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Antec Nine Hundred Black Computer Case With Side Panel Window

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Antec Nine Hundred Black Computer Case with Upgraded USB 3.0
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Product Reviews

Antec Nine Hundred Black Computer Case With Side Panel Window
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.78/10

Review Date: 02/01/15
Cons: some edges can be sharp

Pros: -very solidly built case-good and easy to work with-none
Good case overall

Review Date: 09/29/14
Cons: had to break part of the case to fit my GTX 770, unless I did it wrong.Only 2 front USB ports

Pros: Nice FansSturdyNice Side windowGreat fans
Having only 4 USB ports in total (2 front 2 back) can be a big problem for some people, Mouse, keyboard, modem, and it only leaves 1 for something extra, which I use for my phone charger.It has a very handy side panel that can be taken off and put back on very easily, which is nice for cleaning and maintenance etc. These fans having been running great ever since I got this case, so no problems with those.

Review Date: 01/27/14
Cons: Must be modded for proper cable management

Pros: Easy modding, great airflow, classic design
Awesome case, very happy with it. The possible modifications are pretty easy and just about endless, allowing you to really make it your own, without having to dish out a lot of cash. An added bonus? The newest version comes with a usb 3.0 header plug for the top panel, even though the website says only usb 2.0 and has a cutout in the motherboard tray behind the cpu for easy heatsink replacement. At least mine did, just purchased a couple weeks ago :D This review was modfied by poster @ 01-27-14 05:51 PM

Review Date: 09/18/13
I genuinely enjoy this tower! I'm using it for a custom constructed property server. All of the fans, the design, and a fantastic high tech look make this a excellent complement to the computer room. Plenty of space for hard drives, ample cooling, and adjustable fan speeds make this the ideal case. The Massive Boy 200mm Fan is impressive, and moves a lot of heat! This case would make an best mid size tower gaming case (what it is developed for) and I would advise it to any person seeking for a strong higher overall performance case. Newegg provided a wonderful cost as well (โ.00 significantly less than what a local big box personal computer store wanted in our area). Good case for the funds. You won't be disappointed! None that I have discovered.

Review Date: 09/09/13
Uncomplicated to work with, a lot of cooling. none so far. I have employed this case on two builds so far and have had no issues.

Review Date: 09/06/13
- Ridiculous airflow (in a great way)- Looks excellent- Outstanding construct quality- Excellent documentation- Really like the drive cages None It's a steal at the current cost. I could only OC my Phenom X2 555 BE in my old case to three.4 and with the Nine Hundred I've got it up to three.7 using the very same hea tsink. The improved airflow has dropped the temps substantially for all my components.

Review Date: 09/03/13
Large and lots of space. Anything is labled and simple to use. No handle or effortless way to move. I bought this case due to the fact it described the huge quantity of space and I wanted to make certain I had area for something I wanted to place in it. I have a large video card and head sink with plenty much more space.

Review Date: 08/25/13
Superb Cooling, all fans have three speed adjustments to get the air flow to a maximum level. The three bay locked together cage is a amazing way to do the three.5" drives, essentially set up 3 drives at after. Alot of Area in the case The storage space on the top rated of the case is truly not properly thought out. The space could be far better utilised. There is no energy LED (you use the fans to tell you its on). There is no case speaker. The instruction manual was definetly not made by americans! Especially when all the screws that come with it (there had been like 8 unique size) in the manual only 1 larger size screw explained. Also just barely sufficient standoffs for a ATX motherboard. With all the space in the front of the case would have like to observed added choices for 11 in 1 card reader to come with case, or perhaps even a genuine good Front USB three. -2. hub ...Have much more then just the couple of on the leading of the case. even tho the cons i have listed i would nevertheless recommend obtaining this case, just for the cooling aspect and how silent the fans run on low-med speed which is all you really need to have on most of the fams in the box even with a quad and 6 core system

Review Date: 08/19/13
-Amazing cooling, and you can constantly turn up the fan speeds.(mines on medium now going two years no difficulties)-The blue LED fans look very cool- simple installing of componets plenty of area for the average pc builder-I personally favor how the energy supply is on the bottom not the top rated (althought this could be a con to some) -If your going for an SLI or crossfire set up you may well run into some space problems -The energy button and front usb/firewire port are perfectly placed if your personal computer if beneath your sitting level; but if have it level with you it can get annoying true rapidly for turning on and basic usb use I've had this case for just more than 2 years with no genuine troubles I assume that speaks for its self

Review Date: 08/12/13
Good looking case, moves A TON of air. Two major consɅ- No dust filters, with so a lot airflow it turns into a dust bunny's paradise in no time.two- The 'speed handle' for the fans is just a three way switch that is left dangling inside the cage...anytime you want to adjust the fan speed, you need to have to take the side panel off...type of moronic, if you ask me. Those two cons are deal breakers for me. I RMA'd this case and will continue looking for far better selections.

