. Loosening the HDD screws gave it enough slack for the noise to quit. A card reader would go nicely in the 3.five" bay. HDD can be installed in the 3.5" bay, along the side, or on the floor of the case (if you drill or use velcro). Understand the airflow. Air enters via the side vents. The CPU fan blows it down onto the CPU and across the motherboard. The power provide fan sucks it from around the CPU and out of the case. Route your cables beneath the side vents and stuff excess length under the 3.five" bay. Something mounted along the side (hard drive, PCIe card) will make dead spots in your case. Cooling/airflow tips: Use a CPU with a lower TDP wattage. Install a fan on the side vents. Replace the power supply (or just its fan). Reduce off unneeded cables (tape the ends). Use 2.5" laptop drives, SSDs or green three.five" tough drives. Mount a laptop BD/DVD instead of full size. Stay away from IDE. Space constraints:Low profile RAM (ɛcm), CPU cooler (ផmm), video card. Use appropriate-angle SATA connectors for the HDD. Locate quick BD/DVD (ខcm).

Review Date: 06/09/13
The case is solidly constructed. Comes with a 250W energy supply. Being this IS a Mini-ITX kind element points can get a small crowded in the case. Particularly if you put in 3 or four drives (Optical Drive, SSD and WD Caviar Green 2TB in my case). Did not come with any motherboard spacers (neither did the motherboard). I'm lead to believe that the intention is for persons to mount them straight to the half-spheres that protrude from the bottom of the case, otherwise the board's heatsink would be touching the Energy Provide. This makes me a small nervous.Energy Supply also seems to be a non-standard size. I can not say for certain due to the fact I havent had considerably practical experience with Mini-ITX kind element prior to this just ATX form issue. Fits completely with AT3IONT-I.

Review Date: 06/08/13
tiny, looks good, decent ventilation could have added fan mounts for cross ventilation Purchased this to make a tiny student desktop, and it worked fantastic. Got the combo deal with the Zotac mini-ITX MB, added a 2400-BE (ษ from Newegg some time ago) and 2GB of RAM. Place on Windows XP, M$ Workplace 2000 suite and away she went. Runs a little warm, since the CPU heatsink is squeezed correct below the PSU, but I added a side fan to blow on it (the case has a grill appropriate there). Mounted a samsung HD below the CD drive (instead of along the case side which would block airflow) and plugged in a USB wireless network dongle. Gave it as a gift, and she is incredibly delighted with it.

Review Date: 06/07/13
Really very good building and feels solid. Enough space to put every little thing and nevertheless have clearance. I mostly create tiny computers and I find this case to be close to ideal for the cost. With all tiny computers, the power supply is always a little weak. But can't blame them as it is substantially far more effective than most. Dropped this case when unboxing and it did not break or bend. Didn't drop it from high but nonetheless excellent to know it can take a small fall with no breaking.

Review Date: 06/06/13
This little dude paired up completely with the ITX Board I purchased to breath life into a dead laptop (N82E16813153153 ).The clearance of this particular board and the PSU just wasn't even close to being an challenge, but then once again it is a mobile CPU.There was considerably more area on the floor of the front of the case than I would have ever expected.The incorporated rubber feet are not attached, leaving up top rated the finish user to determine how to finest orient the case. No case fan, or place to readily mount 1 without modification. I would've liked to see screw holes, and venting on the front left of the case to mount an 80mm fan there. or a vent on the front floor or something exactly where I could've mounted one particular. I wish that they would've location the PSU in the front floor rather of at the back. However the open space could extremely very easily be used for spare cabling or other peripherals.

Review Date: 06/04/13
Excellent hunting case. Tiny footprint. Sufficient power for my network storage requirements. Purchased on sale with cost-free shipping. Great costs and speedy shipping time. Don't modify a factor NewEgg. None. I'm working with this for my WHS. I added a 120mm fan to the side exactly where the harddrive would have gone (earlier reviewer has a video showing this). At present have two drives in the case. Will get rid of/modify the drive brackets to let mounting three three.5 drives in the front area of the case. No need to have for an optical drive, but can use a USB/sata adapter if/when needed. Want there have been low cost WHS instances offered with 4 drive capability. I'm on a spending budget and will not spend 𞲔.00 for a case.

Review Date: 06/02/13
Small, looks nice Energy Provide fan is LOUD and runs at complete speed consistently. I purchased this case going from one with 3 power supplies (each with an 80mm fan), 2x120mm fans, 6x80mm fans, and a water pump so that I could have some thing smaller sized and quieter. It's only smaller.AND when I employed to listen to a dull humm with the old 1 it's now a lot more of a high pitched whine that gives me a headache.I would NOT advise this to a friend.

