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Thermaltake V4 Black Edition VM30001W2Z Black Computer Case
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Thermaltake V4 Black Edition VM30001W2Z No PS Mid Tower Case (Black) Thermaltake V4 Black Edition VM30001W2Z No PS Mid Tower Case (Black) $98.54 CAD Shop Now

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Rating: 8.12/10

Review Date: 07/16/13
this case is quite sharp. im only operating the stock heatsink and fan with the i3 processor and getting 1 fan in the case is keeping it incredibly cool. anything installs quite straightforward if you cant figure it out the guidelines are very effortless to adhere to and are quite helpfull none

Review Date: 05/11/13
Looks quite good for the price that was paid for it. A lot of ventilation, tool-much less drive mounting and a neat looking tinted Blue LED fan in the back. Case is rather tiny and as another reviewer stated the leading 120mm fan bays are hindered by the size of the case due to the fact the mobo sits so close to the prime of the case. I'm certain you would require some low profile fans and even then they wouldn't match in the case with my mobo. My GFX Card sits incredibly close to the HDD bays and was a bit of a discomfort to plug in the two 6-pins it necessary due to the fact of it and position them where they weren't becoming forced down or up. At the end of the day it's an Okay case for the price you spend for it. Keep in thoughts the dimensions you need for your construct ahead of acquiring a case. I ended up promoting it and obtaining a mid tower that was a bit bigger. A tiny grip I also had was it only came with a single fan, which I knew from reading the description, but I genuinely feel it really should come with a front intake fan also.

Review Date: 04/01/13
Eye-catching inside and out with black coatingIntegrated fan is actually silent as advertisedLots of options for airflowBottom mount PSU w/ filterThumbscrews Easy to use drive locks Corners had been cutCouple questionable design and style problems Case is a excellent buy. It has anything you would want for a worth value. But a handful of issues keep me from giving it 5 eggs. Initial, the face faceplate comes off so you can install drives, and so on. The bottom clips which hold it on are metal but the top rated ones are not! I broke a single of them appropriate off the bat as I removed the faceplate. Secondly, the incorporated fan gets in the way of the I/O plate in the back. I fiddled forever asking yourself why the thing wouldn't fit till I concluded the fan overhangs a tiny too substantially and would need get rid of for me to set up the I/O plate. Then, with he bottom mounted PSU, you may wind up getting to stretch cables all the way to the leading of your case based on your MB layout. Lastly, if you run a larger than stock cooler, you may well have problems fitting fans up leading. I'm shocked this wasn't addressed since it's a dilemma with the v3 as properly.All that aside, this is nonetheless a wonderful deal for a case.

Review Date: 01/30/13
Cons: I did notice that if you use the 2nd pci-e slot the 2.0, it will interfere with the hdd slot. Very crammed. I had to use the bottom slot for my drive. The top fans do not fit! I read online you have to rorder a thin 120mm fan to fit otherwise its just vents. Which is ok too.

Pros: I was debating between this one and the V3. In the end I chose this one and happy I did. It is sharper and cleaner looking to me than the V3. It has plenty of space for a large video card and room to work in. TT Case $40 delivered.
Standard power supply was a bear to get in and screw alignment was a little tricky. I had to push the supply down to start the first screw and push it to the right to start the last. Start all screws before any are tightened. Trust me, it's easier.

Review Date: 12/31/12
This situation is strong, not flimsy at all. I adore the black inside and out, looks sharp. This case has excellent airflow keeps my laptop or computer great and cool. I also enjoy the fact that the PSU is at the bottom it aids retain the PSU nice and cool. Really like the tool-less style. Effortless to install my mobo and my videocards. Not sufficient five.25" drive locks (had to use screws on my 3rd optical drive. I bought this situation as a replacement situation for my laptop I built two years ago.

