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I/O Cards
Vantec eSata/Sata - 150 PCI Host Card $38.40 CAD
Vantec eSATA 2-Port PCMCIA CardBus $43.19 CAD
Accusys 61000-8 SATA II 8-Port PCI Express Raid Card - PCIe x8, 3Gbps, SATA II Support, RAID, Vista & Mac Compatible $671.00 CAD
Masscool XWT-GHQ04 IDE to SATA Mini Bridge $11.49 CAD
PNY 4-Port SATA II RAID PCI Express Card - PCIe x1, 2 Channel, 2 External/2 Internal, 300Mbps, RAID 0/1, Native Command Queing, PCI Express Card $30.99 CAD
Ultra 8 Port USB 2.0/Firewire PCI Combo Card $22.99 CAD
Vantec UGT-ST450CB eSATA ExpressCard - 2-Port, .3.0Gbps, 34mm $52.79 CAD
Sabrent Serial SATA II 3Gbps 2-Channel 4-Port RAID & SATA II PCI Express Host Controller Card $26.99 CAD
Sabrent USB 2.0/Firewire 1394 8-Port PCI Card and Internal Front Panel Hub - Black $37.00 CAD
Masscool XWT-PCIE11 2-Port PCIe $20.99 CAD
Masscool XWT-PCIE01 (4-Int/1-Ext) USB 2.0 PCIe $33.99 CAD
Masscool XWT-PCIE05 2-Serial & 1-Printer PCIe Card $44.99 CAD
Masscool XWT-PCIE15 2-Port SATA and IDE PCIe $20.99 CAD
Masscool XWT-PCIE10 4-Port SATA PCI Express Card $26.99 CAD
Kingwin U2PCI-2 3-Port eSATA and IDE PCI Express Card - 2 External SATA Ports, IDE Header, PCIe 1.0 x1, SATA 2.0, 3.0 GB/s, RAID Support, FIFO, Vista Compatible $38.99 CAD
Kingwin U2PCI-1 2-Port SATA PCI Card - 2 Internal Ports, 1.5 GB/s, RAID 1and 0 Support, 2 Independent Channels, Vista Compatible $32.96 CAD
Iogear GPS702E3W6 2-Port eSATA Expresscard - 3Gbps, 2-external, 34mm $48.99 CAD
StarTech PCI1S550 1-Port 16550 Serial PCI Card $28.73 CAD
StarTech PCI1PECP 1-Port EPP/ECP Parallel PCI Card $32.59 CAD
StarTech CB2S950 2-Port 16950 Serial CardBus $44.49 CAD
StarTech CBESATA2 2-Port eSATA Cardbus Adapter $59.99 CAD
StarTech ICUSBAUDIO USB 2.0 to Audio Adapter $15.99 CAD
StarTech PCI2S950DV 2-Port PCI RS232 DV / DP Seria $45.30 CAD
StarTech PCI2S550 2-Port 16550 Serial PCI Card $33.99 CAD
StarTech PCI2S1P 2-Port Serial/1 Port Parallel PCI $40.99 CAD
StarTech PEX2S550 2-Port 16550 PCI Express Serial Card $94.99 CAD
StarTech PEX1PECP 1-Port EPP/ECP PCIe Parallel Card $89.99 CAD
3ware 9650SE-2LP SATA II Hardware RAID Card - 2 Port, 128MB, Management Suite $243.99 CAD
StarTech PCI2PCMCIA1E 1-Port CardBus/PCMCIA to PCI $27.20 CAD
StarTech PCI1S950DV 1-Port PCI RS232 Serial PCI $26.49 CAD
StarTech PEX2S1P 2 Serial 1 Parallel Port PCI Express Card $99.99 CAD
StarTech PCI220USBLP 2-Port USB 2.0 PCI Card $22.49 CAD
StarTech PEX2S950 2-Port PCI Express Serial Card $58.49 CAD
StarTech PEX1394B3 2+1 Port FireWire 800/400 PCIe Card $99.99 CAD
Cables To Go Trulink UXGA Video Signal Booster $62.99 CAD
Cables Unlimited FLT-7000 ATA Drive to SATA Converter $29.99 CAD
Iogear GICE711S3W6 2 Port eSATA PCI Express Host Card - PCI Express (x1), 3Gbps, 1-internal, 1-external, Low Profile $51.99 CAD
Iogear GICE720S3W6 2-Port SATA PCI Express Card - PCI Express (x1), 3Gbps, 2-internal, Low Profile $55.99 CAD
PNY 4-Port SATA II RAID PCI Express Card - PCIe x1, 2 Channel, 2 External/2 Internal, 300Mbps, RAID 0/1, Native Command Queing, PCI Express Card $41.99 CAD
StarTech EC13942 FireWire Card $63.49 CAD
Vantec UGT-FW100 FireWire 800/400 PCI Host Card - 3 Port (2 FireWire 800, 1 FireWire 400) $89.99 CAD
Cables Unlimited IOC-2200 2-Port DB9 Serial PCI /O Card $35.99 CAD
PyroAV PVC-316 3-Port FireWire Card - 2 External 6-Pin Ports, 1 Internal 6-pin Port, IEEE 1394a, 400 Mbps $47.99 CAD
PyroAV PVC-815 3 Port FireWire PCI-Express Card - 2 External 9-Pin Ports, 1 External 6-Pin Port, IEEE 1394a/b, 800 Mbps $82.99 CAD
PyroAV PVC-315 4-Port FireWire Card - 3 External Ports (2x 6-Pin, 1x 4-Pin), 1 Internal 6-pin Port, IEEE 1394a, 400 Mbps $39.99 CAD
PyroAV PVC-811 3 Port FireWire PCI Card - 2 External 9-Pin Ports, 1 External 6-Pin Port, IEEE 1394a/b, 800 Mbps $68.96 CAD