Review Date: 05/19/13

Review Date: 05/07/13
Guys this is the only Mini-ITX case that had the following:- Cost-effective- Little Footprint- Sleek and Sexc- Solid Constructed and nice aesthetic lookRight here is the hardware:=================Caes: Apex MI-008 mini ATXMotherboard: Gigabyte H55N-USB3CPU: Intel 1156 i7-870 2.93 Ghz, LGA 1156, 95 wattsCPU Cooler: SilverStone NT07-1156PSU: SeaSonic SS-350SFE 350W SFX12V V3.1 80 PLUS DVD: ASUS DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS Black SATA 24X DVDRAM:Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 8GB ƒ x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666)SSD: Essential RealSSD C300 CTFDDAC064MAG-1G1CCA 2.5" 64GB SATA III MLCHD: SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM SATA three.0Gb/s three.5"Video Card: XFX ATI Radeon HD 5670-PCI Express two.1 GDDR5Internal Card Reader: Sabrent 7 slots2- 120 mmm Case FANS..1 for sucking air into the case and the other sucking air out of the case. Right here is what is dide:- Tight Match but you may have to do some modification.- Take out the 250 Watts PSU its useless and unreliable.- Ventillation is a difficulty therefore you will need to drill some hole on the prime of the case.- Seasonic 350 watt PSU is solid..you wont regret- Use a 2.5" HD as an alternative and you can spot a SSD on top rated of it-HD has to be placed on the bottom of the case.this will dissipate the heat from HD and final the HD longer - it's going to be true tight match so go ahead and get a dremmel and attempt to shave off the inner side of the front panel so you can move the DVD about 1-two cm.You will have to cutt of the modest plastic stick but no worries you can nonetheless use the front panel button to eject the dvd tray..By undertaking so you can alow a bit a lot more clearance among the DVD and PSU and have sufficient ventilationlet me know if you have any further queries..

Review Date: 04/30/13
Nicely I feel it performs wonderful as an HTPC case. It's smaller,and the piano black bezel appears good in an entertainment center. none Given that it is so little it can be tough to work in. but thats genuinely not a difficulty. I waold recommend not useong SATA cables longer than ten inches. just no require, they just get in the way.

Review Date: 04/29/13
This is a excellent searching case and is a incredibly uncomplicated and straightforward build. The high quality of the materials is really fantastic for the price tag. Form element is just right and the front panel is superior hunting than a lot of ITX boxes. The PSU is not very fantastic and by not extremely excellent I mean not high top quality. The energy is there, but I replaced it with a far better unit for peace of mind. Not the highest excellent build general. People usually complain about how tricky it is to create in an ITX case. This case is not harder to create in than any other ITX case I have employed. You just have to be conscious going in that it will call for more time and believed and there will constantly be compromises as to what you can do and match into a little box.

Review Date: 04/17/13
Inexpensive and small footprint I too acquire this case due to the fact of the 4Ǜ egg testimonials. This case appears very good on the exterior, but terrible style in the interior. Place a verify mark in the "Video Assessment" box and watch ExploreMN's video and make your own conclusion. Did I say terrible!!

Review Date: 04/05/13
Further slot for pcie video card had to modify the slot slightly as when the card lined up, there was no way the hdmi cable would insert. Had to notch it out slightly. Not truly an uncomplicated way for 2.5" hdd to attach to something unless you have additional laptop pieces laying around. Screw bag was ripped, so all the screws came loose in the bag. That was annoying, but just a packaging situation.
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Product Features

Apex MI-008 Case
You won't find a small form chassis for your PC better than the APEX MI-008 Mini-ITX Case. The sturdy design and versatile construction of the APEX MI-008 Mini-ITX Case allow it to be spacious enough for all your necessary components to have a smooth running PC. With an exposed 5.25" drive and 3.5" drive you can easily load an optical drive and more while the internal 3.5" drive offers extra room for customization. The excellent EMI shielding and front panel glossy finish of the APEX MI-008 Mini-ITX Case not only reassure you of a safe and secure chassis, but also confirms that this stylish chassis will blend perfectly with any home or office environment. The included ATX12V SFX 250W with 20+4 pin MB connector offers just enough connections to get all your peripherals running in top form. In the front are two USB 2.0 ports and 2 audio ports for all your multimedia needs. For quality you can depend on, the APEX MI-008 Mini-ITX Case is an excellent choice for your PC needs.


Product Specifications

TypeMini-ITX Tower
Case MaterialSteel
With Power SupplyYes
Power Supply250W
Motherboard CompatibilityMini-ITX
External 5.25" Drive Bays1
External 3.5" Drive Bays1
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays1
Expansion Slots1 full size expansion
Front Ports
Front PortsUSB, Audio
Physical Spec
Dimensions8.7" x 5.1" x 11.8"
FeaturesSturdy construction Thermally optimizedExcellent EMI shielding8.5 liters

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