Review Date: 11/24/12
-Modest footprint for a midtower, fits all my stuff. -Blue LED Fan(if youre into that stuff)-Plenty of fan mounts-Fantastic worth(got it for ษ soon after MIR)-Tricky drive mounts are great -PCI slot covers aren't reusable as soon as taken off.-Case feet really feel low-cost and pop off if case is slid as an alternative of being picked up-Non-existent cable management-Lots of noise heard through front Audio panel(especially when working with a thumbdrive-Front Power LED bleeds through mesh and looks tacky I bought this case off my brother(he necessary a bigger case) for my HTPC. I didn't want to break the bank on a case for the HTPC and didn't want to devote the cash(yet) on a HTPC styled case. I will upgrade someday though.Athlon II 255 @ 3.1ghzGigabyte MA790X-UD4P4gb Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600XFX HD5770640gb WD Caviar Black1tb WD Caviar BlueLite-On Blu-Ray DVD-RomThermaltake V4Acer H5360 Projector106" House-constructed ScreenYamaha VX-465 ReceiverPolk Monitor 30, 50, ten"sub, CS1 center speaker

Review Date: 09/20/12
Great clean look. The black completed insie looks wonderful. Wonderful airflow, with plenty of places to add much more fans. I actually like the bottom mount psu. Both side panels are removable, so you dont have to remove you motherboard if you have to adjust cpu cooler brackets. The outer shell is pretty thin, but this is also a spending budget case. The situation only came with a single fan. The blue LED was also pre mounted to the back vent, which doesn't make because. Its not visible in the back. I moved it to the front and added a plain fan to the back. It's not seriously a problem, but just annoying. General, for the price tag of the situation, its a great deal.

Review Date: 09/05/12
The style is good, when you see it you can comprehend how airflow is so efficient with this tower. I like how the front panel comes off simply for adding / removing new drives. The two x 120mm fan slots won't fit for my mobo. In truth, I'd like to see a mobo it would fit with. One one particular side a fan hits my heatsink, on the other my ram slots causing the chips to come unplugged. I basically had to modify the tower to add in these fans for the improved airflow which was a nuisance. Also the legs on the bottom, you have to be cautious, if your fitting this tower inside a desk or cabinet and you managed to knock them off, get pleasure from attempting to place them back on the tower, it's close to impossible. It's a decent tower for a limited spending budget, nonetheless next time I'll look at spending more income on a much better top quality tower.

Review Date: 08/06/12
Cons: Tool-less screws are flimsy, bad cable management, bottom air filter is hard to take out with power supply in

Pros: Stylish exterior and interior, dust filters,thumb screws, lots of spots for fans, window, strong side panels
This is a fairly good case. It has a nice design with mesh front, which I like. It is pretty good for the price, I bought it for $40 though. If you like Thermaltake products I would recommend getting the commander ms-i as it has better cable management.

Review Date: 05/31/12
Good spending budget case for the cost. Has decent airflow and isn't ugly like most cases in this price tag range. Almost everything internally appears fairly solid. In order to install the bluray drive, I had to take the entire front panel off, which required removing four awkwardly placed screws. Wasn't a large deal, but could have been easier.Also there is subsequent to no cable management, but it doesn't have a full side window so that's less of an concern. User "Ybr" mentioned the Spinpoint F3 challenging drive not fitting in the situation and getting to break the plastic clip or one thing. Whatever you did, you did it wrong. I employed this situation in a construct for a friend and installed the 1TB F3 just fine. I did take away the clip and use actual screws to secure it, but there's no fault in the situation.

Review Date: 05/30/12
Extremely very good airflow right after I've added another fan. Genuinely good mesh material. LED fan does not appear as wonderful as it was advertised. I can't even see it from exactly where I sit.Nonetheless waiting on my "No-Wait" Rebate. Its been nearly 8 weeks. I was supposed to have had it 4 weeks ago. Quite disappointed.My HDD LED does not light up as bright as the Power LED. Had to push the Blue LED farther back and bring out the Red LED, just to get them even.The motherboard mounting screws were also a bit of a pain. No instructions on whether or not they are needed. They aren't. May well go with another case subsequent time. Definitely not finding any longer rebate merchandise . . .

Review Date: 03/22/12
*Good Airflow*Lightweight and sturdy*Cheap *Samsung F3 spinpoint doesn't fit in the case!*have to break the expansion slots and the I/O shield, and it was a nightmare*expansion slots clips don't hold the card down, had to remove ((break)) out the clip so i can screw the card in

Review Date: 02/05/12
Cons: -mobo isn't 100% perfectly alligned when screwed in

Pros: -drive locks-good quality for price
very good case with some nice features you wouldn't expect at this price range.

