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XFX PRO1050W Black Edition Single Rail ATX 12V 87A 24PIN ATX Full Modular 80PLUS Gold PSU

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Xfx 1050W Pro Black Edition Psu W/ Full Modular Cables 80 Plus Gold Xfx 1050W Pro Black Edition Psu W/ Full Modular Cables 80 Plus Gold $240.29 CAD Shop Now

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XFX PRO1050W Black Edition Single Rail ATX 12V 87A 24PIN ATX Full Modular 80PLUS Gold PSU
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.8/10
With 10 User Reviews

Review Date: 10/09/13
Cons: the only thing i tought was kinda bad was that they dont include extensions for those using XL-ATX mobo

Pros: Runs flawlessly and doesnt make any sound.
I have installed 2 of these on my budies pc's and all of them are running flawless. And my personal pc aswell and neither of our pc have any issue.

Review Date: 09/21/13
Cons: -none

Pros: -1050w-fully modular
Amazing power supply. It runs quietly, and looks great in my case too. It being fully modular is a nice feature as well. Has ran with no problems for a whole year for me.I would recommend it. This review was modfied by poster @ 09-21-13 03:19 PM

Review Date: 07/20/13
Cons: - Not platinum certified- MIR is a pain

Pros: - Powerful- Silent- Great Aesthetics- Great Value- Modular
My former Corsair 850W did seem to lack the required juice once my 3770K and Titan SLI were all heavily overclocked. The last few weeks have shown that the XFX 1050W has enough power for my system.This power supply is really a bargain at the price. The electronics are made by Seasonic which is in my opinion the best power supply manufacturer. I really enjoy the fact that the cables are modular which helps for air circulation.The only downside is the MIR. I believe that XFX will send a americanexpress gift card which is not widely accepted. That is of course assuming that I will received the gift card...

Review Date: 04/23/13
Cons: None

Pros: Hybrid Fan control,ModularMany extra cablesIs a sexy piece of workLots of power
A tonne of power for a pretty good price (with xfx rebate). 5 year warranty from the manufacture. Probably more power than you need.

Review Date: 03/24/13
Cons: None.

Pros: Extremely quiet and I got it at a grate price.
If you need a ridiculous amount of power for your computer this is a really good option.

Review Date: 03/21/13
Cons: installation details

Pros: the fan is very quiet, cool design style. it has enough power to overclock and set up multiple graphic cards. 5 years warranty.
I will update  information later

Review Date: 01/30/13
Cons: 5yr XFX warranty vs Seasonic X-1050 7yr warranty

Pros: Hybrid fan control(manually switchable) - same as Seasonic X-1050Modular design3 dedicated PCI-E power output slots for 3 GPU'sHeavy gauge wiringUnder the skin its a Seasonic X-1050Picked it up for $129.99 with rebate from XFX
Excellent PSU, extremely quiet even with the fan going at under 50% load. Using it to power Gigabyte P67X board, two nVidia GTX550Ti's in SLI, plus six 3TB hardrives, LG Bluray burner, Sb soundcard, Intel i5 2500K.

Review Date: 08/16/12
Cons: The cables are pretty stiff (also a pro because they used thicker wires I think.)Both the cables that contain only 2 connectors, 2x molex and 2x sata, are very short and will not reach top mounted optical drive bays in most cases (no pun intended)

Pros: Looks goodNo LED fanFully modularYou can use both 8 pin EPS connectors and all 6 PCI-E 6+2 pin connectors at the same time should you need toHave not noticed any coil whineCables are long enough to reach the top of my XL-ATX case but are ugly so I used extentions anyways.
I bought this to replace an older PC power & cooling 750W powersupply after it started whining when I made my new build. The new build only draws 470W from the wall under load but this will give me room to grow. my system for refrence is 3570K d4.7GHz, Sabertooth z77, 16GB 1600MHz Ram, 2x560TI 448 d 900MHz core, 3x 1tb WD Black Raid 5, 240GB Mushkin Cronos Deluxe, 6 120mm fans and a 230mm fan, oh and H100 with push/pull.

Review Date: 05/03/12
Cons: Would like to see fully sleeved (tip to tip) cables.Rear XFX emblem is upside down in my 800D (my OCD is crying)

Pros: Awesome lookHigh wattageTons of cablesFully ModularSemi-sleeved cables.
Just enjoying the look as of now. System hasnt been on yet due to missing parts. Hopefully all will go wellEdit: It powered up long enough to install windows then randomly shut off and never powered up again. XFX was quick with an RMA though. Hopefully its on their end and not mine :S. So my new rig will have to wait another 2-3 weeks probably... For this I remove 1 star! (insert  angry face here) This review was modfied by poster @ 05-11-12 09:30 PM

Review Date: 03/31/12
Cons: - none

Pros: - Great Cable Management due to Modular design- Low Voltage ripple- Low noise
Overall a great PSU and a slight upgrade from my Corsair HX1000
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