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Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote Control

Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote Control (Logitech: 966187-0215)
LogitechVPN: 966187-0215
Vendor: Logitech
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Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote Control
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.56/10
With 25 User Reviews

Review Date: 08/31/09
Cons: Light on base is on all the time.

Pros: Works Great, Replaced all my remotes.
Bought this to replace a coffee table full of remotes of all different shapes and sizes. I was actually able to replace every single remote even one for a Yamaha receiver that I hadn't been able to find a compatible universal remote for up until now. The ability to create  macros and reassign all the buttons is perfect when trying to fine tune it.

Review Date: 09/22/07
Cons: - Not easy to setup- Does not work for everything

Pros: - Full of features- Good build quality
Overall good remote control but i was not able to make it work for all all my needs - or maybe i did not spend enough time trying to make it work.

Review Date: 08/02/07
Cons: A little slow to react, but who isn't?

Pros: Great look, great ergonomics,
Very advanced and at the same time user friendly remote - I liked how easely it can be programmed. Great look, great ergonomics. A little slow to react, but who isn't?

Review Date: 06/01/07
Cons: expensive

Pros: really cool
I don't own one, but for $220, it had better be able to control women. Specifically, wives and mistresses.That is all.

Review Date: 05/09/07
Cons: Didn't work right out of the box for a couple of my devices. But after talking to logitech everything works PERFECTLY now.

Pros: Controls ALL of your infrared devices. Customizable. Rechargeable. Easy to use wizard for programing activities (macros). Great support from logitech.
Most importantly I replaced 8 remotes with this one, and this remote has more function than most of the original remotes. What I mean is it gives me more or easier access to the features on my devices, than with the devices original remote. The activities button is super powerful: turning on or off the correct devices depending on what you are trying to do. And the odd time an IR signal doesn't reach a particular device the "help" button actually helps! I really can't recomend this enough. It even controls my oscillating fan...

Review Date: 03/29/07
Cons: The only weakness in this remote is the position of the number pad at the bottom. Requires two hands, or very dexterous fingers to cahnge channels.

Pros: Works really well - as advertised in fact. The charging cradle is awesome....no more batteries.
This will be the last remote you ever buy. It looks good, works as advertised, and can be expanded or revised as you update/change equipment. And it is easy to set up over the 'net. Just charge it up in it's attractive cradle, connect it to your PC via the included USB cable, install the software and away you go. Get all the model numbers of your equipment before you start and you're good to go.It is just great being able to control everything from one remote. An awesome piece of equipment that will impress your friends as well.

Review Date: 03/21/07
Cons: Some buttons don't work unless pressed down hard. Lost its settings after a few days.

Pros: Controls everything; and more!
Easy to setup and download, I like the features and capabilities of this remote, but the fact that it lost its settings a few days after use -- I was easily able to restore them quickly using the software -- and the fact that not all buttons work without pressing on them hard, -- I'm not as highly optimistic as I once was.

Review Date: 03/12/07
Cons: Buttons hard to push along the sides, and too soft to push along the top. I could not get the Prev button to work on mine. Lots of battery issues reported on the Logitech forums.

Pros: One button activity is definitely a nice feature.
For the price, this unit should work flawlessly. Logitech makes excellent computer gear, but this remote lacks the usual quality control you would expect from them.

Review Date: 01/16/07
Cons: - Price- Battery life is a little short

Pros: - Very easy to set and change - Great visibility in the dark- Cool software detects remote hooked upto computer and sends you to the Logitech site
What can I say, I love this remote. I had it set up to run my whole HT setup in no time. It runs my computer as well. I had other remotes that said they would control my gear but this is the only one that would do all of it.

Review Date: 01/15/07
Cons: Cost

Pros: Two many, It's Great
For the money this has to be the best remote on the market today.The online programing with tech. susport ( 10 min ) on hold max so far.All my units programed up fast & easy.Remote lights with X10 work great. Get this remote & put all the others to bed!!!