Review Date: 01/27/12
Cons: Very flimsyI/O plate doesn't align properly

Pros: CheapLooks OK
The biggest issue we had was the top USB and PS2 ports were about 1/8" too low and preventing any peripherals to be plugged in.I had to macgyver some washers to raise the motherboard a little and that helped a lot. This is my 3rd V4 case I worked on and they all have the same problem.Other than that all is good. Can't expect too much for a $40 case but the I/O plate is no excuse even at that price point.

Review Date: 01/22/12
All in all, it's a fantastic case. Mainly metal, with some plastic in the front. The buttons feel excellent and the construction is decent. There are some sharp edges inside, but I assume that's expected from a case that is light as the metal has to be thinner. There is not a lot of accessible space to route cables, but there is some. There are some cut-outs near the PSU and a cutout where the CPU goes. Cables can be routed either underneath the MoBo or underneath the MoBo tray. I was in a position to route all my cables and make my case quite neat (IMHO). Could have a bit more space for cable routing, could have some devoted spots for wire-ties, but not worth an egg. This case is wonderful for an individual seeking for a clean and easy style. The case is not as significant as some mid-towers out there, but nonetheless manages to have plenty of space in it.

Review Date: 01/08/12
case is operating for what i need it for. none that i see

Review Date: 12/22/11
Cons: not enough space for fan on top and behind the faceplateweak disk tray easily bend

Pros: Light and low priceNice vent
I recommend this case for low-end pc with a mATX or people who doesn't care about noise. Not really good for mid or high-end computer. a ATX board will seem stuck in there and the orientation of the hard drive make it hard to work inside.

Review Date: 11/08/11
-Tooless Drives-Black Interior-Room for Fan Expansion-Silent-A lot of ventilation-Bottom PSU mount-Smooth edges, no cuts!! -MOBO mount could be better-Paint scratches too straightforward-Front panel challenging to remove-Side Window a bit too tinyAll-in-all, absolutely nothing that I'm too disappointed by, much more or much less items that I located to take away from the top quality of the case. Not worthy of losing an egg although. I like this case a lot. Excellent upgrade from my old Modded A-Top Case. Exterior black paint scratched off a bit when I installed MOBO. Included filter only fit bottom vent, I'm going to need to have to get 1 for front panel intake fan. Other than that, I like the case. Pretty much silent at boot, with SpeedFan controller, case is almost 100% silent. Ventillation is decent, top vents enable my CPU Cooler to breathe. I adore the interior black finish.

Review Date: 09/28/11
-Numerous 120mm fan bays for superior cooling-bottom mounted power supply-smooth finish -pointless expansion slot bracket, doesnt do anything-breakaway expansion tabs, cant put back in-holes for expansion screws are offset-doors just fall off when unscrewed, dont definitely slide in-5.25 and three.5 bay toolless clips are useless, they can only be employed on one side and dont securely hold the drives (still wobble).-can be mobo or instances fault, but i can not location any fans in the top bays due to the fact the motherboard is too close to the top of the case. The 12v power connected and ram slots on the motherboard block it. decent for a low-cost 50$ case. Wouldnt purchase once more or reccomend although.

Review Date: 09/27/11
Simple to perform with. Compact for an ATX case, but good cooling alternatives. Excellent Value! The case is not the thickest in locations. Case flexes when installing fans. I'm not sure if that contributed to vibrations among the case fans and the case, but I installed dampers. The case is slim and the PSU is bottom mount. So, my ram slots and ATX plug got in the way of the leading mount fan. I had to do without having 1.

Review Date: 09/26/11
Well its a good solid case specifically for the cost, leaves room for alot of fans as nicely. Did not fit the form factor for my power supply admittedly my fault did not even believe about it. However quite frustrating when a case i found in a dumpster could and had much more room, and the power supply fit. You want a hammer to get off the cd drive bay covers. It needs a lot more room, and wish it would have just made it so it would fit all power supply's theres a lot of room for it. Do not think that I will get yet another thermal take item once more.

