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COOLER MASTER R4-C2R-20AC-GP Case cooler
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Cooler Master Long Life Cooling Fan - 4.7" (120 mm) - 2000 rpm - Sleeve Bearing - Side Fan Location   $11.32 CAD Buy Now

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Cooler Master Co., Ltd R4-C2R-20AC-GP   $23.69 CAD Buy Now

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Product Reviews

Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.31/10

Review Date: 12/28/14

Pros: These push a good amount of air at full power... but... see cons >
This product gets 3 stars because of how LOUD they are, exactly like another reviewer stated "they sound like a jet engine" when at full power. I had to plug them into a fan controller just to dial them down to a bearable level.Overall, they still push air but cannot be the same db level they claim... and having to dial them down with a fan controller means I am not able to gain their full cooling potential.

Review Date: 10/07/13
Cons: load if on full do not come with fan controller.

Pros: Lots of air flow
Put 2 of the in a coolermaster case and had to put fan controllers on them because they were too loud. I turned them down halfway much quieter now and still have great air flow.

Review Date: 09/18/13
* Fairly quiet, I can't hear it in my CM Storm Sniper* Keeps stuff cool* Sleek * None that I can think of, only time will inform. I do suspect that the specs are a little more than exaggerated even though. * Good fan for the price tag, encouraged.

Review Date: 09/13/13
Moves a lot of air. Purchased two of these, and each produced an obnoxious grinding noise appropriate out of the box. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but I'll be positive to think twice about buying Coolermaster fans in the future. Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued Client,We apologize for any inconvenience. The item in question comes with a 1 year warranty. Please speak to us via Live Chat so we can troubleshoot the trouble you are possessing. Respectfully,CMUSA Customer Assistance.External Hyperlink(s): Live Chat| RMA|

Review Date: 09/10/13
Bought 2 of these for a modded create. Move a ton of air for their size, the semi-transparent acrylic blades are attractive after you take away the CoolerMaster hologram sticker from the front. As other reviewers have stated this fan gets loud and is not what is advertised while I wasn't expecting a silent fan with how significantly air these move. Modded my case to use a single as a top exhaust fan, these fans don't like hanging upside down, the front "standing" fan is close to silent, the best "hanging" fan expected TONS of work to kill vibration that was hammering my case. I am getting a new case that will have preinstalled fans, these two will now be installed on the Hyper 212 CPU heatsink I am also ordering, I assume getting buried inside the case and each mounted vertically these will operate quiter but I will price them once again as soon as the order comes in.

Review Date: 09/02/13
Wonderful case! I got this 1 for 30$ with free of charge shipping so it was an great deal for that. Lots of room for almost everything I necessary. The back panel is a little flimsy, but once every little thing is in spot it appears stable enough. The tool less design and style is fantastic!!

Review Date: 08/08/13
Move a lot of air, in my desert residence with 80F ambient temps 9 months of the year, I actually do need to have this kind of air movement.(I bought 2 of these for my Cooler Master Scout) Substantially louder than I expected 19dBa to be. Lesson learned! Both of these are on the side of my CM Scout case, and the leading one tends to make a horrendous 'whoosh'ing noise, like its sucking air a lot more than just moving it via. I put my hand a few inches in front of it, and the whooshing noise goes away. I have to study some items about physics/acoustics to comprehend this I guess.

Review Date: 08/02/13
A lot of air, purchased this to replace the rear stock fan on my Storm Sniper case and it has double the cfm over the stock fan.I can essentially really feel it move the air.A extremely quiet case fan. None.

Review Date: 07/27/13
Seems to push a decent quantity of air. Low price tag. Arrow shows flow direction. Is quiet load as compared to the other Cooler Master stock 120mm case (Elite 335) fan. I've ordered a Zalman Fan Mate controller to tame it.

Review Date: 07/20/13
The fan is well made, quiet, and moves alot of air. What you would anticipate from a corporation like Coolermaster. Make confident you obtain rubber spacers, or rubber mounts. This fan starts to vibrate heavily at complete RPM. When it wasn't mounted, you could barely hear it! Once mounted, It could wake the dead! Great item, it just needs to be isolated from the chassis.

