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LG 27MP35HQ-B 27in IPS LED 5ms 1920x1080 HDMI D-Sub 100X100 VESA Black

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LG 27MP35HQ-B 27in IPS LED 5ms 1920x1080 HDMI D-Sub 100X100 VESA Black
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Rating: 8.67/10
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Review Date: 03/20/15
Cons: - no DVI- has a terrible audio out- it's a big monitor on a wobbly stand, so expect movement if you bump the desk

Pros: - good visual performance for the price
I picked this monitor up a week ago on sale and am very pleased with it so far. The main drawback - limited inputs, and most notably, no DVI. However, if you are HDMI only it's perfect.In case you plan on using it, the audio that comes out of the audio out (3.5mm jack) is really really bad compared to the audio out of my computer's 3.5mm jack. Not sure if it's the digital to analog circuitry, or how it's amplified, but I would consider it barely usable. I didn't realize it had this feature and thought I'd try it, but am glad I didn't count on it.Otherwise, nice big, sharp display. Would purchase again.

Review Date: 02/28/15
Cons: none

Pros: -very simple design with no extras-solid stand-matte panel
For 200 bucks, this 27 inch panel is a very good option for those who need a larger screen but dont want to pay for a 1440p panel

Review Date: 01/16/15
Cons: - no DVI (if you like to screw your connectors in you are stuck with HDMI) - no HDMI cable- if you do not use a swivel mount, the existing stand is very limited. - very short cord on the DC power adapter, you will need an extension cord if you have a swivel and move the monitor around.

Pros: - Image - simplicity - design (simplicity)- non glossy finish on body and matte panel
- I switched from a an older 24" 1920x1080 Benq. I was worried that the same resolution on larger screen would result in "visible pixels" but I really do not find that to be the case, even considering that I keep the screen fairly close to my face when gaming. If that was ever your worry then it really is not a problem, but I can see where at 29" 1920 would be an issue unless viewed from a far. - The image is great in comparison to my old Benq and an Ancer 1680x1050 I have as secondary. No ghosting and everything is sharp, take some time and play with the settings to get it to look right. It's a bit cold stock with reset settings, but it's easy to get nice vibrant colours by increasing the RED, Saturation and contrast. - The design is great for me as I like things minimalist and simple. The bezel/plastic bits have a metalic/brushed look feel about them, so no finger prints. The panel itself has a nice matte finish, zero gloss in all departments on this monitor. - Only VGA and HDMI and nothing else. I personally prefer DVI because I can screw the DVI in as I move the monitor on my swivel arm a lot. For me this was the only minus.In conclusion, if you are looking for a dedicated PC monitor that you will throw on a swivel arm, this monitor is great, at 200$ its the best bang for the buck in some time. It in no way looks for feels like a budget solution, my Benq 24" at 300$ some years back looked a lot more budget then this. Just remember, this is a very simple, minimalist monitor, few to no inputs and very few features.

Review Date: 01/10/15
Cons: - Nothing at the sale price

Pros: - Image quality, colour- Quick response time- Excellent viewing angles- Thin and light
This is a great monitor for this price point. They mount nicely to a monitor arm since they're so thin and light, which is how I use mine. I have setup a bunch of these (~8) for people and have never had any problems with them.

Review Date: 12/15/14
Cons: when i turn off my computer the power led blinks and this can be distracting when sleeping but its livable because the brightness is not that bad. There is a weird power saving option in this monitor that was enabled when i got it, i had to turn on my monitor every time i turned on my computer witch was annoying. also i noticed that my black light was blinking and at this point i was starting to get pissed off with this monitor but i fixed it. i recommend that everyone when they get this monitor RESET THE SETTINGS, that fixed the back light blinking problem and power efficiency was turned off. also the monitor would turn on and off when i do so on my computer.

Pros: the IPS is great, overall a good 27in monitor for the price. the stand is quite nice too.
this a great monitor for the price. but every one should RESET THE SETTINGS and leave as is, the default settings look great and my games look amazing and run great with my sli asus 760's

Review Date: 11/19/14
Cons: uneven lightningcannot horizontal swivel

Pros: Great ColourFast ResponseBig MonitorNice Stand
This is my first IPS monitor, besides an IPS MacBook Pro, and I have to say the colours good great.Not sure if the blacks are meant to be this dark, because shows like Walking Dead sometimes everything is too dark. However you can change the dark settings to "lighten" things up back to a TN panel. Wish they made a standalone button for this toggle. Hate searching it through the menu screen.Overall good monitor. Some say 1080p doesn't belong on a 27" but I like it.
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