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Sennheiser PC363D 7.1 Premium Professional Gaming Headset 15-28000HZ 50OHM Black Noise Cancel Mic

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Product Reviews

Sennheiser PC363D 7.1 Premium Professional Gaming Headset 15-28000HZ 50OHM Black Noise Cancel Mic
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.2/10
With 5 User Reviews

Review Date: 03/17/14
Cons: - Not a huge amount of bass- Mic is non-detachable

Pros: - Super light and comfortable- Volume dial on right side- Great mic quality- Great sound, very crisp
This headset is great. I was looking everywhere for a gaming headset that had great sound AND a good mic. Most sets have terrible microphones. This headset is top quality and the price reflects that. I would recommend buying the PC360 over these unless you can get them for the same price (I happened to come across a 24hr sale). The two models are nearly identical. The open ear cuffs allow me to hear whats happening around me still, but it doesn't affect audio quality at all. These headphones provide more of a crisp sound versus the bass that you get with a sealed cuff type. Definitely not a complaint, but to each their own. This review was modfied by poster @ 03-17-14 03:18 PM

Review Date: 02/28/14
Cons: Installing was pain for two reason. Downloading driver took a long time. External sound card is too large, with very short wire.

Pros: Very Light. Very Comfortable. Doesn't get too warm. Great sound quality. Folding mic is very convenient. Seems durable.
Sound quality is amazing; unlike cheap headphones there is larger range of sounds (notice more bass). My friend games with low quality mics and I would hear sharp noises on my old headset when they speak; the Sennheiser seemed to improved that and I no longer notice sharp noises. The headset is breathable and I can use it for long period without feeling sweaty. The only problem I had was installing. The external soundcard is too large, and the wire is so short so it doesn't reach either the top or bottom of the desktop case. I had to settle by taping the sound card to the side of my case.

Review Date: 02/25/14
Cons: pricematch available

Pros: great quality headset
great sound and good microphone performance

Review Date: 01/25/14
Cons: Price

Pros: ComfortableMic and Sound QualityIncluded ampOpen ear
So this is pretty much a prime example of getting what you pay for. I got these for $300 from a local electronics store, thinking I'd probably return them in a few days due to the price.Honestly these are pretty much HD-558's with a great mic. I don't think $300 is that steep of a price to pay considering the quality you get with these, however I'd really only recommend getting a headset like this is you're serious about wanting good quality voice and audio.Overall I'm happy with them, I definitely think they're worth $300 if you're going to put them to use. They're extremely comfortable after owning them for a few months and they've withstood several nerd-rage moments. Solid 5/5 from me.

Review Date: 09/05/13
Cons: Cost

Pros: Great Sound Quality, Clear Microphone, Well Made.
I bought these in a big box store, not from NCIX. The headphones are great quality over all. Very lite thanks to mostly plastic construction. The sound range is very nice, crisp and clear. The open design allows for good bass and nice highs, I'm sure the 50 ohms creates limits, but you don't need a pre-amp to use these. The cord is braided and the velvet ear covers are soft and feel great when it's on your head for many hours. The microphone range is very good, reproducing great sound range and clarity. The option of the 7.1 virtualizer USB connector is simple to use and the simulated 7.1 or 5.1 surround sound works, not as good as true 7.1 headphones, but acceptable. I use these for gaming mostly and they are great. Listening to music is also good.The Major problem with these is the cost! The 7.1 USB connector adds a great deal of cost to these headphones. For what it offers, you might be better off getting the PC350 headset instead. Also they are only 50ohm headphones, so if you plan to use these for listening to music, you are not going to get the same loudness and range as a 100+ohm headphone.Bottom Line: They are great headphones, but for the cost, there are better options.

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