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Hauppauge WinTV-HVR1250 Video Capture Board

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Hauppauge 1196 WinTV HVR-1250(HVR-1265) Hybrid TV Tuner /Video Recorder
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Product Reviews

Hauppauge WinTV-HVR1250 Video Capture Board
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.33/10

Review Date: 09/08/13
It performs. It only functions with the WinTV plan and NOT WITH VLC. I have not been able to get digital channels to work with VLC. Also, sound only operates intermittently with VLC. The remote is tricky to use. The WinTV system is slow and unresponsive occasionally, and the documentation is unhelpful. The only purpose I purchased this was simply because I believed that I could just use a superior plan to tune television (and potentially stream shows to my phone). So far I haven't had any luck getting that to perform and it appears like it isn't going to happen. If you want a Television card that does the bare minimum and doesn't have features for the a lot more advanced capabilities, this card is for you.

Review Date: 09/04/13
With Winegard MetroStar antenna on my roof, I can commonly pick up 1-three channels in Philadelphia in the daytime; 4 or 5 in Philly at evening.I reside in BROOKLYN.Aside from those and my neighborhood channels, I get a couple upstate NY channels too. With a hill in my way. No straightforward Linux help for the remote or IR Blaster. I hear you can get it to perform with LIRC if you do a rain dance and count to 10000, but I'd just as soon get a WMC remote for MythTV as my time is additional useful. 1) I've tried just about every card in the existing Hauppauge line except the 1800񳌪. For OTA use, none of them hold a candle to this one particular for MythTV. It may possibly be the card, or it could a great driver. Two of these will beat a 2250 any day of the week, even with the signal loss that splitting causes.2) It's nice that Hauppauge tends to make their specs public adequate that neighborhood drivers can be written by very committed volunteer programmers, but would it kill them to really create a couple of Linux drivers in-house? MythTV users assistance this business's products like no other.

Review Date: 08/15/13
Operates seemlessly with an old 250MCE card, so I can do anything like watch LiveTV in HD OTA when recordig Comcast SD or vice-versa; no installation problems on Win7ቼ; immediately after two months, method has been perfectly stable, no hiccups, and I do lots of pause/resume/fwd/rew as properly as considerable amount of scheduled recording and gaming. Requirements far more cowbell. All media on my P54G25 goes thru my HTPC...friends have use words like "amazing" to describe the picture good quality of LiveTV through my DIY antenna, so I suppose this card does its job well. While PQ might be partly due to my C2D/EE on a BadAxe2 with an 8600GTS connected through DVI->HDMI.

Review Date: 08/03/13
Straightforward to install. Affordable. Captures HDTV and analog signals. Analog picture is clear (you can read names of locations on the news etc.). HDTV appears brilliant. Functions fantastic with Windows Media Center without having a hassle. Win Television isn't the best but performs properly with this card. NewEgg's quick shipping got this one to me in 1 day. Remote IR system stops operating when you had your computer system wake up from sleep mode. You just had to restart the method no difficulties. Also if you installed the remote handle program just before you installed Win Television, the computer gets confused which driver to use and as a result ceases to function. Just make certain you don't set up the driver for the remote prior to you install Win Television. I study from the other posts that it consumes 25% of your processor/ program sources. I have a i7 920 clocked at three.3 Ghz and the processor load (according to the gadget) seldom reaches above 8 % when I have WinTV or Media Center on for analog channels. This is a good buy if you have a strong system as it practically under no circumstances display artifacts and the encoding of analog signals is clear, comparable to new LCD TVs on the market nowadays. I just can't justify getting the 2250 over this 1 when I don't strategy on listening to FM radio on your pc. Get this if you want HDTV on your rig, saves space on your area.

