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PLANTRONICS T10 Headset Telephone

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Plantronics T10 LR115940 without Corded Headset Plantronics T10 LR115940 without Corded Headset $27.98 CAD Shop Now
Plantronics T10 Black Headband Headsets Plantronics T10 Black Headband Headsets $45.00 CAD Shop Now
Plantronics T10 Headset + S12 Amplifier for Avaya Nortel Cisco Toshiba & Polycom Plantronics T10 Headset + S12 Amplifier for Avaya Nortel Cisco Toshiba & Polycom $58.46 CAD Shop Now
Plantronics T10 Headset + S12 Amp. for Avaya Nortel Cisco Aspire Toshiba Polycom Plantronics T10 Headset + S12 Amp. for Avaya Nortel Cisco Aspire Toshiba Polycom $58.46 CAD Shop Now
Plantronics T10 Headset + Cisco Adapter for 6941 7940 7941 7960 7970 8941 & 9951 Plantronics T10 Headset + Cisco Adapter for 6941 7940 7941 7960 7970 8941 & 9951 $63.55 CAD Shop Now
PLANTRONICS T10 Headset for Cisco 7940 7941 7960 & 7970 PLANTRONICS T10 Headset for Cisco 7940 7941 7960 & 7970 $63.55 CAD Shop Now
Plantronics T10 Corded Headset Phone Plantronics T10 Corded Headset Phone $69.91 CAD Shop Now
Plantronics T10 Single Line Corded Headset Telephone Dial Key Pad Plantronics T10 Single Line Corded Headset Telephone Dial Key Pad $69.96 CAD Shop Now
Plantronics T10 Single Line Headset Telephone Dial Key Pad New In Box / 45161-11 Plantronics T10 Single Line Headset Telephone Dial Key Pad New In Box / 45161-11 $108.07 CAD Shop Now
Plantronics T10 Complete single-line Convertible Headset Office SOHO Telephone Plantronics T10 Complete single-line Convertible Headset Office SOHO Telephone $109.35 CAD Shop Now
Plantronics T10 Telephone Headset New Sealed in Box Never Opened Plantronics T10 Telephone Headset New Sealed in Box Never Opened $125.95 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

PLANTRONICS T10 Headset Telephone
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Rating: 7.88/10
With 16 User Reviews

Review Date: 08/12/13
This telephone is superior to any other I have owned. The sound high quality is by far the very best about. Keys are firm and the lighting lets other folks know when you are on the telephone. Non however The cord is long enough for desk operate but neglect about moving away from the desk whilst connected. Ideal headset for Property based client help.

Review Date: 05/08/13
Crystal-clear audio, lightweight headset that doesn't get in the way, incorporates head band or over-the-ear clips. No way to turn the ringer off for entirely quiet operations, restricted volume handle, R-jack (phone plug style) headset as an alternative of three.fiveǘ.5 stereo jack, cord management could be far better. Plantronics has a strong reputation for their headset telephone solutions. The T-10 is "end of the line" for corded headsets (the business has extended switched to Bluetooth wireless models), but by no implies is this a affordable item! I use this phone extensively for working in a variety of virtual get in touch with centers, conference calling, and to host my own podcast/radio shows by means of BlogTalkRadio.com. The get in touch with quality is definitely crystal clear. The headset is quite light weight and causes no discomfort to put on for extended periods of time (I function up to ten hours a day wearing it). The padded earpiece is quite comfy and doesn't compress the ear or rub it wrong. Headset can be worn on either side of the head with either the headband or ear clip. It does draw heavy power from the telephone line, but this has worked flawlessly with my Vonage ATA adapter and on AT&T wired house service.

Review Date: 04/22/13
My telephone was bought far more than three years ago. It has served me faithfully throughout that time. The noise canceling function functions well and the voice excellent is constant. Since the telephone simply plugs into a regular telephone jack (no power required), set up couldn't be far more easy. The head set is comfortable and durable. It is only due to the fact my cat knocked it off of the desk onto a hard tile floor (again) and played mouse hockey with it that I'm back to purchase another one. Oh, and did I mention that the cost is better than most "semi-qualified" models? None The Fortune 500 Firm that I work for from my residence advised the buy of this telephone (they call for a tough wired telephone). It's a fantastic a single, don't hesitate!

Review Date: 03/01/13
Clean style, corded headset, and simple to use functions. Item quality. Right after less than 24 hours, the unit started producing a piercing ringing sound in the headset. When the difficulty occurred, the "In Use Indicator" showed a dim yellow colour (Red and Green are the regular colors). The user manual does not supply enough detail to troubleshoot the issue. (Yes, I have DSL, but I have the filters installed on all telephone jacks.) The is the very first lemon product that I have purchased from Newegg.

Review Date: 02/18/13
I liked it while it worked The headset began buzzing right after about a month. Their tech men and women did not respond to my inquiry at all. These days the telephone just went dead. I threw it away. I want a hands absolutely free phone for my perform. If this was better excellent, it would have been great. I am now going to use a cell phone with bluetooth and save some income.

