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VPN: UB435-Q
Vendor: KWORLD
Price: $39.99 - $39.99 CAD from 1 stores
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KWorld UB435-Q ATSC TV Stick
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Product Reviews

Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 5.75/10

Review Date: 09/14/13
Possibly very good for low end video watching, out side of DVRing. I bought this as an extra tuner to my media center. I ultimately unplugged it since it messed up to often. It wouldn't often get signal, which would leave recorded motion pictures that have been of nothing.

Review Date: 09/13/13
Functions good for what it is. Effortless to set up. Bought it for the value. None

Review Date: 09/08/13
it came with a usb extention I could use for other purposes. It barely functions. I have to hold the antena at a weird angle to get in the strongest station in my area. It would not tune digital channels on my cable. I got this for free and i am still not impressed. If you want a tuner, spend a small much more and get a good quality piece of gear. Avoid this 1.

Review Date: 09/04/13
Worked properly. Fairly affordable. Just quit operating. First time I have had tech with no moving parts just quit working.

Review Date: 09/02/13
Affordable, Does what it does nicely, when it does it. Likes to turn itself off. Requires time to get it to install and perform properly. I have had the v1 for months now with out a difficulty so I ordered a different so I could watch or record two shows at the very same time. The second stick I received was the v2 and it wouldn't keep on for much more than a few minutes. I wrote the firm, no response so I RMAed it. While waiting for the replacement, the firm replied with a new driver. I don't know if it was the driver or the stick but it has worked well for the final two weeks. It did, nonetheless, turn itself off when I was altering channels last night. I hope it was a 1 time occurrence.

Review Date: 08/19/13
It performs effectively for channels broadcast over the air, but not when plugged into a cable source. Does not perform with Time Warner digital cable. Unless you live in an area with many broadcast channels, do not get this.

Review Date: 07/30/13
Worked properly for a couple of years Died right after a couple of years I guess it is low-cost adequate that perhaps I really should obtain yet another a single and hope it will final two additional years

Review Date: 07/30/13
operates for atsc ota digital tuner not as good as the tuner inside my samsung lcd television. could not pull neighborhood nbc affiliate even though the constructed in tv can. says it is clear QAM as nicely, but two laptops with sagetv and wmc cannot locate any QAM channels, even thought the tuner in the television can discover them. documentation is limited and help still no reply.

Review Date: 07/30/13
Its shiny:) XP OS SP3 4gig ram pentium 4 Was excited to get this.What a letdown.Initial off, hooked cable to device.when tightening coax female finish in device turns also.two.Went to search for channels , and error pops up,twice.three.Ok I'll update via arcsoft connect, but the message says server is down for maintenance.four. Tryed going to their websit when struck by blue screen of death.gee I wonder what caused that.five.Discover out on forums arcsoft connect does not perform at all.six. So I go to set up patches button and click to discover no patches at all, but there are some applications you can get from them that they say will operate.7. SENDING BACK.Its like this organization is run by some pre adolescents.

Review Date: 07/21/13
compact, smaller antenna included not compatible with ubuntu was a bonus item, so how can I complain about that?

Review Date: 07/05/13
None Every thing. It doesn't work. Poor assistance from the vendor. They blamed the bundled computer software. Following 2 days of trying to get it to work I gave up. Of course Newegg took it back with no difficulties. Newegg does rock. But this item with its 20% failure rate wants to be taken off the virtual shelf.

Review Date: 06/30/13
Economical, smaller kind element. It works really very good with my attic mounted Channel Master 4228HD antenna. For these of you having reception concerns - make positive you have a fantastic signal to begin with. Supplied antenna didn't function for me either. I haven't tried the latest driver from KWorld website (ver. five.2010.1123 / Jan 2011) but the 1 I have proper now (previous release) took an additional reboot to enable the adapter functionality one hundred% on Windows 7. Also, I observed the signal loss when channel surfing in Windows 7 Media Center. Was not an challenge for me as I never do that - I DVR what I want to watch, and for that the tuner performs completely. Haven't attempted supplied DVR application, and why would I? MS Media Center rocks! All-in-all, I am delighted with a tuner.

Review Date: 06/28/13
was easy to install bought this to replace my old dying television, was capable to tune in my base channels, but all my old channels like comedy central wouldnt tune in rather was replaced by music channels and so on the win 7 problem others seemed practical experience seems easy adequate to repair, kworld has it right on the webpage

Review Date: 06/26/13
Works with Windows Media Center on Vista.Driver installed simply. None however. I did not want or use (yet) ANY of the software that came with it. (Only the driver.)

