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COOLER MASTER SF-19 Notebook Cooler Model SGA-4000-KKNF1

COOLER MASTER SF-19 Notebook Cooler Model SGA-4000-KKNF1 (COOLERMASTER: SGA-4000-KKNF1)
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COOLER MASTER SF-19 Notebook Cooler Model SGA-4000-KKNF1
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.55/10
With 11 User Reviews

Review Date: 07/20/13
*Lightwieght, and has a carrying handle. Simple transport.*Adjustable fan speed AND POSITION!!!*Customizable light scheme*Cable management for energy / USB cords*Four added USB ports (you do drop 1 from your machine) NONE Yet It could seem a little on the "too light to be sturdy" side at very first, but I have yet to uncover a CoolerMaster solution that fell apart proper out of the box. Effectively worth what I paid for it, IMO

Review Date: 04/19/13
-Moves a ton of air -really large cooling surface (My laptop is 19 inch and this pad nevertheless has a strong 1.5 inches to spare)-LEDs are good hunting -not USB powered-Quick energy cordI'm thinking about returning this issue since of just how inconvenient not getting USB energy is. I'd take off even a lot more eggs, but it appears cruel due to the fact of lead to just how great issue this is in all other elements

Review Date: 02/17/13
My laptop utilised to crash atleast just about every hour whilst game on some ฤ Targus cooler pad. But this issue is wonderful, movable fans, adjustable fan speed for when it gets really hot, LEDS are a nice touch, and last but not least the USB hub makes my life so significantly much easier with my wireless head phones and Razor mouse. Can get loud but that implies its functioning. For the price tag this point is a ought to have for gaming laptops.

Review Date: 10/09/12
Cons: Loud when on max, but that was expected.

Pros: Looks niceHUGE areaToggle-able LEDsGreat cooling
It cools my M15x really well and I haven't had any issues with it at all!

Review Date: 09/07/12
incredible item. it dropped my asus G73JW down 20 degrees. would recommend to anyone. none that i can believe of, it does anything i wanted and a lot more.

Review Date: 04/16/12
Excellent cooling performance! Great color schemes!You get additional USB ports!Why really should you need the USB three. version for about 100 bucks! if your pc doesn't even have them? and if it does, the common pair in most USB 3. laptops is a lot more than sufficient. NONE This is THE Very same cooler but devoid of the USB three.. GET IT!

Review Date: 04/01/12
Looks great with my ASUS G73-JH. Quiet on low fan speed. Lights are excellent. Newegg RMA is outstanding. First a single I received worked great for a week prior to the LED light board shorted out and began smoking. RMA'd back to Newegg and total turn around was about a week. I did spend for return shipping as anyone who knows something about online shopping expects this. Second one particular lasted on day prior to the mini USB port fell off. I do not abuse my gear. Not going to RMA will just order a 5 Pin Mini USB port and attach it myself. Genuinely disappointed in Cooler Master quality. Fees also a lot to ship back many times. I can recognize finding a defective item from time to time but this is poor construct quality. I would think about yet another brand. Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued Consumer - We sincerely apologize for the trouble you are getting. Please make contact with us via the Reside Chat selection so we can rectify the circumstance for you. Respectfully - CMUSA Consumer Help.External Link(s): Reside Chat|

Review Date: 03/27/12
Size is massive sufficient for any laptop, ideal for 15"-17" although. Superb air flow, in a position to manage fan speeds/noise level. Comfy to use on a lap or desk. Additional USB ports are a great bonus. Colored lighting is kinda nifty. Cord management is built-in and works nicely. Non-slip pieces keep the laptop sturdy. Not USB powered, power cord is way to short, need to have an extension cord even when sitting in bed subsequent to an outlet. The buttons that manage the lighting effects seem low cost. I have an Alienware m15x and it has a fan that's going negative on the graphics card. Just before receiving this cooler my laptop would become hot to the touch following an hour of use, now it's staying really stable and cool.

Review Date: 02/25/12
Not a lot of that can handle a 19" laptopPriced suitable Very cheaply made lighting button The unit arrived here a day early so that was a plus. The general unit was well thought out and made good, all but the button to turn on/off the lights, when it was pressed in it became jamed and would not turn off w/o getting the unit taken apart, now the lights dont perform, but the fans do their job.

Review Date: 02/07/12
The finest fan that I found.plug's into the wall, its not usb powered so it's not going to heat up or personal computer more. fan is slanted so even if it's on a rug it's nonetheless going to function. light button sticks, but that wasn't a issue for me.The value is really a bit out of your wallet for a fan, USB 2. hub, awesome colored light's that can be set to a single of them or two or all of them. value is worth it if you like your laptop

Review Date: 08/01/11
It works and it comes with the perfect power adapter as opposed to some of its major brothers models. The cooler keeps my 17" comp at a superior temp although i play games that would have otherwise created it shut down. Positive it is plastic but it holds up nicely. Extra usb ports is an appreciated addition. the additional usb ports are on the proper side so yeah..... On high settings the fan will make a lot of noise but what the who-ha at least my comp isn't overheating. Practically 60 bucks. nicely with shipping it was ๐ the only way this could be far better is if came with some funnels to channel the air directly into the laptop or computer's intakes. Would be great if it came with some additional fans. The fans have a 50,000 hour life span. i got an asus 17" gaming laptop with 5870 vid card and i7 processor. If you are seeking for some fantastic cooling get it.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Model SGA-4000-KKNF1
Accessory Type Cooler
Specifications Compatibility: up to 19" laptop

Color: Black / Gray

Material: Reinforced Anti-slip Rubber / ABS Plastic / Enhanced Mesh Structure

Dimension: 19.68" x 13.38" x 2.95"

Weight: 4.37 lbs

Fan Dimension: 140 x 140 x 25 mm

Fan Life: 25,000 hours

Fan Speed: 1,200 ~ 2,600 RPM

USB Port: USB 2.0 x 4

Controller: Stepless fan speed controller; Color switchable led light; Led on / off

Operation degree: 7.5 degree

Power: DC 12V / 2A adapter
Features Mammoth Cooling Surfacing
- SF-19 is constructed with an enormous heat-dissipating surfaceplain, made capable to endure critical temperatures from all laptop sizes.
- It is the state-of-the-art laptop cooler for all 19" gaming laptops

Structurally enhanced mesh surfacing
- Cold-forged polygon mesh surface plains allows maximum airflow from high rotating fans, structured to efficiently normalize thermal formations, effective cooling and alleviate tough spot-thermal build ups.

Swift Carrying Handle
- Built for mobility, the SF-19's swift-carrying handle is build with an intuitive design and sturdy construction, made for quick LAN-party relocation, and fast mobilization.) The SF-19 is stealth and ambitious.

Anti-slip rubber cable slot
- Reinforce with premium anti-slip rubbers, the SF-19 safely secures all laptop in place even under rigorous gaming.
- The rubberized areas also protect the SF-19 from damages, adding shock absorbing fortification to protect the hardware under transport.
- In addition to the anti-slip features it also act as a cable management system, assorting various types of cables for your laptop and peripherals.

2 Removable 140mm S shaped blade fans
- SF-19 is equipped considerably with 2 turbine fans, fully customizable and positioned to dissipate heat from the heat source directly.
- S shaped blade facilitates and exhale more cold air, providing unprecedented airflow.

Multi-light Shader
- Multi-light shader displays 7 changeable led colors, personalized with breathing effect. Formulating the ultimate customization and ambiences for your favorite gaming rig.
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