Review Date: 08/02/13
It records video properly in both sd and hd and performs very nicely with windows media center Tech help is non existent, had an challenge and emailed them, 2 weeks and I have not received any support back from them, I found the remedy on my own but don't like that this firm does not care about it's consumersThe issue was that digital sound is passed straight by means of from the tuner to any optically connected speakers regardless of no matter whether they can decode it, in windows you have to setup the speakers to inform them not to rely on the speakers to decode it

Review Date: 07/14/13
o Appeared to be recognized with Mythubuntu 10.ten but didn't genuinely give it a complete go o Worked good with LinHES 7.00.02 o Bundled remote apparently is not supported with any Linux/MythTV release Have run KnoppMyth for several years with a PVR-350, but required to build a new MythTV platform for ASTC. I picked up a couple of Streamzap USB IR remotes back when I ordered this card (which, uncharacteristically, I did not purchase from newegg), considering that it was evident that MythTV does not help the bundled remote, but the Zapstream remote was effectively supported. Tried Mythubuntu and LinHES. Mythbuntu is well supported and the install went smoothly, but I didn't see the Zapstream remote as a selection in the setup. With LinHES, I was watching OTA HDTV and using the remote control inside 15 minutes of the LinHES load finishing. Though if I had not had preceding experience with KnoppMyth, it would have been quite a bit longer. There is a bug with the StreamZap remote that I am operating out but I am confident that won't be also considerably hassle. Video high quality excellent and tuner sensitivity outstanding, picks up additional channels than any other OTA tuner I've applied (three in total).

Review Date: 07/06/13
Operates with windows 7 media center just fine. Fantastic image excellent. Just a excellent simple television tuner. None that I can think of.

Review Date: 06/26/13
Low-cost price tag, PCI-E x1, Low profile. No onboard encoder. The fact that this card has no onboard encoder isn't genuinely a issue unless you are watching analog television. As analog is totally phased out in the US now, this isn't a difficulty. Due to the fact of how DVB-T cards function, the stream comes down already encoded in MPEG2. I've been working with this card for about two years in a MythTV box. I have never had any troubles with it, and I use three frontends with MythTV around the property. I have it in a P4 three. Ghz with only 1G of ram, and it plays back 1080i and 720p content material smoothly without having stuttering on a Geforce 8400GT and NVidia ION (over network). I have run it successfully in both Gentoo and Ubuntu.

Review Date: 06/24/13
works wonderful and quick shipping none

Review Date: 06/11/13
Performs effectively with Windows 7 Media Center (hint get the latest media center driver computer software from hauppauge's web site). HD and SD digital channels come out great. There are quite a handful of to say the leastɅ. Analog cable appears terrible - it's blocky, color seems a bit off (can't genuinely describe it, must be seen in particular person).two. Media Center integration can be a pain, unless you get the newest drivers from the manufacturer web page (don't use the default Windows driver, it sucks).3. Remote does not perform with Media Center, as far as I can tell at the moment. I consider the poor analog cable video output is mostly due to the higher resolutions of nowadays's Television/Monitors. I noticed when I went into a window mode with Media Center, the blockiness and other unsightly difficulties with analog channels would go away. I am not positive if this is a driver situation or an situation with the actual source material (analog cable signal) or anything else.I have also found some thing cool for Radeon 5000 series owners; this little card employing media center, will essentially use your graphics card for encoding/decoding video. I was questioning why I was not obtaining the processor difficulties that some other reviewers have complained about. I also wonder if the graphic card filters (or settings) could be the cause for poor analog video rendering, like a setting or two wants to be tweaked.System Specs:Windows 7 UltimatePhenom 9150e (quad core @ 1.8ghz per coreƢGB DDR2 800mhz RamRadeon 5550 with 512MB DDR316x DVD burnerWinTV HVR-1250 Television Tuner320GB WD Tough DriveBu

Review Date: 06/08/13
Allows me to watch Television now. Challenging to discover a device that has coax in and HDMI out, so I constructed this laptop. Works with Windows Media Center in Win7PROx64 and picks up antenna and Cable although plugged into Cable. IR receiver is cumbersome. Would like if it was a 3.five" insert or a wall mount or one thing. Its like, heres the receiver to make the remote operate, you figure out how to make it not appear terrible. Remote really should be considered an further bonus for the price tag. Havent tried to make the recordings transportable however.