Review Date: 01/15/07
Cons: Some buttons are small

Pros: Excellent screen, fantastic setup, huge database of IR codes
After having my coffee table remote collection grow to 4 different units (TV, receiver, HTPC, DVD player), I decided it was time to get a universal remote. The absolute last thing I wanted was a universal remote that didn't let me get rid all the active remotes. I didn't want to retire 2 of the 4, or 3 of the 4, I wanted all of them confined to the living room media cabinet. I also wanted a remote that would extend to encompass any new device I purchased.Having spent close to a week with the Harmony 880, I feel I picked the right tool for the job. I now have a single remote that sites on my coffee table, and it's the Harmony 880. It controls every single device in my home theater, including a Toshiba HDTV, a Yamaha receiver, and a Sony DVD player. I was even able to find predefined codes for the remote I use with my home theater PC (a scavenged remote from a RealMagic Hollywood Plus DVD decoder card). It can even control my Xbox 360!All of this flexibility is thanks to the input of other users who have trained their Harmony remotes against the same devices. All of that information is shared through Logitech's central servers, meaning any new devices that come on the market get added back into the database the first time a Harmony user anywhere sets it up. That's pretty cool, and it means I'll never have to worry about a new purchase not working with my remote.The setup itself was fairly painless. I did have one hiccup, not the fault of the software, but rather something I did by messing around with the default settings for the Toshiba TV device in my profile. Fixing the problem was a simple matter of deleting and recreating the TV device, and then letting the software automatically repair all of my activities that use the TV device. The software good enough that I haven't had to test Logitech's support yet (and from what I've read, the phone support is pretty good too).Once I get everything set up, actually using the remote was a breeze. It took two minutes for me to explain to my non-techie girlfriend how to use it. "How do I watch TV?" "Press the button that says Watch TV." "Oh!" She hasn't had to use the Help menu yet, but I tested that out by covering the IR emitter with my hand during some of the sequence, and I'm confident that will be equally painless.There are only two problems or concerns I have with the device. First, some of the buttons are fairly small. The volume and channel buttons in particular are awfully narrow. I've gotten used to them, and they don't bother me a whole lot, but I do wish they'd designed them a little wider. The other problem isn't actually a problem yet, more of a concern. I've read online that some people have problems getting their remote to sit right in the charging cradle. I haven't had an issue with this yet, I always wiggle it a little when I put it on the stand to make sure it beeps, and check the screen to make sure it says "On Cradle". So far, no issues, but time will tell. These are really minor quibles with an otherwise solid product though. Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase.

Review Date: 01/04/07
Cons: -Odd shape, ergonomics not perfect with the numbers at the bottom. But they have to go somewhere.-Can be confusing to set up if you don't know your equipment.

Pros: -Actually Universal-Easy to use (even for the technically inept)-If something goes wrong the "help" button actually helps-Easy to set up
Got this remote for Christmas from dell originally, $145 after tax. Found out how great it was in terms of ease of use and set up. Decided to pick one up on sale from ncix for my 84 year old grandmother. She loves it simply because she can actually watch tv, dvds and her vcr now without calling one of her children or grandchildren.The remote itself is great. Rechargeable batteries, actually universal, easy setup. The best thing about it is that it's truly univeral. No more switching remotes. You want to watch tv, press the "watch tv" button. Sets up my receiver, my tv, my mythtv box, turns off everything else. Done. Any special functionality that is needed, add it to the on screen menu. Good to go.Truly, the best remote I've ever used.The only problem I can see is setting it up. If you don't know how your system works, it can be a bit of a pain as you have to figure it out. You also need to know the model numbers of your devices (or failing that have a remote for them).Easily worth the money.

Review Date: 06/15/06
Cons: Need to tweak a lot if you're going for more complicated commands

Pros: Easy to setup
Because of this, I only need one remote on the table now, instead of 5. Took minutes to set up, but keep in mind that if you want more advanced commands, you need to spend a bit more time.

Review Date: 03/26/06
Cons: IR only, you have to maintain line of sight with components for IR transmissions to be successful.'Media' buttons respond slowly.

