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MSI P67A-G45 (B3) ATX Intel Motherboard

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BIOS CHIP:MSI P67A-G45(B3) ( Latest bios 5.4, NOT the 1.X revision) BIOS CHIP:MSI P67A-G45(B3) ( Latest bios 5.4, NOT the 1.X revision) $24.62 CAD Shop Now

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MSI P67A-G45 (B3) ATX Intel Motherboard
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.17/10

Review Date: 09/05/13
* Simple overclocking with Sandy Bridge 2500K* Took the overclocked ram (using CORSAIR Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 at 16 gigs of ram running at 1600 MHz)* Fantastic hardware compatibility. Literally just took my HD from my Core Duo (Windows 7 64 bit) and plugged it into the initial SATA II port, setup some simple overclocking, and almost everything worked without having obtaining to use new MB drivers just by letting it do it's thing for a handful of minutes and recognize the hardware. I didn't even bother to use new MB drivers yet and it's been almost a week! * The new bios has some minor UI troubles, like mouse up/down is opposite and clicking a button from time to time doesn't function, will need to have to use keyboard to hit "enter". Nothing at all you won't figure out in 5 seconds, otherwise new bios is fine. * I got a rather large fan to enable with overclocking (COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus RR-B10-212P-G1), which is annoying to install (this is the fan's fault and the reality that I'm occasionally mechanically handicapped. Come across the youtube video on how to install it). The board wasn't major sufficient to leave space involving fan and RAM. I was forced to mount the fan on other side and reversing the airflow of the case fan to getting rear panel fan sucking. It cools nicely, but be confident you can do one thing like that just before purchasing a equivalent big CPU fan. * I was worried that the ASUS and Gigabyte boards were in such demand and this a single wasn't and had couple of critiques. Don't worry, the board is strong and I very propose it for overclocking on a spending budget. * I was worried about the SATA II degradation bug. The B3 designator on this board model implies it won't have that issue. * Gamers, make certain you don't require that 2nd PCIe port to run at 16x (it runs at 8x). Even if you do will need it, the cheaper cost right here may possibly convince you two 16x isn't worth it.* I use it for a music machine and wanted the on board firewire for an audio interface. Operates like a charm. * Haven't used the USB3 or SATA III ports however. The HD has turn into the choke point of my system, so take into account a rapid OS drive or an SSD. In brief, if this board has the functions you're seeking for, anticipate to get what you see and have no challenges overclocking.

Review Date: 07/24/13
-Motherboard PCB is effectively labeled, lowering the require to seek the advice of docs.-UEFI.-Works. -Width is not a common ATX size that I have ever worked with. Suitable side of board does not have case mounting holes, so BE Careful when pressing down (just slip some fingers underneath to assist brace the board from pressure of connections).-A number of GPU Difficult (see thoughts). Good board for the cash. BE Careful when pressing down also difficult on the right side to steer clear of any unneeded anxiety or damage to the board as it is not as wide as typical ATX boards. If you strategy to SLI/CFX, as other individuals have stated here, mind the SATA connectors vs the length of the video card utilised in the secondary PCIe x16 slot as any modern day decently higher finish card will most likely cover them. I worked around this by working with angled sata cables for the SATA ports (black colored ones) that are threatened to be covered by the card ƒ come with the mobo). The white colored SATA ports you can use typical SATA cables in. I myself have 2 x HIS Radeon HD 6950 ƒGB) in CFX fine. Other than this minor annoyance/short sightedness, the board performs wonderful.

Review Date: 06/29/13
B3 version, every little thing just performs. I installed a 2600k, 2x4 ripjaws, went to bios and set the multi to 45 and began Prime95.I have been operating complete load for about 12 hours now and have yet to crash/bsod. I HATE the new bios screen that everybody appears to be going to. Difficult to fault MSI for it though i guess, considering that everyone is performing it. Given that the recall, i have had a tough time finding a P67 board with dual pci-e slots that ran more rapidly than 16x and 4x.. this after has 16x and 8x which is a tiny additional acceptable for my crossfire setup.Anything just works. I was planning on getting a considerably far more high priced MB with additional attributes. But they are under no circumstances in stock. Very honestly i don't assume i will be changing MB's, this one particular seems to do every little thing i need it to do.