Review Date: 02/11/13
none it has feedback loud buzz that progressively gets worse. I perform from household and have replaced this when currently directly via the manufacturer and the replacement was just as bad I will under no circumstances purchase yet another plantronics product

Review Date: 01/05/13
I use this headset all the time when I have to be on conference calls working from home. It took me a while to get employed to how the headset fits, plus you hear your personal voice quite loud in the earpiece, which was a tiny weird at initial. Audio good quality is crystal clear, and the mute button works, but with a 1-sided click (see cons). Once I got employed to working with it, the small annoyances stopped bothering me and I viewed it just as a trusted piece of my house office toolset. It clicks loudly when you go on/off mute, but apparently this is only in your own earpiece - no one else that I get on the telephone with seems to be capable to hear it click, even when I ask them to listen for it. Also it seems to draw as well significantly energy to use at the exact same time as a different residence telephone. Once I pick up the other telephone, the plantronics one dims way out. Not a major deal if you don't usually make calls where you and yet another person are on the phone with an individual on distinct headsets at the very same time. It's additional than I had hoped to commit, but a lot significantly less than the wireless headsets, that's for positive. General a fine organization tool.

Review Date: 11/12/12
Definitely phenomenal sound quality. Functional mute buttonNo external power neededLittle size/weight No ringer off function. Own two of them, a single for me, one for my wife. We both do get in touch with center function at household.

Review Date: 08/31/12
Its really good when operating from home in client service and yes i work from property this telephone is excellent I wish that i could turn the ringer down more then it makes it possible for it sounds a small fuzzy but it may well be the other persons telephone to but other then that is operates just fine wonderful for operating from house

Review Date: 08/12/12
Its perfect for my new job. Performs out just wonderful. Thank you NEWEGG!!! none I like newegg! i purchased from you guys a few years ago to build my pc, and every little thing is amazing!

Review Date: 07/12/12
You will be particularly pleased with this unit! NONE!

Review Date: 05/05/12
This is a excellent phone for doing consumer service work from residence. Difficult to uncover a corded phone with the exact same excellent. I've utilised this for 8 months and enjoy it. The cord could be longer, but is long sufficient - jus can't walk around the area or anything..to grab items even though speaking.

Review Date: 01/18/12
I perform from home and shopped about rather a bit for a phone method. I have owned a couple of phones and headsets, this 1 is by far the ideal. Set up is a snap, you might not even want directions! Every little thing is straightforward to recognize and read, no difficult anything. I am a Pc Tech, I can deal with crazy set ups and features, and so on, this telephone is WYSIWYG to the bone. Sound high quality is good! I tested it for a couple of hours, my callers can hear me and the noise cancelling cuts out the AC Window Unit in my room, they cannot hear it. Callers mentioned I even sound far better and louder then from previous phones and headsets. Even when the volume dial is turned all the way down, it nevertheless sounds fairly loud! The item review does not state this but the headset uses a phonejack connection that plugs into the telephone. I feel its a T ten, although the telephone jack is a T 11, the headset plug-in is a bit smaller, but that realy isnt the problem. Just know that this headset uses a telephone jack like plug, not a 3.5mm or even a two.5mm plugin for the headset. This I did not know, but is not a problem what so ever, but isnt stated on the item more than view. Greedy me, wanted to use this headset for a cordless phone. For such a high value I assume what we are actually paying for is a actually great sound high quality. The phone technique itself feels light, it is tiny, possibly 1 or 1 and a half lbs, not too shabby there. The headset's sound top quality is rather suprising! But it does really feel a bit low cost, then once more, this is an investment, and like anything we have, we must take care of. I used to throw around ผ headsets from WalMart, but I will not be undertaking that to this new system. I had to e mail the manufactorer and ask if this program runs on batteries or AC Adapter. Naturally, I do no like battery operated phones, and do not mind utilizing AC Adapters. This phone utilizes neither! It uses the telephone jack to energy up. So just in case you are questioning, no battery of adapters required! If you do not require any energy functions like a memory bank, or caller ID, or any bells and whistles, get this telephone! I hesitated on the rates from other Plantronic headsets, this corporation by far is a superior brand. I wonder what superior phone systems sound like given the high top quality in this a single? I dont have any horror retailers or doubts, if your reading this and want this program, get it!

Review Date: 01/14/12
Really easy to set up. Headset is comfortable to wear--even following extended hours. The voice high quality is small piercing, but you get applied to it. It doesn't have caller ID display. That would have been a nice addition seeing how it's not incredibly cheap.

Review Date: 10/21/11
I've been making use of this for a couple of weeks now. I work from residence and this is the required model to use for my job. This headset is really light and comfortable. Can be switched from over the head to around the ear wearing. Very clear sounding and has a tone dial to deepen the voices of high pitched callers. The volume dial is wonderful also. I rarely have to turn it up from the lowest setting. Does not have a switch to turn off ringer. A 2 post headset stand would be a small superior as occasionally its prone to slide off. Telephone cord is included. If its not long sufficient for you then buy a longer 1!Was sitting on my doorstep 26 hours soon after ordering. When you know, you Newegg!!!

Review Date: 06/13/11
Very good style, functionality. Serves its use case perfectly, with the enormous caveat listed below. Can\'t turn ringer off, which is odd, but the greatest problem is the buzzing that outcomes whenever the headset is anywhere near another electronic device. As other people have mentioned, there is a non-quit, very annoying buzz which appears to result from some electronic interference in the microphone, as the buzzing goes away totally when the mute button is engaged. If you attend lots of conference calls where you're primarily just listening mutely, this is a excellent device. If you strategy on doing any of the talking, on the other hand, be ready to tolerate a persistent, annoying background buzz.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Body ColorBlack
Multiline Operation Capability1-line Operation
Volume ControlYes
Ringer ControlYes
Additional Features
Additional FeaturesSingle-line telephone with ergonomically designed, convertible headset Includes convertible headset for over-the-head stability or over-the-ear convenience Noise-canceling microphone reduces background noise Adjustable volume and tone control Redial, flash and mute buttons
Parts1 year limited
Labor1 year limited

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