Pros: ease of use,rechargeable battery is built in,very programmable
My girlfriend loves this remote probably more than I do, because it's easy for her to use, and there's only 1 remote on the coffee table.I think the 890 may be on the 'to buy list' just because it uses RF instead of IR to transmit instructions.I absolutely love the macro programming ability, it speeds up the switch from watching tv, to listening to CDs, etc.I also like the Media button. I programmed in pics so that the channel logos are right on the remote's screen- very wicked. HOWEVER, I find the speed that the remote transmits the channel number and enter to my Sony Projection TV to be VERY SLOW. I even changed the micro-second interval in the settings to 100ms, then 0 ms, but overall its still to slow for my liking, and makes channel surfing slower overall than doing it the old-fashioned way. I hope a firmware update comes out to correct this.All in all, I'm very happy with it, but might upgrade to the 890 once the price is attractive enough.

Review Date: 03/17/06
Cons: Setup was harder than it should have been. Took me around 4 hours with trouble-shooting. My computer had problems communicating with their site, and the other computer I had to use had problems too. In their defense, the tech support was fairly patient and helpful.Still a couple of functions that aren't included on remote, or are too hard to find.

Pros: LCD display is great.One touch progamming is the shiz! I replaced 7 remotes at once and all the right stuff turns on with one button now.Rechargable battery is nice, too.
Well after a long difficult install process, I'm pretty impressed with this remote. It does everything simpler and easier. As with any universal remote, there are a couple of features that I don't have now, or can't find, but overall it simplifies everything. It looks great, and no one can laugh at me for having seven remotes anymore! One touch and I can get all of my A/V toys going. Great remote!

Review Date: 03/17/06
Cons: not compatible/UHF remotes(ie.ATI All-In-Wonder), no weight, small keys

Pros: easy web programing, large LCD display, docking station/rechargeable lion batteries, backlit, fits well in hand, learning capable
Nice! Very easy to program and adjust to your personal needs. Not UHF compatible! Not much need for your oem remotes. Might want to look at the 890.

Review Date: 03/06/06
Cons: Buttons are a little small. Charger is very hard to use. Why do they waste space on a screen saver?

Pros: Very easy to use and setup. Nice design. Great bang for the buck. Found every device i have. Very minor tweeking needed.
Well since you’re on NCIX using a computer is not an issue.This is a great remote. For the first time my wife was able to play a DVD (This involved 4 remotes before, and included changing the input for TV signal and sound to a second device) with the push of one button this is now accomplished on the 880. It makes multi function at the touch of a button a breeze. If something does go amiss the on remote help is an asset that works without a flaw. Whithin a couple of days I felt comfortable with it.My biggest 2 complaints are the recharge pad does not mate well with the remote. During charging it will often disconnect. The second is why a screen saver? It only goes on when putting on the recharge pad (or if you manually select it). More space should have been given to favorite channels. It’s nice to be able to select the channel by seeing the picture of it. Between me and my wife we are using at least 40 channels.How ever. For the money it a great buy. My money was not wasted. This review was modfied by poster @ 03-06-06 12:19 AM

Review Date: 03/01/06
Cons: Buttons are small.No TV listings on Remote.

Pros: Easy to program.Rechargeable battery.Nice color display.
Works great with all my equipmant except for my A/V reciever. Problem is it uses a RF instead of IR remote. Problem is fixed with new 890 remote. Customer service is great from Logitech. Wished the TV listings where available for this.

Review Date: 02/26/06
Cons: $30 cheaper now than when I bought it 2 months ago!Sometimes takes a little fiddling to get it to charge in cradleCannot create custom macrosWebsite for programming won't work with FirefoxFinetuning the remote takes time and patienceSmall Weakness - rw and ff buttons should be reversed with stop, play, pause and rec.