Review Date: 06/15/13
board is perfect for its price, but peeps with small tech understanding leave neg reviews as usual - if you're happy you're far Significantly less inclined to leave a optimistic critique, if you're not content you're WILL leave a unfavorable evaluation. As a result Newegg reviews are biased towards adverse finish - appear at harddrives evaluations, angry individuals leave reviews, delighted persons don't bother. Statistically. I know several satisfied users do leave optimistic critiques but Statistics operates on huge numbers and statistically it is unhappy folks who have a tendency to leave evaluations.Board is excellent, period. Guy below me has employed unstable memory and overclocked Video hahaha. I got two of these boards perfection! None board is ideal for its value, but peeps with tiny tech understanding leave neg evaluations as usual - if you're delighted you're far Significantly less inclined to leave a good evaluation, if you're not pleased you're WILL leave a negative assessment. As a result Newegg critiques are biased towards adverse end - look at harddrives reviews, angry individuals leave critiques, delighted people don't bother. Statistically. I know a lot of satisfied users do leave good critiques but Statistics operates on big numbers and statistically it is unhappy people who tend to leave critiques.Board is ideal, period. Guy under me has applied unstable memory and overclocked Video hahaha. I got 2 of these boards perfection!

Review Date: 03/30/13
UEFI interface is pretty good, recognized my mouse and was capable to navigate about. Had 8 GB 1866 Ripjaws that I was in a position to OC from the default the MB put on of 1600. In contrast to a diverse reviewer I noticed that there was no IDE input for older CD/DVD drives, so I threw down the straightforward twenty spot for 1. I plugged the DVD input into the 6 GB/s sata port and tossed in my old two Raptors on the three Gb/s sata ports. Set my Raid and didn't even have to specify drivers for Windows 7 to set up Why are ATX boards getting so quick these days, you can't put in the 3rd column of screws for support so you only get in two and have this overhang. My final Asus board (M4a87td evo) was this way as well. So when you attempt to pop in the main energy or a sata cord you have to place some reverse pressure on the board so it doesn't break off. So far so fantastic, other than not having the complete size ATX board it has been excellent. I have a 2500k that I have however to attempt an OC, but will.

Review Date: 03/23/13
The board has a nice layout and every little thing is effectively marked. The heat dispersion fins on the chips appear nice and clean. The CPU phase lights are bleepin' bright, but they can be turned off in the OS utility or the BIOS. Four on board program fans plus the cpu fan is nice as properly. Whilst the UEFI BIOS is nice, I had difficulties updating from 1. to 1.0A. I ran the update twice in windows, and once from a bootable USB stick that the updater setup for me. Immediately after each try, the update said it was profitable, but the version in no way updated. The Live Update 5 seems to be a bit buggy, telling me to update application (and bios) that I've already updated. Overall, a rock solid board. I was capable to use the BIOS OC utilities to set my i5-2500k at four.7Ghz with extremely small concern. Also note, beneath the overclocking menu, you need to scroll down one line to see the menu option for the CPU functions. It took me awhile to come across and generated some confusion at initial.The BIOS screen is a bit buggy when it comes to single versus double clicks and what it requires. Nothing big, but a thing to be aware of when buying.

Review Date: 03/16/13
The Motherboard Runs truly rapid and excellent client service, delay when you get in touch with them up for Phone line assistance. The only con that this motherboard has is the quantity of cable supplied. Only two SATA cables.... Even my old Gigabyte motherboard LGA 775 provided at least 6-8 SATA cables and other accessories. OC Genie is a meh, I overclocked the CPU myself via bio and raised my 3DVantage mark by 6000 points. Just excellent Client service, and MSI really should give more cables, and place more informations on the User manual!!!

Review Date: 03/10/13
excellent new bios screens none incredibly easy to set up

Review Date: 03/08/13
OK board for the cost. I invest this dollars on gas or food in a handful of days, whereas this board will give me years of productivre perform. I know exactly what I get - EE Engineer right here, and board is a excellent option to overhyped & now - overpriced Asus. Less costly than Asus but just as excellent. No real Cons. Maybe I must mention UEFI BIOS is a gimmick. I was fine with traditional BIOS, the new GUI-deriven UEFI BIOS is taking much more time to navigate but you only do that when or a couple of times in Board's lifetime.Not a true con, doesn't affect board itself (UEFI is still a new typical anyway). I need to get married, so I would obsess about loved ones as an alternative of boards.

