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RAZER ORCA 3.5mm Circumaural Headphone

RAZER ORCA 3.5mm Circumaural Headphone (Razer: RZ04-00370600-R3M1)
VPN: RZ04-00370600-R3M1
Vendor: Razer
Price: $128.69 - $128.69 CAD from 1 stores
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Razer Orca - 802C Stereo Headphone, Green
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(Out of Date Item) Razer Orca Gaming & Music Headphones 3.5mm 15-21KHZ With Audio Extension Cable
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Product Reviews

RAZER ORCA 3.5mm Circumaural Headphone
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.62/10

Review Date: 09/10/13
Incredibly good clean sound. Suprisingly excellent for the value. Comfortable. I guess the trick to comfort is when youre hunting around for them and follow the cable back to your head which theyre on. Certainly no noise reduction. If your personal computer is 10dB with them off it will be 10dB with them on. I like em. Theyre cool. Theyre comfy. They sound excellent. Very good for gaming, footsteps and everything come out nicely. I wish they had noise reduction but thats it.

Review Date: 09/02/13
I've gone through quite a few headsets all through my gaming years and I must say that these are the ideal pair I've ever worn. Really light, quite comfortable, the wire doesn't get tangled as simple (which is a Big plus for me) I like to listen to my music slightly loud and considering that there is no sound cancellation every person else hears what I am listening as well.

Review Date: 08/15/13
Incredibly, very comfy - as soon as you break them in. Good sound quality; with very deep bass. Great design and style and building. Braided wire with a quick (dis)connect extension. They're a small tight and kind of hurt your ears for the very first week or so. But when they're broke in it's absolutely nothing but comfort. I locate myself forgetting that I'm wearing them all the time and walking off without having realizing it. My box was saved from falling off the desk, and landing on my really hard wood floor; by the quick connect extension on several occasions.There's also no mic. These are headphones, not a headset. But I knew that prior to buying them. If they did have a mic this would be the baddest headset on the market. For which I would gladly spend a different ฤ-30 - depending on the mic's top quality. That's not saying they would use a shifty mic, or something like that. This is RAZOR immediately after all.I also love the metal supports for the cans. The final 3 headsets I've owned were all plastic. And all broke at that precise spot. My house is hardly a friendly atmosphere for cheap plastic components.

Review Date: 07/31/13
These headphones are some of the most comfy that have graced my dome. The plush velvet they use for each the best band and ear coverings provide excellent comfort and seems to not trap as a lot heat as other headphones.The good quality of the sounds weather they be music or gruntal growls of beast unknown will come by means of vibrant and clear with these headphones. The braided cable for each the extension and primary cord are a nice touch. The extension cable gives you an added bonus allowing uncomplicated detachment and mobility. With no external volume manage does pose some troubles with speedy and minute volume modifications but does not way enough to cause to a lot a difficulty. Small to no noise cancellation for what you are listening to and to outside noises such as the noisy neighborhood dogs. The only cancellation for outdoors influences is turning up the volume and with that you will be enabling other individuals to listen with you. Even though I was worried about the colour getting eye wrenching green, I was pleasantly surprised to uncover the headphones to be not so flashy as the pictures show right here on newegg.If you are considering of acquiring these headphones please maintain in mind what you are searching for. If you will need some thing to cancel out something more than a whisper with out obtaining the volume set loud you may well want to locate another item. If you are hunting for comfy headphones with good sound top quality I would suggests these are the ones you are seeking for. Just bear in mind if you don't like the color it is not like you will be searching at them although you wear them.

Review Date: 07/07/13
-Look phenomenal, of course-Fantastic sound excellent- Sturdy - No mic

Review Date: 07/01/13
-Superior than my Audio Technica ATH-AD700's. This is no lie, I honestly appreciate the sound of these much more. -Better than the Sennheiser HD555's. Bass is ideal in the Orcas, along with crisp highs and mids. Both the HD555's and AD700's lack in one particular of these (something I didn't notice until comparing). -They do cancel out rather a bit of noise with mid-high volumes. No matter how higher I turned my AD700's, I could still hear outdoors noise. With these, every little thing outdoors you is practically muted. -I can't even begin to clarify how perfect the sound is in these headphones. My pal owns a pair of Monster Beats, and he prefers the Orcas. In truth, he's returning them and saving the 趚 by acquiring these. -These are Remarkable for gaming. I can pinpoint precisely where an enemy is in Counter-Strike: Supply from almost halfway across the map. For these of you that have played, you will understand the following sentence. I was sitting in CT Spawn and could hear T's operating in B tunnels with these headpho -Following extended periods of use, I found the top of my head getting sore. Even though with the awesome sound excellent, I could honestly care significantly less about a sore head. -A lot of men and women complained about the exposed cord on the sides of the headphones, and all I have to say is, actually? The exposed cords are braided just like the cord you use to connect them. So, unless you yank on them super really hard or take a scissors to them, they aren't going to trigger a problem. -Quite noticeable in public. They are brighter than they appear in photos.

