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Q-See QSOCWC / Color Outdoor with Night Vision / Wired Camera

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Q-See QSOCWC / Color Outdoor with Night Vision / Wired Camera
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Rating: 7.86/10
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Review Date: 12/28/09
nice little camera, small and easy to setup. I do have an issue with the quality of the video that comes from this little bugger though, not that great, seems to have a tendency to get interference if cables are ran near ANY electrical wiring other than its own. NON shielded cables ... hrmm ... not good. As for the night vision, well it works ok, but they need to get thier facts straight, this site says nite vision good up to 30ft but when you look on the mfg page it says 18ft ... DOH So...if you just want a cheap camera that works then this one is ok , if you want crystal clear video get a better one than this one.

Review Date: 12/23/09
So this camera is great for the price, but in the day time mine looks like its black and white. The night vision works but its not the greatest. Like i said for the price you cant beat it though.

Review Date: 08/30/09
this camera works well for the price. works good at night for about 20 not 30. daytime what should be green is pink like the grass. pic during daytime distorted on color.

Review Date: 12/03/06
This is my first security camera and I have had it for about three months now. I have seen how much better a higher quality camera functions but this is an amazing value for its overall ability. This camera is outside and it seems to be functioning well in adverse weather conditions. Night vision is great for about 20ft and the daytime colour is great. However, it does require a power cycle, on the rare occasion, to clear up some daytime darkening of the video. I would buy this item again.

Review Date: 09/23/06
this cam is badass....led's work for me at least 100 ft...i have even bought a remote control robot for it...i use it in moviestar 5 so i have total control of brightness.contrast,hue &saturation....only prob im looking for an adaptor from rca on cam to usb to my machine....currently using an old dazzle fusion to do this...but its a killer cam none the less

Review Date: 09/09/06
I'll keep this fairly simple. Pros: Excellent low light and night vision. Small size makes it easy to place just about anywhere. Cons: Horrible daytime video quality. The colors are badly distorted. The camera can't handle bright sunlight, regardless of where it was mounted (shade or in full sun) It bleeds out bright areas making any daytime video totally useless.

Review Date: 04/08/06
THIS THING IS BADASS!! Its WAAAYY smaller than it looks, but weatherproof and durable, the picture is great, TRUE NIGHT VISION!!! YEA BABY!! doesnt go up to 30ft but maybe a good 10-15. Long cord is sweet, im putting it on my porch so i know who's here. BUY THIS!!
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Product Features

CMOS Color Outdoor Camera with Night Vision
Q-See outdoor cameras are built to withstand all the elements of nature. Rain, snow or hot sun will not deter the camera from sending clear video. The design of the camera incorporates a weatherproof metal casing with an "O" ring seal to keep the high resolution lens and the internal parts safe from nature.

With the 11 bright Infra Red LEDs that light up at night, the camera will give black and white night vision for upto 30 ft. in total darkness.With the 60-ft. cable that is included in the package, installing the camera is a breeze.

Use the camera to monitor an outdoor area or to watch areas where children play. Bird-watching and monitoring animals without intruding on them are all possible with the Q-See outdoor cameras. With additional cable you can even put the camera at a very long distance and still get clear video feeds.


  • All-Weatherproof Outdoor Color Camera
  • 380 Horizontal TV lines
  • 11 LEDs for visibility in darkness (upto 30 Ft.)
  • 60 Ft. Cable
  • Sturdy and rugged construction

What's Included

  • Color Outdoor Camera with IR
  • 60 Ft. Cable
  • Power adapter
  • User?s manual

Product Specifications

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