Review Date: 07/06/13
performs just fine -- no troubles whatsoever. clipped into the case effortlessly and securely. cooler master was type sufficient to supply a molex converter, which i had to use considering that my mobo has only 1 fan header. nil, although eventually each and every muffin fan fails. i hope even though this one will wait rather a while to do it.

Review Date: 06/17/13
Nice and quiet. Pushes a good amount of air. Want the energy cable was a handful of inches longer. I love Newegg!

Review Date: 06/17/13
Looks great Was noticeable louder than the 3yr old thermaltake fan(finally gave out) it was meant to replace and it moved much less air, according to the specs for the preceding fan this a single should have been significantly quieterྪdba quieter) and moved far more airྴ-30cfm more). Immediately after moving fan to yet another system exactly where noise didn't matter the fan lasted two months ahead of the bearing began creating a horrible grinding noise. Maybe I just got a negative a single, I guess I'll see after I go via Cooler Masters RMA approach.

Review Date: 06/10/13
Replaced two old Cooler Master 120mm's that came with my 690 case. Placed them on top with exhaust duties and they move way a lot more air. Blue lights are about perfect if you don't like them too vibrant. Make far more noise then the specs say they ought to at one hundred%. Mounted with rubber grommets too. Could move far more air than specs say although may be close call. Either way they do crank out air so I don't mind the noise.

Review Date: 06/04/13
Moves a lot of air, nice design and style, lengthy cord. Loud. This thing says its quit operating, but it is fairly loud. I would say get if you want a great quantity of air flow for a excellent price tag, in particular free of charge shipping. If you want something thats not loud, dont buy this.

Review Date: 05/19/13
1.) I am working with it as an intake on my Cooler Master Elite 332 case and it sucks alot of air in. Keeps it quite cool For my wants even so, 69CFM is not necessary. 1.) Because its just a case fan, adjusting RPMs means finding a fan controller. Not the worse thing ever, but cooling starts adding up, rapid.Its genuinely loud. Truly, its rather loud. I unplugged it from the 3-pin and just let the stock exhaust run and the machine was 75% quieter.two.) Sleeve bearing. I bought this at a neighborhood store not searching at the bearing form. Sleeve bearings are the loudest and worst quality of all bearings. They deteriorate speedily. Case fans ought to use either ball bearings, fluid filled bearings, or ceramic bearings. I just bought some Scythe S-Flex fans to replace this a single and the stock exhaust and now my case is virtually silent and each and every fan has a item life assured of 150,000 hours. Not undesirable.Now, these run type of costly. Lowest I've noticed is about ฟ. If yo will need a cheapish high airflow remedy, you could think about the Cooler Master but invest a couple added bucks (I know...on a fan,...a FAN) but its completely worth it.

Review Date: 05/13/13
i have the precise very same fan but with a Blue LEDthe LED operatesfan operates @ 2000 RPM and can move air is way also loud, sounds like a cheap video card fan

Review Date: 04/20/13
I bought these to replace the fans that came with my h70 water cooler. Let me tell you, these are a enormous improvement over the h70 fans. Compared to the H70 fans, these really are quiet. My pc sounded like a vacuum cleaner before these fans. I don't consider they move fairly as significantly air as the H70 fans but they are close.

Review Date: 04/19/13
It's a fan-I scr$wed it to my case and hooked energy to it and bam it keeps factors cool. Working with as rear exhaust for my HAF 912 and perform good. It's quiet sufficient for me but if you're a sound nut it may possibly be as well loud for you bring about you can hear it moving air. n/a I want men and women would spell verify additional-fans are either noisy or quiet-not "quite." Also Neweg flagged scr$wed-suppose that could be utilised inappropriately :)

Review Date: 03/26/13
Function extremely nicely, good output for the DBa's none

Review Date: 03/24/13
They move air. When I bought these, they were listed as 90CFM, 19dBa. It's been corrected now, but Cooler Master supplied false specs to Newegg and listed the similar lies on their web site. These essentially run a lot more like 24dBa at 90CFM, a lot louder than advertised. Not even positive how the numbers work out, but they were total baloney when I purchased. Not Newegg's fault on this. I filed a complaint with the BBB and CM never ever responded. Tried contacting their help, but it's virtually nonexistent. If this is the sort of sham that Cooler Master pulls, then I am in no way going to obtain their products again.