Review Date: 06/21/13
Appropriate out the box, I noticed that Razer has stopped spending a ton of cash on the packaging and are focusing more on the product. I start taking off all the protective stickers as I attain for my Zune. I start out playing music and I am feeling my head shake. The headset is comfy and I feel that it was even Greater than the Carcharias, which is what I was expecting it to examine to. This sound high quality is utterly fantastic and is a excellent quality headset. None for now Great headset, grab it if you have โ.00

Review Date: 05/25/13
Incredibly comfortable padding on ear and above head. Covers complete ear. Punchy bass with fantastic highs and lows. The color grew on me and they gathered alot of focus. Beware, open-air design and style, so if you strategy on listening to your music in public, at any volume, prepare for everybody, I imply absolutely everyone, to hear your music. Comfy, wonderful sound, good bass, ears don't sweat but....lets sound out. If you like listening to music in public I would not advocate these. I had to sell these badboys b/c the noise leakage was so unbearable.

Review Date: 05/24/13
Fantasic sound good quality,extremely comfy and light weight. I overlook that i have them on at times. Great color. They feel type of flimsy, but unless you are attempting to rip them apart then they really should be fine. I have a massive head and they match fine. Ears can get warm following wearing them for extended periods of time. Other colors would be cool. possibly a good vibrant blue color. The green color in the pictures is not precise. If you go to Google the photographs are about 95 % correct to the actual color there.

Review Date: 04/05/13
Lightweight, Designs, stands out, comfortable. Feels kind of cheap. One of the greatest seeking headphones I've owned

Review Date: 02/18/13
Genuinely fantastic headphones, crystal clear sound and nice bass that hits harder than most headphones. Exclusive colour tends to make them stand out. Extension cord is handy when you're on the go simply because you can just very easily unplug them and go on your way, no require to mess about in the back of your pc. Music and games sound really great. Really comfy to wear and braided cable is constantly a plus. No mic but I don't actually play competitive games that considerably to really need a mic. Excellent headphones for half the price tag of the other people that are just as very good.

Review Date: 02/02/13
Incredible sound excellent, highly comfortable, incredibly extended cable (and braided!), look outstanding. No volume manage These are quite comfy and appear quite good. I wear glasses and they don't result in any issues as far as comfort goes. They feel sturdy as properly. I wouldn't trade these for any other headphones.

Review Date: 01/07/13
Particularly comfy.Great sound quality and volume output.Extension cable is very handy fro switching involving my iPod and my desktop.The braided cable doesn't tangle quickly like other individuals do. Bright friggin' green....tho it's actually grown on me. :) Would be good if there had been other color alternatives tho. These are just headphones (no mic) so don't get these if you are seeking for a headset for on the web gaming. As far as headphones go, these are the greatest I've ever owned, and Extremely REASONABLY PRICED!

Review Date: 12/26/12
awsome color if you like it, so comfy, it adjusts tremendously,cable is non tangle and long with the addon. fantastic sound none realy want it had a volume manage on the headset somwhere

Review Date: 11/05/12
- Excellent Highs- Comfortable, I can leave these on all day and not feel a factor.- Fabric cord reduces tangling- Comes with cord extension- My favorite color is green! - Sounds astounding with your volume turned up, but Absolutely everyone will hear your music. I can virtually set these on the table with the volume turned up and hear just fine. I don't know how I really feel about that, I can't use these in the library or study halls.- It's so green, it virtually hurts to look at... I like it but I don't necessarily need to have the added interest. I was essentially thinking of a new set of headphones due to the fact of the open ear issue. I don't want to disturb others nor do I want people in a expert environment to know what I'm listening to at the moment, dependent on my mood the music I listen to may be a bit vulgar.

Review Date: 09/19/12
These headphones are the best headphones to get at a excellent price tag! they sound so crisp and thumpy when i hear electro home and trance. i even use them when im creating for lengthy periods of occasions mainly because they are so comfy. The color was a big cause why i got these. they seriously stand out, incredibly special:) properly, they aren't 5.1 or 7.1 surround but i knwo that prior to acquiring.

