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Microsoft All-in-One Wireless Media Keyboard Multi-Touch Trackpad Media Hot Keys Volume Controls

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Microsoft N9Z-00002 Keyboards
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$36.99 CAD Buy Now
British Columbia
ALL-IN-ONE Media Keyboard W/ Usb Port (N9Z-00002)   $39.98 CAD Buy Now

Microsoft All-in-one Wireless Media Keyboard - Built-in Multi-touch Trackpad - Usb (n9z-00002)
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Microsoft Corporation N9Z-00002   $49.95 CAD Buy Now

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Microsoft All-In-One Wireless Media Keyboard (N9Z-00002) - English Microsoft All-In-One Wireless Media Keyboard (N9Z-00002) - English $23.95 CAD Shop Now
Microsoft All-In-One Wireless Media Keyboard (N9Z-00002) - English Microsoft All-In-One Wireless Media Keyboard (N9Z-00002) - English $24.97 CAD Shop Now
Microsoft All-In-One Wireless Media Keyboard (N9Z-00002) Microsoft All-In-One Wireless Media Keyboard (N9Z-00002) $30.37 CAD Shop Now
Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard (English) Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard (English) $45.28 CAD Shop Now
Microsoft N9Z-00002 All-in-One Media Keyboard Microsoft N9Z-00002 All-in-One Media Keyboard $94.31 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

Microsoft All-in-One Wireless Media Keyboard Multi-Touch Trackpad Media Hot Keys Volume Controls
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.67/10
With 6 User Reviews

Review Date: 04/04/15
Cons: Regular price is expensive for what you get.

Pros: Works great. Good deal if you buy it on sale.
Bought two of them during a 50% off sale. Really worth it. I use one for my smart tv and the other for a computer hooked up to another tv.

Review Date: 02/15/15
Cons: -- The touchpad is nice and large but sometimes it fails to respond. e.g. I can sometimes quickly swipe across the whole touchpad without the cursor moving at all. There seems to be a dead zone around the perimeter, maybe reserved for Windows 8 gestures. Also, the touchpad gets disabled when typing! Grrr... And I'm not done: it uses natural scrolling versus the more familiar reverse scrolling! Maybe the MS software allows changes in those settings (not sure) but it's not available for linux so.... -- Missing Print Screen / End / insert  / Home keys. -- Can't combine devices on the same transceiver.

Pros: --The range was perfect anywhere in the same room and worked even through a couple of walls. I started seeing problems only when I was about 40 feet and 2 walls away.-- Compatibility: works with PS3, Windows 7, XP, linux.-- Battery life (claimed to last up to 9 months).-- Build quality is nice; far better than the Logitech K400R. It is slightly heavier, but has much less flex, feels solid, is quieter, and looks better too. -- The layout is normal (no tiny Shift/Backspace keys)! Also, the distinct volume keys on the left side are really convenient. The play/pause skip buttons are easy to find (F1-F3), just don't hit the sleep button on F4... -- Spill-resistant for a little extra peace of mind.
Some con/neutral traits:--The keys are soft and have little travel.This is more a question of habit and with some practice perhaps I'd get used to it. -- The flat keyboard and only slightly concave keys might also take some getting used to for those used to an incline or contoured keys.Overall, I'm quite pleased with this keyboard despite some of the quirks. I prefer it over the Logitech K400R. I would be comfortable using it every day. Plus, the texture of the plastic helps keep it clean and free of fingerprints.

Review Date: 12/29/14
Cons: - No media keys (play/skip forward/skip back)- Need to press Fn button for F# keys (no option to toggle this)

Pros: - Good keys- Responsive touchpad, and left click button on left side- Good reception- No issues
Overall, it's a great keyboard for an HTPC setup. I use it at a good distance and have had no issues with missed keys or mouse movement.My only real complaint is that you need to press the Fn button to use the F keys, and there's no options to toggle this off (so it's always the special keys by default). I'm sure most people don't use the F keys much, but they're very handy when you know what they do...so it's frustrating that there is no option to use the Fn key to use the special keys.

Review Date: 09/22/14
Cons: - Using Function keys require pressing Fn- No backlight- No page up/page down keys- Wireless range is limited- Would have liked to be able to scroll by moving my finger along the right edge of the trackpad (vs using two fingers)

Pros: - Low price- Gets the job done- Made for Windows 8 (lots of shortcuts)- Left mouse button on left side of keyboard- Batteries last very long- Not Bluetooth (comes with tiny USB receiver)- French Canadian layout available- Large trackpad
I purchased this keyboard the day it came out in Canada. Interestingly enough, the keyboard now costs 10$ more than back in April 2014. This seems to be the only competing product to the cheap Logitech K400 keyboard that most people bought for their HTPC.I bought this for my HTPC. I considered the Logitech Harmony keyboard for a while, but I ended purchasing this one because of price. I don't use my HTPC a lot so could not justify paying so much more. I don't regret my choice. I think this keyboard looks better than the Logitech K400 and it's made for Win8, which makes it a better long-term purchase. I am still not used to the Win8 special function keys, so I don't take full advantage of this keyboard. The case of my HTPC is aluminum (all sides) and I found that when I placed the receiver on the back, the range would be a mere 5 feet. I moved it to one of the front USB ports and since then I've had no problem at all. The left-click mouse button on the left of the keyboard is awesome and works great with holding the keyboard in the air. If only I could scroll up/down by moving my thumb along the right edge of the keyboard (single-finder scroll, like on my old Thinkpad laptop), that would be terrific. I would have happily paid 20$ more for the backlight and a couple of macro keys. Would purchase again.

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