Review Date: 03/16/13
*Look awesome*Run quiet whilst nonetheless moving decent amount of air*Great price*Comes with 3-pin to Molex adapter, so can run off motherboard or power supply *Very minor complaint--I purchased two fans, and there is a incredibly slight colour distinction in the LEDs among the two, but I'm a very picky particular person and I don't consider most persons will notice.*length of life is unknown--we'll see how these old up more than time. These two fans appear wonderful in the front of my Antec 300 case. I reduced the voltage to 7v working with a uncomplicated mod (just do a google search) and they now run nearly silently. My case is absolutely no louder than prior to (when it had just the two stock Antec fans installed). At full speed, the fans blow a lot of air without becoming as well loud, but you can undoubtedly hear them at that speed. At reduced speed, the LEDs are nonetheless a decent brightness level. I may purchase one far more just before the sale at my nearby retailer is over.

Review Date: 03/12/13
works fantastic! Reasonably really None.

Review Date: 03/04/13
They truly are as quiet as the claim to be. You will hear them, they aren't silent, but the clearing of a throat is louder than these fans (I am working with 7 of them in my case and this comment holds accurate). They also move a massive quantity of air. I ɛ these. None thus far.

Review Date: 03/01/13
These fans appear Fantastic. It has a glossy paint coating, nine curved bladed which are dark and tinted, so they are only semi transparent. I've never ever seen a finish like that prior to, I like it a lot.The fans are rated at 2000 RPM኶ CFMቯ DBA. COOLER MASTER told me the 19 DBA rating is for a various speed, and they told me the DBA rating for 2000 RPM. So it is really 2000 RPM኶ CFMታ DBA and 1800 RPMኡ.69 CFMቯ DBA when turned down. Still really fantastic. Far better than the Antec TriCool fans which are rated at 2000 RPMኬ CFM and some incredibly higher DBA rating, due to the fact they are LOUD.I had a fan controller, and I tested my R4 fans and they spin at 1900-1950 RPM. The Antec TriCool fans I have spin at 1850-1900 RPM, so good enhance there. The fans are not that loud thanks to the use of sleeve bearings. I'm not sure what the Antec TriCool fans use, but I'm guessing ball bearings since they're so loud. The R4 series fans on the other hand are surprisingly quiet! Construct high quality isn't too fantastic. No SSO bearing (self-stabilizing oil-stress), but you can't expect these for ů bucks. Best fans for the cash, superior functionality than most 120mm fans. Very best CFM/DBA ratio out there. I have five of these fans in my ATCS 840 case, 11 fans total. I plan on replacing the other three 120mm fans with these as nicely, but blue LED versions if/when newegg gets them (I purchased a windowed side panel for my case). I don't use these on my Prolimatech Megahalems although, I use Scythe Slipstream 120mm x 25mm fans which I got right here at newegg. These have a 1900 RPM rating and 110 CFM rating. Incredibly impressive! Also extremely loud, louder than the R4 series which spin quicker...
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Product Features

Case Fan 120mm Fan

Cooler Master Case Fan (R4-C2R-20AC-GP)
Upgrade your PC with this Case Fan. This effective cooling system gives high pressure airflow to keep your chassis airy and enhances your system?s performance. The 120mm Fan fits into any slot with ease. Designed with 2000RPM, it runs very fast. Its 69.69CFM diffuses heat evenly keeping the components cool. Also featuring 19dBA noise level, it gives minimal noise while running. In addition, it guarantees 50,000 hours of operation and gives longer lasting performance. Purchase this case fan today.

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • 2000RPM; gives fast performs
  • 69.69CFM; distributes heat all over
  • 19dBA; emits very less noise
  • 50,000 hours of operation; for extended life span

Product Specifications

Bearing Type: Long Life Sleeve
RPM: 2000 RPM
Air Flow: 69 CFM
Noise Level: 19 dBA
Power Connector: 3 to 4 pin Adapter
Compatibility: Case
Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Features: Up to 69CFM (maximum RPM) 19 dB-A silent application for CPU cooling. RoHS compliance for protecting the environment Recommended for V10, V8, Hyper 212, Hyper Z600, Gemini, Cosmos, Cosmos S, HAF 932, HAF 922, CM Storm Scout and Sniper. 50,000 long life hours.
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