Review Date: 09/07/12
Excellent sound, excellent highs but not as well tiring. Light weight, comfortable, adjusts to fit a Extremely significant head apparently based on the reality that I Can make them so large they'd fit like, a polar bear if require be. Cool cloth texture cord feels much better on your skin when it dangles down than common plastic coated wire. Overall effectively developed. Not genuinely small sufficient for a child to use not that its an situation for me but my daughter would have a challenging time if she wanted to... which is also bad given that they are so bright and colorful. Fortunately they're for me. The color is bold, they're just as green as they seem to be in photos if not moreso, they're the brightest colored issue in my whole house... so... so 80s. I believe thats a matter of preference but I dont thoughts, in fact I like it

Review Date: 09/03/12
The sound quality on these headphones is exceptional. Every little thing sounds astounding and is crystal clear. I enjoy the cushy sides and ears, tends to make wearing them comfy, though they may possibly take some finding utilized to with the material on the skin. Other folks around me can hear what I'm listening to even if it's not that loud. It doesn't really bother me, all I care about is that every little thing sounds astounding. The lack of a mic is a small disappointing, but I'd rather devote my cash on amazing sounding headphones and obtain a separate stand mic any day. My close friends have been identified to steal these from me when I leave them unattended, so watch them carefully.

Review Date: 08/04/12
Having previously owned Razer Barracuda headphones, I have knowledge of Razer high quality. The old Barracudas were a decent headphone back when they came out and the sound drivers in them are decent right now. These Orcas, blows these old headphones away. For โ I really feel like I have saved over 趚 shopping for these rather than one more brand. I wish they came in other colors. Not going to lie, these appear rather wonderful in this color. Why be boring with black? Following acquiring these I have been playing games much more... Now I wish these had a constructed in microphone. But, that's not what I paid for so it's okay.

Review Date: 06/08/12
The sound excellent is beyond my pricey dynamic stereo headphones from sony (legit studio headphones). Don't even hesitate if you need a pair. Uncover a discount code (like I did) or catch them on sale. Construction, like other's have said, is surprisingly excellent. Really comfy. The new egg images are fairly fugly, and in person they're even worse. I would not want to be noticed in public wearing these ghost-busters green eyesores. Worth the price

Review Date: 06/02/12
This headset is awesome. It is so comfortable and easy to put on. Lots of padding which makes it possible for for all day gaming with no irritation to ears or head. The sound high quality is awesome, and makes the user really feel as if they are close to the action! Extremely durable, good extension cable and good design. This headset can not be beat! no volume control

Review Date: 05/28/12
Great mid-highs, it can also give some fairly sweet bass on demand. Not significantly else to say other than these are greater than 赨 beats audio headphones. Not gonna take off an egg for this, but I wish it was obtainable in more than just green, I have a blue and white rig if anybody can see the situation right here being these are the headphones that I use for gaming as nicely. Best headset to date, while I explained why these had been not 1ǚ inch jack headphones.

Review Date: 05/05/12
Sounds gre... Amazing, and feels so so very good, so soft on my head, my ears are happy!!! NO LIFETIME WARRANTY, but then again that's not how they roll. Excellent really feel, good sound, enjoy the green, green is my fav color and utterly worth any amount, could of been fantastic like skullcandy lifetime warranty, but then once again skullcandy headphone ain't comfy...so XP skullcandy

Review Date: 04/18/12
These headphones are wonderful. They're Razer, so they're a high quality item. The packaging that these come in is properly created, and ensures that not a single scratch will result from shipping. The sound quality is good, with quite deep (but not overpowered) bass and high clarity. I use these for each listening to music and gaming. It's good with both. The green is vibrant, but incredibly appealing. The images on Newegg don't do it justice. I've had a lot of people ask about and compliment them. There isn't a microphone, which of course is a individual preference you have to have when you obtain it. Personally I'd like it if there was an in-line microphone or Razer included a desktop mic. The headphones also blast sound, so you far better prepare yourself to share your music with every person around you if you take these in public.

Review Date: 04/06/12
These are by far the finest headphones I have ever owned. The sound quality is incredible. The bass is a lot clear than any headphones i have applied just before. The headphones are also really comfortable. The cable has prove to be indestructible, so i wont have to worry about that breaking again. Chose this more than steel series due to the fact their cable is thin and tends to break effortlessly. it wasn't no cost.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Model RZ04-00370600-R3M1
Driver Unit 40 mm, with neodymium magnets
Headphone Frequency Response 15Hz-21KHz
Headphone Input Impedance 32 ohm
Connector 3.5mm
Ear Coupling Circumaural
Cord Length 1.2m braided fiber + 2m braided extension cable
Features Cush Fit
The light-weight over-ear design provides a laidback comfortable fit for hours on end.
Thumping Clarity
Crank it up and hear the bassline drop in crystal clear clarity.
Plug and Switch
Keep the extension cable connected to your gaming rig for ease of access when you switch over from your MP3 player.
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 1 year limited
Labor 1 year limited
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