Review Date: 06/25/13
Straightforward to install computer software and drivers, functions flawlessly with snapstream's beyondTV. Super deal! Negative application included, which has two media centers, and they are buggy, slow, and not worth installing. Only install the driver, and then attempt beyondTV's trial with this. Performs fantastic, haven't had any issues. I bought the homerun HD, and had absolutely nothing but difficulties. Believed I could watch on any personal computer in my network, but it was as well slow. Ended up returning that, and maintaining this ื wonder. Worth the modest amount of funds I paid.

Review Date: 06/23/13
Behaves nicely in Win 7.Doesn't get hot, can choose fourɇ/ 16ɍ.Zoom functions properly in WMC-great for projector. None however, give it time.If you use the in box application your results may possibly be significantly less than desirable. Download the latest driver from KWorld.UB435-Q_V1V2_5.2010.1123..zipSet up the driver only, forget the in box software program.Start out Windows Media Center.Utilizing the right arrow select the live OTA tuner and full the wizard.The device internal LED need to light in the course of plan scan.

Review Date: 06/06/13
None so far as I can see - Won't total the channel scan. Doesn't function at all. Do I have to give it one egg? Can I give it zero eggs?

Review Date: 06/04/13
Works good lots of channels picked up with it. None I reside 30 miles from the city (TV stations) and this thing on the small antenna that came with it picks up 5 of the HD stations. I connected a HD antenna to it and it got 11 stations.

Review Date: 05/29/13
there are no pros for me, I tried just about every single choices I could to no avail. ( can I get my cash back ) I wasted a several valuable hours fooling around this point, time wasted can in no way be regained. My son came from College for the week-finish I have him attempt it on his lap top, same response ( did not operate) I say this is a piece of garbage I will make certain do my homework prior to I go out and acquire stuff of this sort anymore...

Review Date: 05/28/13
Looks nice; modest antennae, USB extension provided. Nothing at all at all through incoming cable. 5 channels through the antennae, 5-bar strength, nevertheless no picture or sound. No manual, either on disk or on the internet. The editing computer software integrated goes under the name demo32.exe, so I conclude it's time restricted. I have a new Win7 machine in great shape. I can't come up with 1 cause on my finish why absolutely nothing came by way of this adapter. Regardless of no owner's manual supplied and no terms defined, I believe I set this up properly. I'm out shipping and NE's RMA charge.

Review Date: 04/17/13
Got it to operate in media center (win7) Had to unplug a few times when utilizing meadia extender on my xbox 360. 19.99 price point what do you anticipate. i really feel luck it's operating for over the air tunning and i can record it. HD 1080 res looks sharp

Review Date: 04/15/13
External Antenna operates wonderful.Very responsive Customer Support M-F (via E-mail) I am obtaining no luck accessing my Cable channels as of but.I was told my cable company may have that kinda factor blocked.I use WOW. I have WOW cable and, can not seem to get the channels accessed thru this stick. The nearby Channel reception is good.So, I just have it hooked up to my other Laptop and, DVR shows on these networks I like to watch.If any one has any experience with WOW cable and, this stick. Please speak to me at my e mail at yahoo. my id is drspyn4.Thank you

Review Date: 04/08/13
Good image/sound high quality. Magnetic antenna. Intuitive GUI, it's never crashed. I wish I could pick several days of the week to record on inside a single schedule rule as an alternative of obtaining to add individual days. It hasn't missed a recording so I am pleased with the solution.

Review Date: 04/06/13
NONE I need to have given a lot more weight to adverse reviews. With either cable or antenna, I received on five channels very poorly. With very same setup using Hauppauge 2250 I obtain more than 60 crystal clear HD and typical stations. The manufacturer internet site is murky at greatest and practically totally worthless. I did download newest driver. I strongly recommend spending a tiny far more to get a fantastic item. Thanks Newegg, it is not your fault. Good service and fantastic prices!

Review Date: 04/04/13
Performs good if you have a functioning knowledge of computer systems. Incorporated computer software is unusable. Use Windows Media Center 7 with this item and you won't have challenges. Appears to me that the ratings are tremendously contrasted mainly because a lot of folks can't handle fundamental troubleshooting. Here's 1 Massive TIP....turn off your windows firewall if you aren't in a position to get any signals.I have this (v2) operating successfully on 2 computers. 1 is a Pc running Windows Ultimate 7 64bit - the other is a 2006 iMac 24" operating Snow Leopard and Windows 7 Ultimate x86 in BOOTCAMPIf I can get this item to operate out of the box with MAC peripherals...no a single need to be complaining.
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Product Features

KWorld UB435-Q USB ATSC TV Stick
Worried about which kind of TV tuner to purchase? Don?t understand complicated terminology such as ?digital free-to-air vestigial TV,? ?ATSC HDTV,? or unencrypted QAM cable TV? Not to worry! With USB ATSC TV Stick, you don't have to fret anymore! It not only supports all of the systems mentioned above, but it also provides you with many more functions.