Review Date: 06/02/13
Using this tuner for a Win7 Media Center HTPC. Functions wonderful for analog cable and clear QAM channels, haven't attempted more than the air ATSC. Win 7 Media Center drivers (from net internet site) installed fine. Remote functions for Media Center, but see cons. Remote cable is seriously quick, about three ft. Remote application driver stops functioning immediately after the laptop sleeps, and even the "restart remote" software function fails to bring it back. Have to re-boot. Contacted mfg but no response right after four days. Haven't attempted the Hauppage DVR application -- delighted with MediaCenter. Almost certainly must have gone with the dual tuner version in retrospect.

Review Date: 05/24/13
Seamless set up in XP Pro. Was watching HDTV for the initially time in much less than an hour. Performs as advertised or can be made to. Great digital tuning with low cost, unamplified antenna (because I have a direct line of sight to Empire State Developing, though from Brooklyn). Software installs very easily and performs, or can be produced to (see Cons). Tech help is responsive. Maybe I changed a setting but for what ever purpose capture files are not saved with a Display Aspect Ratio of 4ɇ, so they are flattened. I repair the files with DVDPatch. Tech Support is hunting into this. The card does not choose up analog channels quite well and I have not bothered to discover to tune them. The remote could do so substantially a lot more. Perhaps it can, I have not looked into it. (Someone else pointed out the last two. I seriously got it for the capture.) All I wanted was capture, which can be had for ฤ. I figured I may well as effectively have HDTV and a remote for yet another ฮ and it was well worth it. This is a nice little card at a wonderful price tag.

Review Date: 05/17/13
This is about the 6th Tv tuner I've owned & by far the ideal. The audio stays in sync with the video about 99% of the time. I suspect when it goes out of sync it may possibly stem from other programs I'm running simultaneously with this 1. This has been a big dilemma with other tuners I've owned in the previous but not with this one particular. Tunes OTA stations incredibly properly with superb sensitivity & excellent image/audio excellent. Also tunes analog & unencrypted digital cable Tv channels. The good quality of the analog channels are restricted by the truth that analog cable Tv just plain sucks, nevertheless the digital channels are as very good or almost as fantastic as OTA channels. I'm particularly satisfied with this card. A extremely very good get. The only "con" that I can assume of is that it wasn't cost-free. I uncover that I watch Tv 98% of the time with my computer system because purchasing this card.

Review Date: 05/13/13
picture is good, works ok when it functions random occasionally lockups when utilized with media center, no adjustment choices.techsupport isn't just bad, it's absolutely non existent, It's been more than a month because I emailed about the challenge with no resposne

Review Date: 05/09/13
Affordable that's about it. DO NOT Get!!! FRAUDULENT CLAIM OF WIN 7 64bit COMPATIBILITY. A lot of OF THE Install FILES IN THE FOLDERS ARE FROM 2 TO 9 YEARS OLD!!!!!! Download their installer on their web-site, unpack it, and look for yourself. .00000000001 eggs!! Win 7 64 compatible my rear end. This card does not install appropriately in win7. Windows says device did not install appropriately. Employing their newest drivers and WinTV two.2d doesn't operate either. The card nonetheless performs but crashes and freezes consistently especially bad with HD signal. If you appear in the install directory there are files from 1997 << ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Hauppauge demands to devote some cash on updating there software program fully. There are files from 2001-2010 in the driver folders. By attempting to save a buck their screwing there consumer base. I for a single will never ever obtain a product from these bozo's ever once more and will tell any client/friend that asks me about tuner cards, and ones that don't as I inform you now, By no means Buy HAUPPAUGE Items! Tech support has taken just about a week to get back to me and told me to attempt reinstalling disregarding that I said I already did. Their updating application is outdated and not user friendly I had to reinstall at least 8 instances already. In my opinion NewEgg must drop these cards. Hauppauge made a fraudulent statement about it getting Win7 compatible. You can't have files from over a decade old and inform me your Win7 compatible.Most significant mistake of my life acquiring this card even worse then some of the girls I dated..

