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Thermaltake Slim X3 CLP0534 80mm CPU Cooler

Thermaltake Slim X3 CLP0534 80mm CPU Cooler (ThermalTake: CLP0534)
ThermalTakeVPN: CLP0534
Vendor: ThermalTake
Price: $52.50 - $52.50 CAD from 1 stores
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Product Reviews

Thermaltake Slim X3 CLP0534 80mm CPU Cooler
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.92/10
With 13 User Reviews

Review Date: 08/03/13
Extremely slim and an exceptional option for these needing to replace the stock heatsink/fan with a thing not as tall (like an HTPC).Quite nice building.Quiet operation. None seriously. Newegg has this item listed incorrectly. It comes with an 80mm fan and not 92mm per the specs tab. The name of the item also lists 92mm.Don't count on cooling substantially less than stock heatsink/fan. The explanation to get this cooler isn't for significantly greater cooling, but rather to have a heatsink/fan that'll match in a slim case and give the exact same or marginally better cooling than stock.So four stars for the item. I didn't deduct something for the inaccurate listing by Newegg.

Review Date: 07/26/13
smaller size. Purchased it to replace the stock heatsink in a small form issue Computer i purchased for affordable. This was one of my only selections to replace the stock cooling on a computer that was getting dangerously hot when under load. Along with the perform on airflow, this cooler offered Important temperature decrease from the stock cooler (which was a total peice of garbage) of 10-15c. the fan. The fan seems unbalanced and is making a shudder noise. I will replace it as soon as i can find a single that is slim adequate and that provides very good airflow and low noise. This is the man purpose for the loss of two eggs. Price tag is reasonable. If you have a mid tower or something larger, get a diverse cooler. If you require a thing for a little form element laptop like i did, this is a pretty fantastic selection. Laptop was a Lenovo m58 SFF with a Core 2 Duo E7500 running at two.93ghz.

Review Date: 06/22/13
Extremely slim.I got this for the M4A88T-I motherboard. (Not intended for am3, made my own brackets.) Tested with a 95w 955 be and a rexus slim 80mm fan. Kept at 54c, quite fantastic for a slim. Undervolting I now have it at 39c. I am impressed with the overall performance of such a modest heatsink, worth the obtain if space is a concern. Appears a bit pricey for getting so tiny, but it does the job it is created to.

Review Date: 03/10/13
4 pin connection, secure fastening Needs removal of Motherboard After destroying the fan/cooler that came with my CPU. I replaced it with a three pin Thermaltake MR-2 purchased from a local personal computer retailer. It sounded like a leaf blower. The slim X-3 is 4-pin and runs at a speed that makes it whisper quiet although keepings the CPU at a cool 34 degrees C. Getting to get rid of the motherboard is a pain but it does give the advantage of a very secure connection. Comes with thermal paste. Really low cost with cost-free shipping.

Review Date: 03/01/13
Modestquieter than the stock coolerkeeps the processor coolIt match perfectly into the incredibly small case I chose to usePWM keeps the fan speed low unless necessary A bit louder than some when the fan speed is higherSeems like it might be uncomplicated to overtighten and harm the motherboard Working with it in an really modest case in a HTPC

Review Date: 02/16/13
Great Price tag for HTPC cooler. This bad boy keeps my Sandy Bridge 2100 3.1g idle at 34c (depeding on load and ambient temperature). FYI the mount bracket for 1156 socket are the same slot utilised for 1155 socket mobo. (If you currently 1156 CPU cooler, that cooler will function with any 1155 socket mobo) I'd only use this CPU cooler for low wattage dual core cpu only. I advise a larger cooler, far more heat pipes for quad core with 95 watts and above. Fits perfectly with:ASUS P8H67-I DELUXE (REV three.) LGA 1155 Intel H67 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB three. Mini ITX Intel Motherboard APEX MI-008 Black Steel Mini-ITX Tower Computer system Case 250W Power Supply

Review Date: 02/02/13
Sitting on a core i3 560 (es) gets to about 80c with the chipʄghz and in a mini itx case. Not terrible for a low profile cooler. Fan retention mechanism kinda sucks if you want to swap fans for a thicker one. Barely clears the components about the socket on an ecs h55i

Review Date: 01/18/13
Stock cooler can't fit/work in this case: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811133093. This cooler performs greater than stock after I replaced the fan that came with it. The included fan doesn't give the required cfm. This fan has much better cfm even though nonetheless giving me adequate clearance: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103071 I replaced the integrated fan with an 80mm. The clip that holds the fan on is only made for their 12m thick fan. Not so a lot a knock but if you decide to replace it, the new a single will sit rather loose, specially with the model I linked. I pinched the clip down as much as feasible prior to placing the Coolermaster fan on (you'll fully grasp if you determine to do what I did). I wish they had a better retainer (my con) If the stock cooler is all you need but you still will need the clearance. This is a fantastic replacement. If you have further clearance, look at replacing the fan with a one more 80mm like I did.