Pros: Replaces every button on every remoteUses the web to program the deviceNo codes to enterCan be customized to control even the most complex systemsRechargeable battery with excellent lifeEvery button backlit - and activated by motion! - very coolNo need to program complex macros to turn on all your equipment with propper settings
In my years of selling and playing with a/v gear (all of which comes with a remote) I can honestly say this remote can be programmed to do anything. One note however, the more complex your set-up, the more tweaking you have to do. My computers are in the same room as my a/v gear which means it's very easy for me to "tweak" the programming, test it out, and tweak some more if necessary. If your computer is in a differnt room, be prepared to get some exercise. The website becomes intuitive after a little use.My gripes are small and few but should be expained. I dislike using IE, but Logitech forces you to, as it doesn't work with Firefox. The function buttons should be reversed, ff and rw belong on either side of play and stop (check out the pics - personal preference) Fiddling with the remote to get it to charge is a little annoying, but these little gripes aside, this is the best remote I have ever used. If you can navigate the web and know how to use the gear you want to control, this remote is the answer, escpecially at only $180 on sale.

Review Date: 02/19/06
Cons: - Small buttons- Need Internet for configuration

Pros: - Rechargeable batteries- Nice LCD- Awesome finish- Can replace any remotes even the garage door if you want...
I bought this remote to eliminate all the others and this Harmony 880 does even more! With the "learn" option you can teach the remote to operate any devices working with a remote.The Logitech Harmony after-sale service is excellent. I had to call them because my remote was sending too much " zero " to every devices and they resolved that in seconds!! This Harmony 880 remote do much more then the original remotes. You can assigned new commands to suits your need.If your looking for all-in-one remote this is the one, without a doubt.

Review Date: 01/05/06
Cons: Could use a couple extra hard buttons.Clicking sound on each button press is a bit annoying.

Pros: Easy to use web site for programming remote.Nice size LCD screen.Rechargable battery.
I upgraded from a harmony 680 to this 880. The enhanced LCD size is a nice plus giving two extra options per screen. Saves scrolling through as many pages to find the required option. Battery life has been pretty good (about a week between recharges). All in all a nice upgrade from their previous line.

Review Date: 10/03/05
Cons: -price-size of buttons

Pros: -ease of programming-good support for older components
I bought this remote to stop my wife from complaining about switching between all the remotes to turn on the TV, sound system and cable box; “I just want to watch TV aaarrgghh!” I have replaced six remotes with the Harmony 880.Definitely recommend this remote to anyone. I was a little leery of the fact that Logitech had purchased Harmony, as I have not had good luck with either Logitech’s joysticks or keyboards. This is a first class product however, easy to use and to program. The small buttons closely placed makes it difficult to use for the first time user until you get comfortable with it. The colourful LCD display allows the user to navigate with ease and with the ability to program each button you can set up your Harmony 880 to fit your individual needs. The long life lithium battery and charging cradle is a home run. The 880 comes to life when you pick it up and turns off the LCD after a few seconds to preserve the battery but just tilt it and it lights up again. Get it you won’t regret it.

Review Date: 10/01/05
Cons: none

Pros: Colour screenRechargable batteriesEasy set-up
I love this remote. Cool colour screen. Easy to setup and update through Logitech's website. No more batteries to replace as there is a docking station for the Lithium-ion battery.

Review Date: 09/29/05
Cons: Size but not that bad.Screen is pretty bright in the dark.

Pros: Easy to use and configure.Great screen.Rechargeable.
I would recommend this to anyone. The docking is great because you don't have to worry about the batteries. It auto turns on as soon as you pick it up which is also a bonus. Screen is very clear. Still very new to the remote but I have nothing really to complain about.

Review Date: 09/17/05
Cons: Buttons may be small, awkward for those with large hands.Slight learning curve(set-up)

Pros: Color display, included rechargable li ion battery and docking station.Decent weight, and feelLooks good!
Bought to replace my endless pile of remotes, set-up was easy as can be. Connect the usb and login to Logitech, follow the step-by-step instructions.Had mine set and tweaked in about 30 mins. Even my mother can use it, easily.Wanna watch a dvd? Hit the "Watch a dvd" button.
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