Review Date: 08/02/13
This is my third Antec 900. I adore the appears, the roominess of the interior, the quiet blue LED fans, and the simple access to the USB and sound jacks at the best front... By the way, Newegg is the very best by far! ..but when I plug in my jump drive for the 1st time, my Window 7 Ultimate program froze. I rebooted the program, plug my jump drive into the other socket, the program froze once again follow by system reboot. I know its not a dilemma of the MB simply because all the other USB ports are working. I discovered this right now, Friday immediately after fiveᚨ PM. I will contact Antec tech assistance tomorrow or Monday to see what they have to say... Its nevertheless a good case but I want the USB's in front of the case to perform even even though I installed a Rosevill internal card reader with an added USB port.

Review Date: 07/25/13
-Decent fans-Large leading fan-Price tag-Front I/O panel Size: The case is just practically to tiny for right now's components. I have a GTX 570 that nearly doesn't match with the tough drives installed. Had to also take off a plastic shroud to even get it to match at all.Not in a position to swap out the front fans with a fan that is thicker than what comes with the case unless you want to do some severe clipping and snipping for it to connect to the bay that the fan ought to connect to. Good case that would be so much far better if just a handful of inches longer.Wish it was also set up to have fans replaced a little bit easier.

Review Date: 07/23/13
It does almost everything it says and looks wonderful. Fan design is quite logical... heat rises and the greatest fan is on leading. No internal bios speaker, so if you run into create difficulties like me, it is a problem. Why not include a speaker for one more Ū?The additional fan mount inside the case appears unnecessary provided how significantly air this factor moves, and I had to take away it to fit my SATA cables appropriately, but I won't deduct an egg for a cost-free mount...Also the LEDs are Extremely bright!

Review Date: 07/19/13
Built my very first high finish gaming rig a 5 years ago with this case. its extremely sturdy looks cool and breathes very effectively. iv seance re utilised this case in newer builds and its nonetheless in excellent shape it has held up though the years extremely nicely and i plane to use it agian in my next construct. just got a new 6850 video card and that best fits with much less then a half inch of clearance but thats prolly more of the cards fault its bigger then your average video card

Review Date: 07/18/13
I employed this case on a construct for my best buddy over a year ago. He was elated and all of his other friends have been amazed! The case appears great. He didn't have numerous elements so it was extremely uncomplicated to make his create. Some of the pluses have beenɅ. Lots of areatwo. Good appearance from all anglesthree. Straightforward installation of really hard drive with removable bays4. Neat fit of components5. Adjustable fan speeds6. Bottom mounted energy supplyI could go on and on No cons mainly because I bought this certain case to do a specific job and it came through with flying colors. (blue!) I was so impressed that I purchased another one particular for a individual develop. The cost has fallen drastically so please consider this case for your develop. If you look it more than initially and read the reviews, you will not be disappointed.

Review Date: 07/18/13
Aesthetics. Fantastic airflow, even on stock fans. Blue LEDs can't be turned off. Lacking in cable management possibilities. Graciously abundant in the Dust department. Chassis is too thin for larger CPU heatsinks. HDD cages are a pain if you're a frequent modifier (adding HDDs, fans..., hell even upkeep). All front panel cables are too brief and need you to run them more than your motherboard. And with the audiojack cable being poorly shielded you'll enjoy your electrical interference along with your music. Yeah, with the newer, nicely believed out, less costly circumstances accessible, I wouldn't even look at this case for anything other than target practice to relieve the strain of owning this case.

Review Date: 07/16/13
Case has been running more than 800 hours of gaming for three years + and no Troubles!!!!! NONE!