PyroAV PVC-614 4-Port eSATA PC-Express Card - 2 eSATA Ports, 2 Internal SATA Ports, 3 Gbps $51.99 CAD
Ultra ULT40325 USB 2.0 PCI Card - 7 Port, Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (4 External / 3 Internal) $27.98 CAD
Masscool PCE-SA450 SATA/IDE Controller Card - PCI-Express x1, 2 Internal SATA Ports, 2 eSATA Ports, 1 Internal EIDE Port, Low Profile $39.59 CAD
Masscool PCE-F201 FireWire Controller Card - PCI-Express x1, 3 Ports (2 External, 1 Internal) $52.99 CAD
Masscool PCE-S401 Serial ATA Controller Card - PCI-Express x1, 1 Internal SATA Port, 1 eSATA Port $19.99 CAD
Masscool PCE-S402 Serial ATA Controller Card - PCI-Express x1, 2 Internal SATA Ports $31.99 CAD
Ultra 4-Port USB 2.0 PCI Bracket $11.99 CAD
Ultra ULT40302 2-Port eSATA II & III PCI Bracket 3Gbps & 6Gbps Compatible $9.99 CAD
Lacie 130822 3-Port USB, 1 Port FireWire 800, 1 Port FireWire 400 PCI Card $94.99 CAD
Lacie 130821 3 Port Firewire 800 PCI Card $80.99 CAD
Lacie 130813 4 Port USB 2.0 PCI Card $33.99 CAD
Lacie 2 Port eSATA PCI Card (2 Ext) $53.99 CAD
Lacie 130820 3 Port Firewire 400 PCI Card $33.99 CAD
PyroAV 2 Port SATA ExpressCard PVC-612 $55.99 CAD
Ultra ULT40325 6 Port USB 2.0 PCI Card $11.99 CAD
Kanguru KEX-CARD ExpressCard - USB 2.0, eSATA $40.99 CAD
PPA Int'l 1578 PCI Combo Card - USB 2.0, FireWire $26.99 CAD
PPA Int'l 1356 PCI CARD - 3 Port SATA $26.99 CAD
StarTech PEX2IDE PCIe IDE Controller Adapter Card $34.79 CAD
StarTech SATA IDE Controller Card $31.99 CAD
StarTech PCI Parallel Adapter Card $60.99 CAD
StarTech PCI1PECPDV 1 Port Parallel PCI Card - Dual Voltage $49.19 CAD
StarTech PEX1S552 PCIe Serial Adapter Card - 1 Port $52.79 CAD
StarTech.com Port PCI Express Adapter Card $30.99 CAD
StarTech PCIe eSATA Controller Card $27.99 CAD
StarTech.com 2 Port PCI Express FireWire Card $29.99 CAD
Kanguru KXC-U2S eSata/USB Express Card $43.45 CAD
Vantec UGT-PC210 5 Port USB PCI Host Card $11.99 CAD
Vantec 5 Port SATA/IDE PCIe Combo Host Card $34.99 CAD
Vantec UGT-ST310R PCI Host Card $39.99 CAD
Vantec UGT-UF100 PCI Combo Host Card - 7 Port USB 2.0, FireWire 400 $24.99 CAD
Vantec UGT-FW050 PCI Host Card $15.99 CAD
StarTech PATA2SATA2 IDE to SATA Converter Adapter $27.59 CAD
Vantec Dual Port SATA to IDE Converter $22.99 CAD
Vantec Dual Port SATA to IDE Converter $13.16 CAD
Thermaltake SR200 Liquid Reservoir with P500 Pump $107.99 CAD
Thermaltake CLN0008 Massive23 CS Aluminum Notebook Cooler - 230mm, Aluminum, Color LEDs, On/Off switch, USB Power Cable, Supports 10” ~ 17”/wide-screen Laptops, Black $82.79 CAD
StarTech SATDOCK22R Hard Drive Dock/Stand-Alone Duplicator - 2.5/3.5 SATA to USB 2.0, 1:1 Duplicator $107.96 CAD
StarTech ECUSB3S2 2 Port ExpressCard SuperSpeed US $21.99 CAD
StarTech 2 Port PCI Express SuperSpeed Card $39.99 CAD
StarTech PCIUSB7 7 Port PCI USB Card Adapter $17.99 CAD
StarTech ICUSB128410 USB to Parallel Printer Adapt $20.97 CAD
StarTech PEXUSB4DP 4 Port PCI Express High Speed U $47.99 CAD
Vantec UGT-PC302 2 Port USB 3.0 PCIe Host Card - 2x USB 3.0 $55.19 CAD
StarTech.com ICUSBAUDIO7D 7.1 USB Audio Adapter Ex $40.49 CAD
Vantec UGT-UC302CB ExpressCard 34 - 2 Port, USB 3.0 $54.99 CAD
Kingwin U3EC2-1 USB 3.0 Express Card - 2 Port $52.79 CAD
Kingwin U3PCI-1 USB 3.0 PCIe Card - 2 Port $45.59 CAD
iStarUSA ZAGE-D-5SAES-PM eSATA Port Multiplier 1:5 $83.49 CAD
Sabrent XC-USB30 Notebook ExpressCard - USB 3.0, 5Gbps $34.99 CAD
Sabrent PCIX-USB3 2-Port USB 3.0 PCIe Card $27.99 CAD
StarTech PEX1394B3LP FireWire Card Adapter - 3 Port, PCI Express, Low Profile $97.19 CAD
StarTech PEX1PCI1 PCI Express to PCI Adapter Card $55.99 CAD
StarTech PEX2S952LP RS232 Serial Card $35.49 CAD
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