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LG KP500 Cookie Quad Band Cell Phone Brown 3.0IN Touchscreen 3.15MP Camera Bluetooth

LG KP500 Cookie Quad Band Cell Phone Brown 3.0IN Touchscreen 3.15MP Camera Bluetooth (LG Mobile: KP500 Brown)
LG-MobileVPN: KP500 Brown
Vendor: LG Mobile
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LG KP500 Cookie Quad Band Cell Phone Brown 3.0IN Touchscreen 3.15MP Camera Bluetooth
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 5.4/10
With 4 User Reviews

Review Date: 03/02/10
When you are in a call the touch pad locks... great right? wrong!! its you need to press a number or check a message you have to unlock the phone first everytime!!! There is no setting to change this. Worst of all it has a full keyboard that only children would be able to use!! the buttons are to small! good luck if you buy this ! Oh yeah horrible camera too!

Review Date: 01/17/10
1 star product. Terrible. 5 star store. Great, fast service. Pretty good call quality. Ok text messaging. Great GUI and styling of the phone. Decent camera. Terrible e-mail client. It does not work correctly. Worthless web browser. Terribly slow, ill designed, and doesn't function properly. I wish that I had not purchased this phone, or that I could return it. It's terrible. I do not recommend this phone at all.

Review Date: 08/25/09
Cons: -texting is difficult (also resets settings)-doesn't receive media texts-have to set up your own Access Points internet connections (because it's unlocked)-camera quality is not so good-scrolling can be difficult at first

Pros: -Looks nice-Thin-Touchpad (which is cool)-Large screen-nice interface-2 ways to text (keyboard/keypad)-battery life is decent-quad band
I got this phone about 2 months ago, it's a nice phone it can feel kind of cheap because it's light weight and plastic exterior. It's generally a nice phone, my touch screen is working well with the plastic peel still attached to the screen. However, since it was unlocked I couldn't download/open the picture texts that my friends sent me. Also when texting you can flip your phone sideways so it'll look like a keyboard or flip it upright to make it look like a keypad. Keypad was a bother because it would type other languages even if it's set on "English". Also since it's an unlocked phone you have to set up access points yourself. I recommend that you buy the USB cord if you want to add programs, applications, etc. This review was modfied by poster e 08-25-09 02:25 PM This review was modfied by poster @ 08-25-09 02:39 PM

Review Date: 07/02/09
Cons: User interface a little bit slowThe camera lacks autofocus (not the best for macro)No wi-fi (but understandable in this price range)Not the best built qualitySlow scrolling in txt/pdf/doc viewerThe camera shutter sound cannot be turned off (even in silent mode)

Pros: PriceTouch screen - stylus typeComes with a cool stylus that is stored in the phoneQuad band
This is a great little phone if you don't expect too much from it. Don't be fooled, this is NOT an iPhone. But that's not why I bought it. I like the stylus interface and the fact you can use it to write notes/draw pictures, which is very handy for me as I like to write down notes.I'm not a huge texter, but I actually like the texting interface. It contains lots of languages for it intuitive T9 support. I use the standard "cell phone" type keyboard to type as the full keyboard is too small to type with your fingers. The handwritten recognition is useless IMO as there are often errors and it's just much easier to use the standard keypad.The response when typing is actually not bad compared to the reviews I read, I find this phone much more user friendly for typing than my old Motorola L7 SLVR, which was very slow to text on.The camera is not bad, but not very good for macro, which I use a lot to take pictures of text. My Motorola VGA camera was sharper for close-ups than this 3MP camera on the Cookie. But if you don't hold the camera too close to the paper the result is not bad.Lots of organizer features although the alarm on the Appointment looks like a regular alarm when ringing.I like the "desktop" interface, the world clock on it and the little "sticky" note is great!Overall a very good phone for the price (I bought it on the weekly special). Don't expect too much from this phone, do your research and if you like the basics of this phone, you will love it. This review was modfied by poster @ 07-02-09 06:22 PM

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