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Interlink VP3700 Blu-Link Universal Remote for PlayStation 3

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Product Reviews

Interlink VP3700 Blu-Link Universal Remote for PlayStation 3
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.46/10
With 10 User Reviews

Review Date: 04/08/10
I needed to replace my cable box remote, because my dog ate the old one. I chose this one because it was reasonably price and could control the PS3. It was easy to program and i like the size and layout, but it might be small for some people. It didn't have page up-down buttons, for navigating the guide, but it was pretty easy to learn these commands.

Review Date: 03/07/10
An outstanding value. We use it to control three input sources, an HDMI switch, and a LCD TV. 1. PS3,Bluetooth 2. ppleTV,IR 3. 3rd Gen iPod, analog vid&audio input to TV, not control of the iPod 4. HDMI switch,IR 5. TV LCD,IR. Straight forward table lookup and or learn mode to setup controller. We taught the controller to use the colored row of buttons at the bottom to select HDMI input sources. Handles the mix of signal types as expected. The household decorator likes that the shiny black styling matches the other devices, while the household engineering and maintenance department replaced a nest of wiring with short HDMI cabling and a switch. Had a comb DVD VCR connected but the function was taken over by the BlueRay of the PS3. The household decorator still puzzles over selecting the input combinations, but that is a problem of the household worker training department and not a failure of the controller. Great price, works well. In use for 3 months.

Review Date: 02/25/10
This really is a great product. The Logitechs were like $200 and up which is a ripoff, and they don't even control the PS3 unless you get an adapter. This controller is very easy to set up and even includes batteries. I like how the light on the controller goes blue when you change to the PS3. No Macros but still the best product out there if you wanna control your PS3 along with everything else. Check it out.

Review Date: 02/23/10
Now able to fully control cable DVR, TV and PS3 from this remote. My audio device had to be learned and I set it to punch mode so now I control the volume and mute with it also. Buttons are a little small and I wish it was backlit. There is no eject disk button on this remote. One time I manually ejected a DVD from the PS3 and the PS3 no longer recognized the remote. I tried to reassign it with no luck. The next day the remote was back and working fine with the PS3. Only quirk so far.
Yada yada

Review Date: 02/10/10
Just getting used to it but so far so good...

Review Date: 12/25/09
I was looking for a universal remote for our PS3, plus our Samsung LCD TV, Harmon Kardon Receiver and Rogers HD PVR... everything works perfectly... took less than 15 minutes to set it all up. You will have to program a couple of buttons using the learning function, but it's very easy to do. It's a great value for the functions... we didn't want to spend too much money..just go from 4 remotes down to 1...I highly recommend this to anyone.

Review Date: 10/28/09
Setup was easy, haven't taken time to add in every single feature I would want. Learning feature is odd in that you need to program each special button individually. Can't beat the price and the fact that it works seamlessly with the PS3

Review Date: 10/19/09
this would be a five star remote except for one glitch. when remote goes to sleep in ps3 mode it will not wake up. this only happens in ps3 mode. i have to shut down the ps3 with the controller in order to reset the remote in order to use it in ps3 mode again. the remote still functions when using other sources like you sat box or tv. i contacted smk about the glitch. they said this problems only happens with the new ps3 slim and not the older ps3.hope the problem can be corrected.

Review Date: 10/12/09
The remote does just what I expected and a whole lot more. I've purchased other universal remotes but none would control as many of the special functions of my secondary components. The Blu-Link controls my plasma TV, Stereo receiver, and my DVR while giving me full control of my PS3. Now I can put away all those other remotes.

Review Date: 09/17/09
When I first opened the package I noticed how well made it was. It has a solid feel and looks great. I have a bunch of older electronics in my house with no remotes, so I thought I would give it a try. The setup codes were right on, and now I can control features on both my TV and DVD VCR player that I could not access before. I never have to sit through all of the DVD previews again... VERY COOL!... Another reason I bought this was I will be getting a PS3 for Christmas and this says it has Bluetooth built in to control the DVD as well. Can't wait! Now I need one for the bedroom
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Product Features

Replaces 6 Remotes PS3 Compatible

SMK-LINK VP3700 Blu-Link Universal Remote for PlayStation 3
The Blu-Link Universal Remote for PlayStation 3 has an ergonomic design and is affordable for your day-day use. It is equipped with built-in support for both PlayStation 3 Bluetooth and infrared which you can use for your home audio visual equipment. It features 6 Devices in one which replaces up to 6 remote controls of the house. The Universal remote has a large support system and can work with various models of TVs, VCRs, DVDs, DVRs, surround sound systems, cable, satellite and set top boxes. It also has a very sleek and handy shape so it is easy to use. Order the Blu-Link Universal Remote for PlayStation 3 now!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Built-in support for both PlayStation 3 Bluetooth and infrared; use with your home audio visual equipment
  • Large support system; work with various systems

A Closer Look

What's Included

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Product Specifications

FeaturesControl PlayStation 3

Pre-Programmed Device Support

Learning Capabilities

Non-Volatile Memory

Six Device Support

Ergonomic Design

Support for both PlayStation 3 Bluetooth and infrared for home audio visual equipment.
Number of Devices Supported6
Wireless TechnologyInfrared / Bluetooth
Battery Type2 x AA Battery
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions7.5" x 2" x 1.06"
Weight3.5 oz.
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