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Rii Touch N7 Mini Keyboard 2.4G Wireless With Adjustable DPI TouchPad for PC / Mac / Linux

Rii Touch N7 Mini Keyboard 2.4G Wireless With Adjustable DPI TouchPad for PC / Mac / Linux (Rii: RT-MWK03RF)
Vendor: Rii
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Rii Touch N7 Mini Keyboard 2.4G Wireless With Adjustable DPI TouchPad for PC / Mac / Linux
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8/10
With 6 User Reviews

Review Date: 03/07/14
Cons: No insert  keyNo right shift key

Pros: Adjustable mouse sensitivityControllable Back lightNo drivers required
I bought two of these to replace an Iogear media PC keyboard and to have a portable keyboard and mouse for support calls. In both cases this little keyboard works great.Attached to my Chromebook without issue so Windows, Mac, and Linux should be just as easy. The keys are big enough to use at a decent speed and stiff enough for good tactile feedback.I would rather have a right side shift key instead of the AltGr key and an ins key would be useful in many situations.

Review Date: 08/25/13
Cons: After it sits idle for a while you have to turn it off and on again - sometimes just hitting the space bar will wake it up again.The manual could be better and made available online.

Pros: Good quality, easy to use.
It's probably just a quirk with my OS/Desktop (Fedora with XFCE) but the right mouse button opens Firefox as well as the context menu. This doesn't occur with the wired mouse.No online manual and the small booklet that came with it has very little information.Other than that, it is a good product.

Review Date: 07/04/13
Cons: M button is temperamental, track pad is slow to respond sometimes and reconnection after sleep mode is a fail every time.

Pros: Very lightweight, great size and battery lasts a long time.
I like the Keyboard, But it has many faults and not built that well, It did take a few good drops before something came loose inside and now its dead. Turning it off and on to reconnect wasn't a big deal as the power switch is easy to use and tapping the track pad a couple time before use or pressing the M button hard want a big deal either. Not the greatest but very usable.

Review Date: 01/15/13
Cons: Delete, Space, and 'e' browser button

Pros: size, price, backlight
Great little mini keyboard for using a pc in bed or on the couch. battery seems to last well. no connection issues. a few of the keys seem out of place, but oh well. well worth the $35 I paid.

Review Date: 11/12/12
Cons: None really? It is more than I expected and works better than I hoped.

Pros: Small light and easy to use. I like the battery life and the backlight is great! Touch pad works well enough and setup is plug and play easy.
I use this for my HTPC and replaced another brands wireless RF keyboard that failed after about a year and a half. I am impressed with the battery life, so far in 6 months I think I have charged it twice? The included Lithium Ion battery is a bonus at this price point.The backlight is one of my fav features, very handy and works well. I also prefer the touch pad to the trackball on my previous HTPC KB, so far it has been a pleasure to use.I have recommended this to friends and would buy again.

Review Date: 06/19/12
Cons: Small size takes getting used to, some people may prefer models where touchpad is not located centrally, splitting keyboard.

Pros: Good range. Very easy setup, ready to use out of the box.Removable and therefore replaceable rechargeable battery.
Bought this to replace an ancient full size wireless keyboard and mouse combo for a living room / HTPC setup. Device seems well built - it is light but not overly flimsy. Obviously you are not going to get full typing speeds out of it, and the touchpad takes some getting used to, though it does have 2 dpi settings for faster or slower scrolling. Overall, it totally met my expectations and I am happy to have picked it up. Worked out of the box plug and play on Windows 7.Totally satisfied.
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