Review Date: 09/22/11
This case makes it very simple to install all the components required. very sharp for the cost, space for additional fans worked properly also mother board is actual close to the leading of the case since it is a lower energy supply, with the mb getting so close to the leading i didnt believe i was going to be able to fit a fan in on best but there was just enough room between the ram and the fan. i have 3 fans in this case,stock rear one and two 120mm thermaltake fans 1 in front and 1 on top which maintain my ram and cpu ( i3 three.33Ghz with stock cooler) right about 27*C at idle and no much more than 40 when doing solid works. Im operating integrated video and will be putting a video card in for performing solidworks down the road and that is going to be a tight fit when i do it but it ought to fit fine! Excellent case overall

Review Date: 09/17/11
Extremely superior air flow. My case has no issue in painting or issues from other reviews. Everything is plug n play, easy install, high good quality item. The CPU is closed to the top of the case which the air flow in would from the leading then suck the CPU heat out to the rear fan, together with heat sink fan. The x4 core CPU is running at 20C in idle. Hand touch the front and can feel the air in. Great! With rebate, I got it from neighborhood shop with tax, ฮ. Buy it if the cost is proper. It has incredibly superior air flow. If it is not working in high temp environment, 1 original rear fan is good sufficient since numerous open air flow in and out to this case. 1 side note is about no room to put extra fan (if required) on the top location inside the case due to the fact the CPU and RAM are so closed to the case. Overall. Excellent product.

Review Date: 09/13/11
Nicely for the cost i would say it's decent and incredibly worth it if you're on a Spending budget and If (Read Other Thoughts). *BANG FOR THE BUCK* Comes with 1 case fan, It's got a really light low cost really feel to it when you're constructing. Especially the screwless locks.. They really feel like they could break with ease, But they haven't so i can\'t complain! If you DO acquire it, Don't obtain it without having filling all the fan slots. I know the top is a 120, Not sure about the front, But i believe there are 3 slots total.

Review Date: 08/26/11
Cons: Satisfactory

Pros: Satisfactory
Very Good-Would Purchase Again the only problem is that you can not install fan on top because it will make it more dificault to install RAM too close to top.other than that looks great
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Product Features

Thermaltake VM30001W2Z V4 Black Edition Mid Tower Gaming Case
Looking for a case that's spacious enough to carry your hardware and easy to tote around? The Thermaltake VM30001W2Z V4 Black Edition Mid Tower Gaming Case is ready to accommodate those needs and more! Moreover, the Thermaltake VM30001W2Z V4 Black Edition Mid Tower Gaming Case has a Bottom-placed PSU design for better and easier installation. The Thermaltake VM30001W2Z V4 Black Edition Mid Tower Gaming Case has a comfortably centered reset button and oversized power button. Grab your Thermaltake VM30001W2Z V4 Black Edition Mid Tower Gaming Case and showcase your rig in style!

What It Is and Why You Need It

  • Black coating makes stylish inside look
  • Bottom-placed PSU design for better and easier installation
  • Sleek looking sports-style front bezel
  • Comfortably centered reset button and oversized power button
  • Rear 120mm silent fan with brilliant Blue LED

A Closer Look

What's Included

Product Specifications

Brand Thermaltake
Series V4 Black Edition
Model VM30001W2Z
Type ATX Mid Tower
Color Black
Case Material SECC / Mesh
With Power Supply No
Power Supply Mounted Bottom
Motherboard Compatibility Micro ATX / ATX
With Side Panel Window Yes
External 5.25" Drive Bays 4
External 3.5" Drive Bays 1
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays 4 with 1 x 2.5" SSD / HDD
Expansion Slots 7
Front Ports
Front Ports USB 2.0 x 2
HD Audio x 1 (Support AC 97)
Cooling System
120mm Fans 1 x 120mm Blue LED exhaust rear fan
Physical Spec
Dimensions(L x W x H) 18.70" x 7.50" x 16.90"
Weight 9.9 lbs.
Features Black coating makes stylish inside look

Bottom-placed PSU design for better and easier installation

Sleek looking sports-style front bezel

Comfortably centered reset button and oversized power button

Rear 120mm silent fan with brilliant Blue LED
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 3 years limited
Labor 3 years limited
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