Review Date: 02/22/13
Everything booted up with out challenge(s). Low-cost board for the specs.No hardware incompatibility or issues but. SLI/Crossfire confusion. It turns out that it essentially does SLI support as well so no worries. Not a major fan of the GUI bios layout but it's no biggie.Onboard audio genuinely sucks... I recommend a sound card to those picky about sound high quality. It has my seal of approval.

Review Date: 02/06/13
- Very good board- Clean set up- Took about 25 min. for installation :/ - Method regularly freezes- Did a clean set up of Windows 7; nevertheless randomly freezes even when nothing at all is operating. Checked MSI forums and I didn't recognize any individual saying anything however of continuous hang (freeze) or lock-ups.- Disappointed to have continual freezes, working with my laptop until further notice. - From the guy under, similar with MSI Reside Update, Bios update to 1.0A and confirms it was successful but it is nevertheless asking to update bios to 1.0A. Also Intel INF drivers do not install regardless of you doing it from the site itself. - Was considering of receiving an Asus board now. Sucks to have the technique freeze when I'm sniping peeps in Poor Company two or even when tanking in WoW. Hardware Specs utilized for this board:- Corsair H50 Waterblock cooler- Corsair Obsidian 650D (not certain why this would influence lock ups)- 850W Corsair HX Series PSU- Intel Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge three.4ghz 1155- WD 500GB 7200 RPM Sata 3. GB- 8GB Ripjaws Series DDR3 1600 - EVGA Superclocked GTX 570 Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued MSI Consumer,We would like to apologize for the concern you have seasoned with this specific mb. Please email me straight through usersupport2@msicomputer.com your mb's serial number and your comprehensive contact information, subject heading "EAHP67A-G45". I would like to aid you get this resolved.Ideal Regards,User AssistanceMSI Solution Help

Review Date: 12/09/12
Following checking out all the capabilities I decided to get this board over other far more expensive ones.It does what I require it to. Worked fine on boot up, CPU and RAM identified and operating correctly. Installed Win7, applied drivers off the CD, updated almost everything when I got on the web and its been solid. BIOS is a bit ugly, but workable. Not worth taking a egg off. If you strategy to SLI or CrossFire I would do some analysis. I in no way planned on working with either so I'm satisfied.

Review Date: 11/03/12
price, board layout is straightforward to function with will not post with MSI GTX 560 ti Twin Frozr II video card attached (on two separate motherboards, with two diverse video cards) I have tried each and every possible combination to get these to perform. Both Mobo's will post with a XFX GTX 260 pulled from an older personal computer. I have utilized that to load Windows 7 and other programs on every single personal computer. I have attempted quite a few recommendations from the MSI forums and from two diverse MSI tech assistance individuals on-line. A single stated to RMA the video cards. The second offered a distinct bios to try 񣡹v1a2). I employed that bios, and was capable to boot only 1 of the computer systems with the GTX 560 mounted. When I rebooted it would not post once again. Both computers will post and load windows, every time, with the GTX 260 mounted. The mobo's will not post with the MSI GTX 560 ti's, nor will they post with evga GTX 570's.MSi tech assistance has been speedy and polite, but I have not been in a position to resolve the situation at this time. I will be getting Asus boards and evga video cards as an alternative. Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued MSI Consumer,We would like to apologize for the concern you have seasoned with this certain mb. Please e-mail me straight by way of usersupport2@msicomputer.com your mb's serial quantity and your comprehensive contact information, subject heading "EAHP67A-G45". I would like to support you get this resolved.Ideal Regards,User SupportMSI Product Help

