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Surge Suppressors
Tripp Lite Spikecube Spikecube Series 1-OUTLET Personal Surge Protector 600 Joules 2 Dignostic LEDs $16.09 CAD
Tripp Lite TLP602 Protect IT! 6-OUTLET Home Computer Surge Protector 2-FT Cord 180 Joules $16.25 CAD
Tripp Lite TLP604 Protect IT! 6-OUTLET Surge PROTECTOR 4-FT CORD 790 Joules $16.98 CAD
Tripp Lite TLP404 Protect IT! 4-OUTLET Home Computer Surge Protector Strip 4-FT Cord 450 Joules $18.97 CAD
APC P6B 6FT Essential SurgeArrest Basic 6 Outlets 120V Surge Protector 840 Joules $21.39 CAD
APC Personal SurgeArrest Surge Protector 240J 7 Outlet 6FT Cord $22.04 CAD
APC Essential Surgearresst Surge Protector 420J RJ-11 Protection 7 Outlets 10FT Cord $22.86 CAD
APC Network SurgeArrest Surge Protector 480J 7 Outlet 6FT Cord $23.55 CAD
Tripp Lite Traveler Protect IT! 2-OUTLET Portable Surge Protector FAX/MODEM Protection $27.45 CAD
APC Personal SurgeArrest Surge Protector 240J RJ-11 Protection 8 Outlet 6FT Cord $28.65 CAD
APC Professional Surge Arrest Surge Protector 320J 8 Outlet 6FT Cord $30.55 CAD
BELKIN 8OUT CEW 150K 6FT CRD 1800J $34.97 CAD
Belkin 12 Outlet Home / Office Surge Protector w/ Telephone and Coaxial Protection $44.99 CAD
Tripp Lite Protect IT! 7-OUTLET Surge Protector 7-FT Cord 2520 Joules FAX/MODEM Protection RJ11 $46.76 CAD
Tripp Lite SUPER7COAX Protect IT! 7-OUTLET Surge Protector 7 -FT Cord 2160 Joules Coaxial Protection $47.75 CAD
Tripp Lite HT706TSAT 7-OUTLET HOME/BUSINESS Theater Surge Protector 6-FT Cord 2100 Joules $47.98 CAD
Tripp Lite TLM606NC Power IT! 6-OUTLET Power Strip 6-FT Cord Power Switch Cover White Housing $48.87 CAD
Tripp Lite Protect IT! 7-OUTLET Surge Protector 12-FT Cord 1080 Joules FAX/MODEM Protection RJ11 $54.01 CAD
Tripp Lite Protect IT! 8-OUTLET Computer Surge Protector 8-FT Cord 2160 Joules TEL/MODEAX Protection $57.56 CAD
Kensington 62691 Smartsockets Premium Adapter 8-OUTLET COLOR-CODED Power Strip and Surge Protector $60.26 CAD
Tripp Lite TLM626TEL15 Protect IT! Surge Protector 6 Right Angle Outlets 15-FT Cord 1340 Joules $61.45 CAD
Tripp Lite TLP810NET Protect IT! Surge Protector 3960J 8 Outlets 10FT Cord $82.52 CAD
Tripp Lite Power Strip PS2408 Multiple 8-OUTLET 15A 120V 15FT-CORD w/ Power SWITCH&METAL Housing $83.48 CAD
Tripp Lite Isobar ISOBAR8ULTRA 8 Outlet 12FT Cord 3840 Joules Surge Suppressor $86.32 CAD
Tripp Lite PS3612 12-OUTLET Vertical Power STRIP 120V 15A 15-FT CORD 5-15P 36 In $96.28 CAD
Tripp Lite RS-1215 1U Rack-Mount Power STRIP 120V 15A 5-15P 12 OUTLETS(6 FRONT 6-REAR) 15-FT Cord $111.06 CAD
Tripp Lite UPS RS-1215-RA 1U 6 Front 6 Rear 15A 120V NEMA 5-15P Black $121.42 CAD
Tripp Lite PS7224 24-OUTLET Vertical Power STRIP 120V 15A 5-15P 15-FT CORD 72 In $126.66 CAD
Tripplite 12 Outlet 15A RM Surge Strip $134.49 CAD
Tripp Lite 1U Rack-Mount Power Strip 120V 15A 5-15P 12 Outlets(Right-Angled Widely Spaced)15-ft Cord $143.01 CAD
Tripp Lite 24-OUTLET Power Strip Industrial Surge Protector 15-FT Cord 1650 Joules 72 In Length $155.48 CAD
Tripp Lite 1U/ZERO-U RM PDU ST (C6) 12OUT(5-15) 15FT Cord 15A $156.39 CAD
Tripp Lite Multiple Outlet Strip 20-AMP $180.90 CAD
Tripp Lite PDUMNV30 2.9KW SINGLE-PHASE Monitored PDU 120V Outlets (24 5-15/20R) L5-30P 10FT Cord $843.98 CAD
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