Supports Up To 1920 x 1080i (HDTV) Video Output and Dolby Digital AC3 Audio Output
Don't just settle with those average or below-average TV tuners on the market! What you really want is a tuner that will not only enable you to watch TV on the PC, but also a tuner that will provide top-quality visual and audio experience to a maximum of 1920 x 1080i and Dolby Digital AC3.

Supports Burn to Disk Function
You have scheduled-record a bunch of shows that your hard-drive had been screaming for a clean-up! No problem, the software application that this product has bundled, gives you the power to burn all these programs to discs, so you may enjoy them when you finally catch a break.

Includes the most Simple yet Powerful Software: TotalMedia
Includes ArcSoft TotalMedia application to watch and record TV, so you can record your favorite TV programs on a daily, weekly or once-only schedule, never miss a critical part of your favorite show again with scheduled-record, pause, time-shift, rewind and replay!


  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • TV Tuner: ATSC / Digital cable (QAM) input - 75 Ohm (UHF / VHF) F-type
  • Digital:
    TV Frequency - Terrestrial digital channels (ATSC 8VSB) Digital cable (clear QAM)
    Video - Free-to-air digital 8 bits Vestigial Side-Band Demodulation (8VSB)
    Digital cable TV (64QAM and 256QAM)
    Audio - Dolby Digital AC3 audio output
  • Dimension: 90mm(L) x 30mm(W) x 14mm(H)

A Closer Look


  • Support Digital TV (ATSC 8VSB) or Digital Cable TV (unencrypted QAM)
  • Watch Free Digital Terrestrial TV (ATSC) on the PC
  • Supports up to 1920 x 1080i (HDTV Video Output) and Dolby Digital AC3 Audio Output
  • UB435-Q is fully compatible with MediaCenter
  • ArcSoft TotalMedia Software
  • Supports Time Shifting and Scheduled Recording function
  • Auto Channel Scan and Name Recognition
  • Supports EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
  • Supports Real-time Video Recording in Mpeg-2 Format
  • Capture Still Images in JPEG format
  • Edit the Video and Photo files with a simplified operation
  • Create beautiful slideshow presentation for work or fun
  • Supports Burn-to-Disc function

Minimum System Requirements

  • Pentium ® IV 2.4GHz (3.0GHz above recommended for HDTV programs)
  • 256MB RAM (512MB recommended)
  • Graphics card (Must support Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or above, high-end Graphics Card with DX-VA feature recommended for HDTV programs)
  • Sound card (AC97 compatible sound card)
  • One available USB 2.0 port
  • 1GB free HD space
  • CD-ROM drive (For software installation)
  • Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
  • Outdoor antenna for better ATSC TV reception
  • Windows® XP(SP2) / MediaCenter Edition / Vista 32 / Vista 64

What's Included

Product Specifications

TypeUSB Tuner Stick
TV TunerATSC / ClearQAM
FM TunerNo
Remote ControlNo
InterfaceUSB 2.0
FeaturesSupport Digital TV (ATSC 8VSB) or Digital Cable TV (unencrypted QAM)Watch Free Digital Terrestrial TV (ATSC) on the PCSupports up to 1920 x 1080i (HDTV Video Output) and Dolby Digital AC3 Audio OutputUB435-Q is fully compatible with MediaCenterArcSoft TotalMedia SoftwareSupports Time Shifting and Scheduled Recording functionAuto Channel Scan and Name RecognitionSupports EPG (Electronic Program Guide) Supports Real-time Video Recording in Mpeg-2 FormatCapture Still Images in JPEG formatEdit the Video and Photo files with a simplified operationCreate beautiful slideshow presentation for work or funSupports Burn-to-Disc function
Video FormatFree-to-air digital 8 bits Vestigial Side-Band Demodulation (8VSB) Digital cable TV (64QAM and 256QAM)
AudioDolby Digital AC3 audio output
Ports In75 Ohm (UHF / VHF) F-type
Operating Systems SupportedWindows XP(SP2) / MediaCenter Edition / Vista 32 / Vista 64
System RequirementsPentium IV 2.4GHz (3.0GHz above recommended for HDTV programs) 256MB RAM (512MB recommended) Graphics card (Must support Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or above, high-end Graphics Card with DX-VA feature recommended for HDTV programs) Sound card (AC97 compatible sound card) One available USB 2.0 port1GB free HD space CD-ROM drive (For software installation) Microsoft DirectX 9.0cOutdoor antenna for better ATSC TV reception
SpecificationsTV Frequency:- Terrestrial digital channels (ATSC 8VSB)- Digital cable (clear QAM)
Package ContentsUB435-QATSC Antenna Installation Quick Guide Installation CD
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