Review Date: 10/26/12
1) Straightforward OC. Β.two ghz Stable, STOCK FAN, Stock VoltΤ) Pulled Difficult Drive out of my old Duo Core technique and plugged it in...Windows 7 [x86] just booted fine and installed the drivers for anything except the NIC. 3) Easy to download and install updates through reside updatefour)Recognized my Gskill RipJaw 1600 on boot..no fiddling. Overpriced...but thats what you get with a recall.I nonetheless hate the Fan install install on Intel Socket Boards.The click bios is shoddy at occasions. MSI's Internet site is not clear on all the characteristics for specific boards! Be careful and verify if you really need to have certain characteristics. [aka, manual/specs mention absolutely nothing of SLI support for this board BUT its stamped on the MB itselfΣ) clear cmos is not a button on this board but a jumper.two) No instant OC button..[who really requirements this]If you have an immediately after market place cooler make sure it fits. The MB Heatsinks subsequent to the cpu slot are Really close.

Review Date: 10/09/12
Military Class components, Wonderful Layout, SATA3, USB 3., Firewire, Very good Top quality, Decent Cost. Incredibly effortless install with no issues at all. Uncomplicated to overclock too! It doesn't have dinner waiting for me when I get property from operate. This is my initially MSI board. Normally I go with Gigabyte or Asus. I've Extremely happy with MSI so far. I would definately use MSI once more!

Review Date: 09/05/12
Every little thing is operating smoothly, and the drivers installed perfectly, the integrated disk was up-to-date. The new UEFI puts a moderate lod on the CPU, so that even with an aftermarket cooler and the HAF 922, with an ambiance of ឍ*C, the CPU is 27-40* C. Upon taking it out, I believed it was... eye-catching...

Review Date: 08/20/12
I hear this board is great. Came proposed from a friend. Effectively I'm expecting excellent assistance from newegg/msi, thinking I need to have just waited for asus's boards to come back in. Board came DOA. Did my own analysis by testing every single piece of ram in distinct ram slots. Tried my graphics card in my old pc which is an older core two quad nevertheless worked. Even went as far as testing for grounding with the case (HAF series). Took it to best get's geek squad, they determined it was the motherboard. Currently sold my old laptop or computer and the guy is waiting on it. I will need my old pc for class operate. Actually upset I have to go by way of all of this, plus spend for shipping on a new board, and pay greatest obtain to double examine my own analysis just in case. Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued MSI Buyer,We would like to apologize for the issue you have experienced with this certain mb. Please e mail me directly through usersupport2@msicomputer.com your mb's serial quantity and your total get in touch with info, topic heading "EAHP67A-G45". I would like to help you get this resolved.Finest Regards,User HelpMSI Product Support

Review Date: 08/20/12
Looks good, have study that it is a sold board. Was DoA, got a refund and bought a Gigabyte board instead. Made me sad :( was truly searching forward to getting my new system up and running. Oh nicely, whats an additional five days. Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued MSI Customer,We would like to apologize for the concern you have seasoned with this unique mb. Please e-mail me straight through usersupport2@msicomputer.com your mb's serial number and your comprehensive speak to facts, subject heading "EAHP67A-G45". I would like to aid you get this resolved.Ideal Regards,User AssistanceMSI Product Support

Review Date: 07/10/12
Great capabilities for the cost:-2 PCI-E -6gb/s Sata-two Sata Slots-four DDR3 Memory Slots It comes with two sata data cables, on the other hand these cables are at 90 degrees, so if you have two sata drives that you want to connect your going to have to buy a straight sata data cable for a few bucks. My Rig:Antec 300 SituationCorsair 750w PSUGskill Ripjaws 8gb ddr3 1333MSI GTX 560 Ti Frozr MSI P67 Military MBWD 1tb sata 6gb/s 64mb cache

Review Date: 06/28/12
Has ALL the attributes that the much more expensive boards have.It OCs the 2500K Fantastic!!! Im running at four.5GHZ, 1.24v, with a max temp of 52C!!!Completely suggest this board!!! No onboard VGA, so you Should have a vid card. But no difficulty for gamers!!! ;D

Review Date: 05/11/12
usb3,satA lll, straightforward overclocking just like the others :) and I nevertheless have time to send it back. I feel MSI was trying to save space, that messed-up major time with the memory slot is sooooo close to the CPU that you can\'t use it if you are employing a massive heat sink, not big, but massive (like the ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro.) I may possibly send it back and get another brand. I don't understand if the motherboard is currently major. Why did they take 1" out and put the memory slot close to the cpu. If you are getting it, make certain you are not making use of the ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro( which is 1 of the very best) or any similar size heatsink and attempt to populate all four memory slot.

