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StarTech 4 Port USB 2.0 PCI Card Model PCI420USB

StarTech 4 Port USB 2.0 PCI Card Model PCI420USB (StarTech.com: PCI420USB)
StarTech-comVPN: PCI420USB
Vendor: StarTech.com
Price: $19.99 - $19.99 CAD from 1 stores
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StarTech 4 EX + 1 IN Port USB 2.0 PCI Card Model PCI420USB
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Product Reviews

StarTech 4 Port USB 2.0 PCI Card Model PCI420USB
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.92/10
With 13 User Reviews

Review Date: 09/19/13
Cons: pricematch needed

Pros: easy way to add 5 usb ports
good build quality and has very handy internal usb port for internal hidden connection

Review Date: 11/01/12
Cons: none

Pros: 4 back ports1 inside portPlug and play
Plug and play, work perfectly.The inside USB port is perfect for hiding wireless mouse dongle.

Review Date: 06/25/12
Cons: none currently

Pros: Worksplug n playquick easy install
Ordered this usb card because the onboard USB ports of someone's computer i built 6 years ago fried. Installed this card and it worked directly out of the box, no installation drivers from a cd required. Impressed with the product, not so impressed with canada post express who created unnecessary aggravation and confusion by claiming in tracking information the product was received successfully BEFORE I EVEN GOT IT. They claimed i had to get in contact with ncix about the package whereabouts, even though its not ncix's responsibility for the tracking information to be falsified. Fortunately it showed up shortly after discovering this

Review Date: 02/26/12
Cons: none I can think of

Pros: Good cards I really like them
I was making my new machine and having many usb ports isn't a bad thing. Everything takes a port from you. Also it's better than a USB hub because you don't need to plug it in and it clutters the room up (probably would have crappy LED on it too). Definitely buy these cards.

Review Date: 05/12/11
Cons: Ran into a couple errors with the drivers, but was solved by restarting the computer a couple times

Pros: Plug and Play, Easy Setup. Windows 7 detected it on start up and intalled the drivers. Had to reboot my computer a couple times before it worked properly but in the end it did.
Nice and cheap, Easy to setup. Works like a charm. Great deal

Review Date: 01/02/11
Cons: Internal port doesn't seem to work for me..

Pros: CheapNo driver install neededEasy to setup
I bought this as I was running out of USB ports on my desktop. With mouse, keyboard, bluetooth adaptor, RF remote receiver, headset, and webcam plugged in constantly, I didn't have much left for external harddrives or usb keys. Adding one of these helped alleviate that problem, and for the 8 bucks I paid it was definitely worth it.My only issue so far is that I can't seem to get the internal port working. I wanted to put my bluetooth adaptor in the internal port, and found it didn't detect it. Won't even detect a usb key. Not a huge issue as I've got more than enough ports now, but still a bit annoying...

Review Date: 11/15/10
Cons: none

Pros: CheapLifetime warrantySimple installation
My brother has an older case/motherboard that has messed up USB ports. He can't even get external 2.5" USB hard drives to properly install and work. For < $10, he has 4 fully functioning USB 2.0 ports now. Very easy to install... Win7 recognized it and it worked right away.

Review Date: 10/23/10
Cons: USB plugs stick out a little too much for my liking

Pros: Adds extra USB ports to our machine
The device adds extra USB ports to a computer. I haven't had any problems with it and my only complaint is that the USB plugs stick out a little too much after they get plugged into the card.

Review Date: 05/05/10
Cons: plus do not enter fully!

Pros: pretty cheap
Well, i didn't like it because your usb plugs don't enter fully inside them, so they stay like 3/4 outs, and can easily fell out.

Review Date: 03/29/10
Cons: For 10 bucks? None!

Pros: The card is cheap and easy to install.
I needed to get USB 2.0 support on an old OEM machine with an 850 Mhz Celeron to use as a security webcam server. There was nothing I could do to get the cams I bought working properly on the built in USB 1.1 ports, just terrible, inconsistent performance.I decided to pop in this ~$10 card and give it another go. After removing the buggy Logitech drivers and having another go with the default XP SP3 drivers, the cams work flawlessly and motion capture beautifully.StarTech makes some useful products. I also got the USB 2.0 Active Extensions, which I'll try out and review also.
the Swollen Goat@NCIX

Review Date: 02/17/10
Cons: None.

Pros: Great for adding USB Ports.
Great for adding extra USB ports as some mATX Motherboards only have four USB ports. Very good price, especially if you are a premier partner. Fast 2.0 USB speeds.

Review Date: 01/16/10
Cons: None so far

Pros: Gave me additional USB slots for less than a price I'd pay on a 4 port hub! I got it price matched so paid less than ad.price.
I was a little startled at first when I first installed this. Pleasantly startled. I plugged it in then booted the machine and waited for XP to say found new hardware, or thought I'd have to install drivers for it. I was so surprised that this card didn't prompt me for any of this. It was a no brainer install...It has 4 USB ports on the back and one internal which may come in handy in the future. So you get a total of 5 USB ports. This review was modfied by poster @ 01-16-10 06:51 AM

Review Date: 12/03/09
Cons: price

Pros: This also works with linux, Ubuntu 9.04 specifically, without any drivers.
When I first installed it didn't work, then I moved it to a different slot and voila. Bought two of these for aging systems.
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Product Features

StarTech PCI420USB 4-Port USB 2.0 PCI Card
Want to plug into today?s most advanced USB peripherals? With speeds up to 40 times faster than USB 1.1, StarTech.com?s PCI420USB is your ticket to high-speed action. This card lets you connect up to four USB 2.0 peripherals and enjoy fast data transfer rates of up to 480 Mbits/sec. Plus, backwards compatibility with USB 1.1 means you can continue using your older USB peripherals.

Easy plug and play makes installation is a breeze, and hot swapping capabilities guarantee convenient, hassle-free connections without rebooting.


  • Bus Type: PCI / PCI-X (5 / 3.3V)
  • External Ports: 4 - USB A Female
  • Internal Ports: 1 - USB A Female
  • Maximum Data Transfer Rate: 480 Mbits/Sec
  • Chipset: VIA VT6212L
  • OS Compatibility: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista Mac OS 10.2.6 or OS 10.2.8


  • 40 times faster than USB 1.1
  • Backward compatible with USB version 1.1
  • Compliant with PCI specification 2.2
  • Connect up to 127 devices by cascading multiple hubs
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • WHQL Certified, designed to work with Microsoft Windows XP

Product Specifications

TypePCI to USB Card
External USB Ports4x USB Ports
Internal USB Ports1x USB Port
StandardUSB 2.0
Data Transfer Rate480/12/1.5 Mbps
Operating Systems SupportedWindows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003 and upMac OS 10.2.6 or OS 10.2.8
Physical Spec
Dimensions4.7" x 3.7"
Weight0.38 lbs.(include package)
FeaturesBackward compatible with USB version 1.1Compliant with PCI specification 2.2Connect up to 127 devices by cascading multiple hubsEasy plug and play installationWHQL Certified, designed to work with Microsoft Windows XP
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