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Mukii ZIO-P010-GY 3.5" HDD Protector, Grey Color

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Mukii ZIO-P010-GY 3.5" HDD Protector, Grey Color Mukii ZIO-P010-GY 3.5" HDD Protector, Grey Color $8.99 CAD Shop Now
Mukii ZIO-P010-GY ZIPO  3.5inch HDD Protection Storage (Gray) Mukii ZIO-P010-GY ZIPO 3.5inch HDD Protection Storage (Gray) $10.12 CAD Shop Now
ZIPO ZIO-P010-GY 3.5inch HDD Protection Storage (Grey) ZIPO ZIO-P010-GY 3.5inch HDD Protection Storage (Grey) $10.12 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

Mukii ZIO-P010-GY 3.5" HDD Protector, Grey Color
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7/10
With 2 User Reviews

Review Date: 12/08/11
Cons: None found yet

Pros: Low price when PM'd
PM'd to barely over a toonie, these are great little cases to help protect hard drives. I use hard drives and a dock to manage my backups. These cases ensure that when I take my hard drives offsite, they have a bit more protection.

Review Date: 10/01/11
Cons: Not much to it. Arrived with a small defect (I easily fixed it, however)

Pros: Contains a hard drive, offers some marginal protection and padding. Fairly cheap with PP discount.
I think this product is pretty self-explanatory. It is a hard drive case that flips open like a Zippo lighter. There are little plastic rails that the drive slides in on so that there is some space around the drive which I suppose could offer some protection against shock and such... but I wouldn't put a ton of faith in this to protect against much other than dust.The only real soft padding is a foam pad that is supposed to adhere to the top of the lid, however when mine arrived, it had fallen off and was stuck to the inside on the bottom portion. Not very reassuring.The main merit of this product was that I was able to get it dirt-cheap for the PP discount. I suppose it's handy if I want to chuck a hard drive in a toolbox or something so that the PCB won't get scratched, and it's certainly better than nothing, but I wouldn't rely on this to save the drive when dropped on concrete or other extreme conditions.

Product Features

Everyday Storage 3.5 in. Form Factor
EVERCOOL - 3.5" Hard Disk Drive Case

There are many precious data and photo memories to savor in our lifetime. The hard drive is still the safest way to store long term sensitive data. Evercool's MUKii-ZIPO HDD proctor series provides you with the best solutions for all your sensitive data storage with stable transmission. Evercool hard drive protective case with PP plastic injection molding is safe from water, moist, dust, quake, vibration and anti-static. Our vibrant color design and labeling sticker allows you to effortlessly manage all your storage data. Pick up the Evercool hard drive protective case series are definitely your best choice for storage.

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Easily protect your 3.5" hard drive
  • Solid buckle and space saving design with unlimited stackability
  • Various colors to choose from black, yellow, blue, green, pink and gray
  • Dimensions : 160 x 115.6 x 37.4 mm

Product Specifications

Brand Mukii
Model ZIO-P010-GY
Specifications Application: SATA/IDE Hard Drive

Device size: 3.5"

Material: Plastic

Color: Grey

Dimensions: 160 x 115.6 x 37.4mm
Features Easily protect your 3.5" Hard Drive

Solid Buckle Design

Water, Moist, Dust ,Quake Proof and Anti-static

Space Saving Design with Unlimited Stack

Classification Label Sticker for Quick Find

Various Colors for Choice
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