Review Date: 04/22/12
Low profileQuietӰ-6C cooler than stock cooler Fan began generating horrible noise right after 5 months. Replaced with a different brand, a new spare. Had to bend the retaining clips to attach a fan 10mm thicker ྐྵmm v 15mm), but the outcome was secure. Fantastic HSF resolution for modest, tight builds. Thermaltake must couple this heat sink with a better fan. I'd spend for the comfort of not possessing to disassemble my HPTC to replace a negative fan. I see other people also mention noise, shudder sounds.

Review Date: 02/09/12
Compact style. Priced correct. Low profile. Keeps things cool. loud fan. Keeps items cool at 40 degrees celcius. Overclocked proc ʄ.3Ghz underload (FFXIV) keeps things at 50 degrees celcius. This was in a bundled deal for a DIY HTPC and it drove my decision on which processor to get (rated limit of 75w). I was seeking for a low profile cooler that would fit into a micro-atx HTPC case. I wanted to be confident what I purchased fit and if I would identified how considerably space I actually had I in all probability would have purchased one thing else.

Review Date: 02/05/12
not too loud, excellent for a HTPC develop. My brother has a single on a OC'd core i5 Ɠ.33 up to a three.75) and it keeps the temps low. I have one on a e8400 core 2 duo and it stays at or below 100F idle. barely clears some caps on my itx board, not really a dilemma.

Review Date: 02/02/12
looks solid. nicely made. packaged nicely to safeguard processor get in touch with area. fan is quiet. extremely low clearance. should perform in the vantec aria with room to spare. i havent accomplished any heat specs on it, but im positive it will get warm with use. Ive had larger and much better heatsinks, but im sure with my airflow it will operate.

Review Date: 10/04/11
This cooler is fairly quiet and it works. It keeps my i3 - 540 overclocked to 3.66ghz at a idle 30C and max load about 45C None Definately a worth although buy for anything but a heavily overclocked cpu or a higher TDP processor
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Product Features

Thermaltake CLP0534 Slim X3 CPU Cooler
Excessive heat is the deadly enemy of high-performance silicon, and the Thermaltake CLP0534 Slim X3 CPU Cooler can extend the lifetime of your CPU by quietly and efficiently drawing that heat away. The superior engineering of the Thermaltake CLP0534 Slim X3 CPU Cooler makes it dramatically outperform your CPU?s stock heatsink. A 80mm fan with reduced noise and vibration, quietly draws cool air through the fins. Purchase the Thermaltake CLP0534 Slim X3 CPU Cooler today!

What It Is and Why You Need It

  • Ultra low height designed for slim type case
  • 80mm PWM fans with low noise
  • Dual Heatpipes Design
  • Easy installation

Product Specifications

Brand Thermaltake
Model CLP0534
Type Fan & Heatsinks
Fan Size 80mm
Compatibility Intel: Socket LGA775 / LGA1155 / LGA1156
RPM 1,200 - 2,400 RPM
Air Flow 10.814 - 22.35 CFM
Noise Level 20 - 26.9 dBA
Power Connector 4 Pin
Heatsink Material Aluminum Fins & Base
Physical Spec
Fan Dimensions 80 x 80 x 15 mm
Heatsink Dimensions 92 x 99 x 36 mm
Weight 180 g
Features CPU Support:
Intel Core i5 (Socket LGA1156)
Intel Core i3 (Socket LGA1156)
Intel Core 2 Extreme (Socket LGA775)
Intel Core 2 Quad (Socket LGA775)
Intel Core 2 Duo (Socket LGA775)
Intel Pentium D (Socket LGA775)
Intel Pentium 4 (Socket LGA775)
Intel Pentium (Socket LGA775)
Intel Celeron D (Socket LGA775)
Intel Celeron (Socket LGA775)

* Supports All CPUs up to 75W TDP
Ultra low height designed for slim type case

80mm PWM fans with low noise

Dual Heatpipes Design

Easy installation
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 1 year limited

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