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Brink (Bethesda: BRINKPC)
Vendor: Bethesda
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Product Reviews

Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.17/10
With 12 User Reviews

Review Date: 02/04/13
Cons: Too cartoony

Pros: Great for $10
Online is not too fun due to the unrealistic gameplay and matches. Not too skill oriented

Review Date: 08/08/12
Cons: Short campaignSmall maps get boringAI in the campaign can be pretty dumb

Pros: Fluid movementGuns look and sound greatGame has a unique style
Brink is something different in the deluge of FPS games hitting the stores over the past few years. For once, you can slide over a desk and blow some poor sap away on the other side, then just keep moving.Gun customization and selection is awesome, allowing you to build a Magnum with a scoped sight and silencer if you so choose. The guns range from a small, underpowered pistol to a massively long and devastating sniper rifle.The maps do get old after a time due to their small size, and friendly/enemy AI can be pretty awful during the campaign, but having to Rambo it is always fun.

Review Date: 05/23/12
Cons: Lack of stat tracking

Pros: Can be played solo or online
Brink's one shining aspect is SMART (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain). Using SMART, holding a single button lets you navigate up walls, over obstacles, and through the game world. Depending on your body size, you can do more or less with movement, but overall this finesse is fantastic.

Review Date: 04/24/12
Cons: none

Pros: needs to be activated via steam.
I picked up Brink on sale for $9.99. what a steal for a great FPS game.I have been playing it for a few days now, and it is really alot of fun.I didnt use the included disk to install, i just entered the product key for the game in steam, and the game was added to my games library. I highly recommend if you can get onsale for $9.99.

Review Date: 01/13/12
Cons: It's not worth full price to me, but then most games aren't.

Pros: I got it for $5. Can't go wrong there. It's nice to buy game dvds that are integrated with Steam or other digital download service.
If I see a game that I might like I watch prices for a few weeks and I can get it way cheaper.

Review Date: 01/06/12
Cons: Everything else

Pros: Looks Pretty
While the game loaded I started reading the manual...and my heart sank.I pretty well knew I wasn't going to like it as it started up and, SURPRISE, I didn't. (Keep in mind that this whole review deals with single player)You can customize your character to the nth degree but whats the use with such boring and uninspired game play. Describing it as linear and hackneyed is being very generous. The first thing I noticed was that you had to pretty well dump an ENTIRE CLIP into an enemy to put him down. Then guess what? He's not dead. He lies there waiting for one of his team-mates to give him medical aid. You have to dump ANOTHER clip into him to kill him so he doesn't come back to haunt you later. STUPID!Can't say how it is in MP as I don't do MP but if you're a big online player you might find it interesting. I gave it 3 stars to get by the NCIX Gestapo but it's really 1 star, at best. I got it for 5 bucks so I'm not even going to attempt to get my money back but I really feel sorry for you if you pay the full ticket for this guano.

Review Date: 12/29/11
Cons: Crashes sometimes

Pros: FunAddictiveFeels refreshing when it comes to FPS( meaning not the same stuff like cod and etc..)
Its a amazing game that takes a fresh view to FPS games. I would definitively buy this game for friends to play with. Also i love how the game look and the style of it. Very fun, Very Good Must Buy!

Review Date: 11/27/11
Cons: not many people playing in multiplayer, long times to load games because of thatrepetitive after a while.

Pros: i got it for cheap ($5 brand new)different than a lot of the games out which are just standard military shooters
overall this game is 3.75/5 (so a 7 out of 10). Its original but small maps and repetitiveness are the downfalls to this game. Even at $5 this is a hard sale for me.

Review Date: 11/02/11
Cons: Get repetitive after 3 match, low population in multi

Pros: Original and graphics are great.
This game is very original but the maps are really small and somewhat boring. However the xp system is very nice, character customisation is really complete.I bought this game at 10$ in special at ncix, however i would not buy it again even at this low price.

Review Date: 07/13/11
Cons: AMD Raddeon Preformance Hit or Miss. Generally good to me but could be running better.Population a bit sparse now. No real Campaign8 Maps

Pros: -Gameplay is spot on-SMART Works-Rewarding Teamplay-Fun co-op-Its different. -Good variety of gear, playstyles, abilites to specilize and customization to make your character and gun your own.-Free DLC incoming. -Great post release support so far.
Owned Since day one. Been following for more then a year. Thoughts?Great game. By no means perfect, has its fair share of issues for sure but for what it is it is one great little game. Well worth my purchase.No actual Single Player - Sort of like Left 4 Dead series. 8 large maps.With more promised in free DLC. And possiblilty of SDK.Great little game once you get running.Its not perfect. But I find it a blast to playSpecs/Preformance: AMD Athlon II X2 245 2.9Ghz 8GB DDR2 Windows 7 Pro 64 ATI Raddeon HD4850 Low No Shadows 1280x1024 32fps Average.

Review Date: 07/07/11
Cons: il fait s`enregistrer en ligne pour jouer a ce jeux

Pros: le prix car il etais en vente
jai acheter se jeux car il etait et vente a 49.99$ en pensent qu`il se jouait seul non il faut seregstrer en reseaux et il ya des frais alord jai casseler linstalation et il dort dans mon tirroir .il devrait avertir les acheteur quant sest le cas pour ce genre de jeu tres decu. pour les joueurs et ligne surment un bon jeu mais pas pour moi cest mon choix

Review Date: 05/25/11
Cons: Connection issues

Pros: SMART movement system, Teamwork component
The game is incredible! The teamwork component that it provides is just fantastic. Its not a game that everyone would enjoy but if you have a group of friends who also get it, you won't be disappointed. However, since the objectives are always in the same locations, the matches can sometimes get repetitive but if its between evenly matched teams expect an exciting game. Its not a fantastic game, but if you have a couple extra bucks and are lookin for an innovative shooter, check it out.
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