Review Date: 05/03/13
Performs great with Windows Media Center. On High Def Tv the3 screen resolution was incorrect at any avaiable settting working with VGA even even though my Samsung has the Pc input. Answer was DVI to HDMI cable which also carried the audio soon after connecting a spdif cord from my MB to my MSI Nvidia 8400 series card. Remote causes troubles with VFD on my Antec Fusion case. I think this is due to IR receiver in case. Win Tv comes with IR cord for its remote which I knew. It requires some careful arranging to get appropriate interfaces. Remote not iMON for my Antec Fusion case. Just some much more interface dollars. I knew about this when I ordered as a result no knock on Hauppauge.

Review Date: 05/01/13
operate quite effectively with windows media center occasionaly skips when watching hd but i suppose that could be one thing bottlenecking in my pc glad i bought it

Review Date: 04/25/13
This tuner works Wonderful. I have windows 7 with dualcore processor. I get the neighborhood digital channels which are HD, and even the captures are HD. It also operates fantastic with satellite Tv. Intsllation is straightforward, but like what was described before-get the most current computer software. I tried the version 6 and version 7, mainly because I was not certain if I would like using media player as the window. But it operates just fine. I like the 7. version ideal. Reception is excellent, records completely, it is fantastic for the price! My ONLY complaint is that it is from time to time slow in changing channels, or at least the time it requires for the local digital to come in. But its not that undesirable. After in a even though I may well launch it and it fails to load the channel image, but I just close the app and reopen and it functions just fine. Just one a lot more factor, if you capture motion pictures or shows that are fairly huge, I advise placing it on one more drive or flash drive. It appears the additional you get saved up, the slower the device works. Understandable. I used to have a wintv card on windows XP, But I got windows 7 and it wouldnt function with it, so I purchased this card. The picture is so clear its unbelievable. I cant believe how properly this operates compared to my old a single!

Review Date: 03/19/13
I'm making use of this with Windows 7 Media Center ࿀ bit) without having problem. Wonderful reception with old outside antenna in my attic. IR remote integrates extremely properly with Media Center. Incredibly little delay between altering channels. Using this with Intel X4500 graphics chipset, HDMI out to HDTV, Intel E4300 CPU. None Haven't tested the ClearQAM capability or the incorporated computer software for watching Television. Media Center functions also properly to even bother with the incorporated computer software.

Review Date: 03/16/13
This is a wonderful tuner card at a excellent price tag. I dropped this suitable into a functioning MythBuntu 9.10 box to replace an old analog ntsc tuner and had it operating in just a couple of minutes. non but Totally supported in MythTV and MythBuntu. No drivers to set up or complicated tinkering needed. Just add the device and configure the inputs and your on your way. You don't need to have anything far more than this to tune ntsc and clear QAM broadcasts.

Review Date: 03/10/13
I actually like this card. It worked straight out of the box on my Win7 x64 method. I installed the IR driver that came with it. The IR remote performs really nicely from about 10 feet away on the couch. Contrary to what some other folks have posted, for me thus far making use of Windows Media Center, channels flip pretty rapidly with no a lot lag or pause in involving. One particular thing though I am only using this for over-the-air broadcast channels. I don't have cable and my key want was for recording shows. It records quite effectively and playback is also very good. I did not set up the WinTV application that came with the card. Rather I use WMC. I let WMC configure the show and other things and it did a incredibly fantastic job on my widescreen LCD monitor. Setup:AMD Phenom II x4 three.2GHzASRock 870 Extreme3 (USB3.) motherboardKingston 4GB ƒx2GB) DDR3 10600WD 500GB Caviar 7200 rpm SATA three. Gb/sSapphire AMD Radeon 4650 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 videoHauppauge WinTV HVR-1250CPU idle: 24C, heavy load: 36 none so far Value is a bit higher.

Review Date: 03/08/13
Great reception, straightforward setup in Windows Media Center in Windows 7, all the function of a DVR (aka TIVO) for โ. See beneath The following aren't so substantially cons as they are considerations to keep in mind about this solution:-Analog only. That implies fourɇ typical definition only. You'll most probably need a cable card or make contact with your television provider if you want to go larger.-You'll need to have pretty effective rig Ɠ. GHz dual core and I'd advocate Intel architecture).

