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Blackbox Infrared Night Vision HD DVR 2.5IN LCD 720p Car Dash Video Recorder Camera SD USB

Blackbox Infrared Night Vision HD DVR 2.5IN LCD 720p Car Dash Video Recorder Camera SD USB (Mediasonic: MLG-7017CVR)
Vendor: Mediasonic
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Blackbox Infrared Night Vision HD DVR 2.5IN LCD 720p Car Dash Video Recorder Camera SD USB
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 6/10
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Review Date: 09/02/12
Cons: None.

Pros: Good quality.
Great product for it's price point would defiantly recommend.

Review Date: 07/12/12
Cons: Doubtful about its 720p claims. Cheap plastic shell. Night mode video is not as good as you'd like or expect.

Pros: Relatively small size considering that it also has a 2.5" screen. Easy to set up and adjust settings to suit your needs. Video resolution is pretty decent. Nice long power cord.
I bought this for my dad who's worried about the increasingly bad driving behaviors observed on the roads in the greater Vancouver area so this is really mostly used for insurance reasons. And for that purpose, this unit should be more than sufficient to meet those needs. The video resolution although highly doubtful that it's 720p as claimed is still pretty good and during the day, the video is clear and as sharp as you'd need for insurance purposes. Night mode on the other hand was not as good as I would have liked. I knew going in that it wasn't going to be great night video but in dimly lit side streets, the video is almost pitch black and all you'd be able to see is about 2-3 feet in front of the car. The video is better if you're driving in well lit major roadways or intersections at night. But that kinda defeats the purpose of the "black box" as most accidents happen at night in to poor lighting conditions or areas. The windshield mount that comes with it is a bit too big and bulky although it is quite adjustable. I'm use to the simple snap in clip of my GPS mounts and I found the mount in this kit cumbersome to get the camera to attach to the mount. I would suggest that once you've found a good spot for the camera and mount, just leave it up there but I know many are worried about leaving such equipment on display on the dash to temp would be thieves at a mall. So in that case, be prepared to spend a few mins before every drive playing with mounting your camera to the windshield and then adjusting the view of the camera.I would have liked the capture angle of the camera to be a little wider but i was able to set it up so that it would be able to see the top edge of both the right and left front fender of the car.If in your province it's illegal to have the video screen open while the vehicle is in operation, which has been the case in Vancouver for quite some time, then the good thing is that this unit still records when the screen is in the closed position. So once you've set up the position of the camera to your liking, just close the screen.I set the camera to record in 15mins cycles which works out to be almost a 1GB file. So if you want to keep your videos longer, you should get the max 32GB SD card for this thing which should give you about 7.5hrs of recordings before it writes over the oldest file.Lastly, don't forget to also get a SD card when you buy this thing, it doesn't come with any built-in memory.
peter C@NCIX

Review Date: 07/11/12
Cons: has a LCD screen.

Pros: I like this device that recording my trips then I can share with my friends.
I live in BC. I heard this message from my friends that I am worried about: The car DVR is illegal in BC. NEW Effective January 1, 2010A driver must not operate a motor vehicle with a television screen unless it is securely fixed to the vehicle so it does not obstruct the driverís view and the image displayed is not visible to the driver, or it displays information related to the safe operation of the vehicle. Is this real?

Review Date: 05/05/12
Cons: -Not HD as advertised-Image a bit grainy-Recording at night isn't the best-I think there's a 2 sec delay between each video clip-Cover for battery does not secure properly, had to tape it in

Pros: -Long power cord-Screen to play back footage
Overall, if you're looking for a black box more so for just insurance purpuses, this will due. But if you're looking to make some HD footage of your trips, I would avoid this camera. The provided power cord to plug into your cig lighter is nice and long. I was able to hide it by running above the ceiling material, down between the pillar and windshield and down to the power outlet with some to spare.

Review Date: 05/03/12
Cons: - 720P doesn't even make much of a difference from non hd. Quality is low and grainy.-Feels extremely cheap. Like dollar store cheap. Name scratches off easily

Pros: -It shuts off when the vehicle isn't moving-The mounting hardware is fairly secure-There is a long enough charging wire for it to be hidden through the side and from the top of the roof. -so far image stabilization works well as far as I can tell
A decent blackbox if all you want to do is just record your trips. Not good if you want to make a decent video out of it. But at least it does its job as a blackbox. I have doubts that the "HD" part of it, is true HD. It looks worse than my non-hd camera recording.But i guess you get what you pay for. Some good things about it, is that it records over old videos, good image stabilization, start and stop when vehicle is moving, and shuts off when experiencing an accident under a certain level of G force (that is what they claim).

Product Features

Product Specifications

TypeCar Carmera DVR
Card SlotSD
FeaturesHD portable DVR with 2.5" TFT LCD screen

Video resolution: VGA / DI* / SXGA* / FHD* (* interpolated by Software)

Mode: video recorder / Camera

Image sensor: 1/4 color CMOS HD sensor

Support SD/MMC cards: Up to 32GB

Support USB Charging

Support Real Time & Date display on video

Recording automatically after the power up

High speed recording and quick light respond

Repeat storage by section

Cycled recording

Power input: DC 5V

Power supplied by Car Charger or AC 100-240v(Optional)

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