Review Date: 05/07/12
really like this board !!! appear's great !!! anything you need to have.whats else can i say 30 day return. wont even use this till following 30 days.income is tight.so i hope this perform's.just cant purchase almost everything at the moment. haven't hooked it up but have to wait tell i get my other parts for my build.newegg is this finest !!!!

Review Date: 04/14/12
Anything functions. :-)Very good value. The audio (Realtek) is junk. Immediately after acquiring it set up, I listened to music which I had played a day earlier on my old process with a decent five.1 speaker setup. Moved the speakers to this laptop or computer, and whaaaat?!? Tinny hollow, and distorted in the back. Exact same music, very same speakers ... distinct audio & drivers. I turned that nastiness off, threw in my old Audigy, and points were back to regular. Minus half an egg for that! The case header plugs were a great touch (you do all the case cable hookups to a plug in your hand, then just put the plug into the motherboard). No pliers or tweezers necessary.POST codes ... does anybody know what all that beeping is about? I've no hardware conflicts, but this issue sounds like a telephone ringing when I turn it on.

Review Date: 01/26/12
OC'ed my 2500K to four.1Ghz without having any matters...only changed the multiplier. Sleep functions fine. Amazed at how significantly much less power this utilizes compared to my old Q6600 at 3.15Ghz and is noticeably quicker. At idle its 50 watts much less and 70+ at full load. Lightroom exports 50% more quickly... OC Genie gave an auto OC of Ӱ.2Ghz, but it genuinely ramped up the voltages. I was much better off just carrying out a manual 4.1 and leaving almost everything else stock. The new EFI Bios is seriously a discomfort to navigate. Who needs pretty colors to adjust CPU settings. Manual is a joke. Knocking off an egg for lack of refinement of the functions and documentation. Wish P67 had a lot more SATA ports...

Review Date: 01/25/12
Lot of capabilities for low expense. Had a couple of concerns at initially with cycling, but I was employing a 400W power supply. Changed to a 500W provide and has been rock solid. Uncomplicated to overclock if you don't want to mess with settings, just install the computer software and tell it go and it's accomplished. No e-sata port, although the USB3 makes that kinda unimportant. This board is a wonderful worth, and has a lot of points for the cost. And it's pretty blue with blue lights. heh..
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand MSI
Model P67A-G45 (B3)
Supported CPU
CPU Socket Type LGA 1155
CPU Type Core i7 / i5 / i3 (LGA1155)
North Bridge Intel P67
Number of Memory Slots 4240pin
Memory Standard DDR3 1066/1333/1600*/1866*/2133*(OC)
Maximum Memory Supported 32GB
Channel Supported Dual Channel
Expansion Slots
PCI Express 2.0 x16 2 (x16, x8)
PCI Express x1 3
PCI Slots 2
Storage Devices
SATA 3Gb/s 4
SATA 6Gb/s 2 x SATA 6Gb/s
SATA RAID SATA2 ports support RAID 0/1/5/10 by Intel P67
SATA3 ports support RAID 0/1 by Intel P67
Onboard Video
Onboard Video Chipset None
Onboard Audio
Audio Chipset Realtek ALC892
Audio Channels 8 Channels
Onboard LAN
LAN Chipset Realtek 8111E
Max LAN Speed 10/100/1000Mbps
Rear Panel Ports
PS/2 1 x PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard port
USB 1.1/2.0 8 x USB 2.0
USB 3.0 2 x USB 3.0
IEEE 1394 1 x IEEE 1394
S/PDIF Out 1 x Optical, 1 x Coaxial
Audio Ports 6 Ports
Onboard USB
Onboard USB 2 x USB 3.0 + 4 x USB 2.0
Onboard 1394
Onboard 1394 1 x IEEE 1394
Physical Spec
Form Factor ATX
Dimensions 12" x 8.86"
Power Pin 24 Pin
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 3 years limited
Labor 3 years limited
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