Review Date: 02/18/13
- functions and displays all readily available Tv channels in the clear.- You can use it with Windows Media Center (WMC)- The screen high quality of WinTV is far better than WMC- I can "record" old Hi-eight video tapes via S-Video input - remote does not function- altering channels takes longer than Windows Media Center- the HD channels do not show the channel quantity but the only the station ID- Ought to use other computer software tools to convert ts formatted recordings.- generally uses about 25% CPU power on Quad Q8300 two.five GHz to preserve smooth show. WinTV does not look to use GPU acceleration - download the most up-to-date drivers and updated software from web.

Review Date: 01/14/13
Fantastic picture and sound on my 720p huge screen Television employing the Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1250 PCI-Express x1. Works on my Win.7 64bit. No complaints. I took off one egg mainly because installing this tuner put me to function. It wasn't self installed. Installation was not as EZ as my earlier WINTV-1600 tuner that I just removed to use on an additional Computer. Windows didn't recognise the 1250 even right after I installed the WINTV CD. I had to go into Win.MediaCenter, Tasks Settings,than Tv. For five minutes it serched for and located the HVR-1250 tuner, then it waited for me to OK this tuner's existance. Then it installed Media Center's computer software for the this tuner, including looking for channels. That took an additional 15 minutes. (Don't forget to uncheck the channels you don't want when it is still seaching for channels). I'm employing a 25 foot HDMI cord to send the Tv signal from my desktop (with a 22"monitor) to my (second monitor) a 55" Sony Tv . My N-Vidia 9500GT Video card will run two monitors at the similar time. Allowing me to nonetheless be surfing the internet even though watching a movie on my home Theater program at the identical time. All this from my Computer (an AMD Athlon II 6000). Now I'm ordering a 25 foot toslink fiber optic cable to run from my Computer to my Pioneer surround sound technique for that household theater sound.
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Product Features

TV Tuner Remote Control

Hauppauge WinTV-HVR1250 Video Capture Board
The Hauppauge Video Capture Board allows you to watch HDTV channels on your PC at 1080i resolution. Just connect this board to a Cable TV and watch Analog TV and Clear QAM Digital TV in high quality. Similarly, watch ATSC HDTV by connecting it to a TV antenna. Thus, this gadget functions as a hybrid, analog and digital tuner. You can also record analog or digital TV shows to your computer's hard drive with a single click. Plus, schedule TV recordings with WinTV-Scheduler software. This Board can plug into any PCI express slot and is included with a remote control that helps you to surf channels and adjust volume form a comfortable distance. It is compatible with Windows XP and all versions of Windows Vista. Purchase the Hauppauge Video Capture Board right now!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • 1080i resolution; for high quality viewing
  • Remote control; surf channels and adjust volume form a comfortable distance
  • Compatibility; supports Windows XP and all versions of Windows Vista

Product Specifications

Installation TypeExternal
InterfaceExpressCard slot
CompatibilitySupports SD / Extreme SD / Extreme III SD / Ultra II SD / MS / MS-Pro / MS-Duo / MS-Pro Duo / Hi Speed MS-Pro / Hi Speed MS-Pro Duo / MMC / MMC 4.0 / RSMMC / xD Pictures Card / *T-Flash / *Mini-SD / *RS-MMC / *RS-MMC 4.0 (Note: *- Adaptor required)
Support - Memory StickYes
Support - MMCYes
Support - SDYes
Support - xDYes
FeaturesPerfect solution for converting the Secure Digital, SDHC, Multi Media Card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, and xD Pictures Card to any PC or NotebookTransfers images / files from Flash Cards in either directions to any computer equipped withExpressCard/34 slot, including Notebook and Desktop PCTransfer up to 480 MbpsNo driver are requiredLow power consumptionSupports SDHCSupports Hot SwappableSupports Plug N Play Supports Auto-detections when Flash Memory is insertedSystem Requirements: Notebook with an ExpressCard 54/34mm or single 34mm slotWin ME / 2000 / XP / Vista
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