Review Date: 07/09/13
1st off, I've had this case for four years. I have because gutted the innards (mobo/cpu/ram/video card/PSU) and replaced them with a substantially additional powerful quad core method. I thought it was going to be a issue due to the increased heat output. I was an idiot for considering that. This case is and usually has been a wind tunnel. Cooling basically is not a difficulty.My favored aspect is that the drive bays and really hard drive cages are modular. About six months after getting this case, I decided that I wanted a little extra airflow to my CPU and video card, so I moved both fans up two slots and moved the DVD drive to the slot just above the bottom 1. That's versatility that couple of situations can match today.The case is sturdy and quite tough. It has been by way of 4 moves, and it still looks like the day I got it. All of the fans nonetheless work, and the case nonetheless has no rattles. Quite excellent craftsmanship. Some other case makers really should take note. This is how it must be done. Of course, this case has a few flaws that I've come to hate over time.First, the fans are not silent. Even at their lowest setting, it's nevertheless audible (I've grow to be a silence freak.) Examine that to yet another case that my fiance has (NZXT Phantom) which is practically silent, this case just doesn't get close to that sort of silence. That would be forgivable if it did every thing else appropriate...This case was not made with wire management in mind. Even with a modular PSU and cables tucked into the bottom slot of the case (remember, fans had been moved up 2 slots, DVD drive is subsequent to bottom, and bottom slot is open) The enormous 24-pin motherboard connector is right there beside my side panel window. It's downright ugly and has been the sole cause I've believed about receiving a new case.This case was not designed with lengthy video cards in mind. It's becoming somewhat of a common to have a card that's ten.5". Once you get longer than 11", you have to start out moving challenging drive cages. What This has been a great case. It's not excellent, but it's properly deserving of it's best rating on the newegg pc case list.Currently, you can now acquire a lot of cases that are much better in all aspects. Cable management does contribute to how nicely air moves by way of a case. If you make a fantastic case with great cable management, the fans don't have to be as highly effective, and thus, you can make the case quieter.This case was a regular many years ago. It is nonetheless a excellent case, but right now, there are superior options. If you've already got one, preserve it and use it as long as you can. If you're searching for a new case, you'd be served greater with newer instances that supply additional effective styles.For the similar cost that I paid for this case 4 years ago (贶ish), you can now buy a extremely good full tower case with cable management, tool-less design and style, fan controllers, and a painted interior. In other words, the Antec 900 raised the bar, and we're benefiting from it now.

Review Date: 07/07/13
This case is loaded with fans and looks great also. It keeps anything cool. Adjustable fan speeds are seriously helpful to preserve the computer as cool as you need to have with no the whirring sound annoying you as well significantly. It can be a little loud based on the setting you have your fans on. If everything is on higher, it can get annoying. You need to have to acquire a separate adapter for the firewire port? That is somewhat outrageous immediately after spending a hundred bucks on a case. I put in a cathode ray blue light, and it looks even cooler. It literally lights up a area into a fluorescent blue

Review Date: 06/29/13
I bought this case for my initially computer create and I have NO regrets at all. Case appears great and simple to put anything together. I am guessing I received an updated version of this case mainly because the Mobo panel had additional cable management holes which produced it a lot less complicated to hide some cable. This case lacks fan filters, they have added this to the 902 version but it would've been good if they had them on this version. I bought some separate fan filters and put them in myself, it wasn't bad at all and they are truly cheap.PSU placement is on the bottom of the case so you will need to flip your PSU upside down. I wanted to flip my PSU rightside up so I had to drill a hole at the bottom of the case to do so. Wasn't too undesirable and I in fact enjoyed undertaking work on my case.Each issues do not warrant for unfavorable eggs as they are quite minor and quickly fixable.

Review Date: 05/31/13
Peerless ventilation and air flow.Quite quiet, taking into consideration the quantity of fans.200mm Large Daddy fan on the prime!Heat rises and this case is effectively aware of that!Buttons on the prime/front so you can get to them much simpler.Appears attractive.Extremely simple to access and get rid of front cages for HDDs, CD drives and front fans.Extra slots for further fans.Comes with more than sufficient hardware to install every thing. I can't consider of anything undesirable to say about this case. Took me about 3 hours to reassemble my old Computer inside this new case. It decreased Temp by 10-20 c when idle and under anxiety. The case is extremely effortless to work on and add to. Do not obtain something less. There is no far better case for the price. Do not compromise.

Review Date: 05/24/13
Excellent coolingExcellent for modest builds. Don't attempt to use this case for a lot of elements or huge graphics cards. As stated above, it's somewhat cramped specially when using a massive graphics card.My setup: evga x58 sli motherboard with cooler master v8 cpu cooler.I had to physically modify the antec 900 with tin snips to fit the motherboard & cooler as the cpu cooler impacts the upper rail to safe the door.Absolutely no room involving my graphics card and element in the adjacent drive bay tends to make that bay useless. This also tends to make cable management difficult if equipping far more than a few really hard drives. I have maxxed this case out at 6 hard drives, 1 dvd drive and a front audio controller.Tight spaces leaves numerous scratches on hands. I love this case. I don't really use the audio ports on the front as I use the optical out on my sound card. I am hunting for a complete-tower case as I at present have 6 challenging drives Ɣ in raid and 2 in raid 1) and I genuinely want some space to expand my program. With my existing setup I am unable to install a second video card or improve my challenging drive capacity & redundancy. So far I have not noticed a case that seriously fits my demands just yet inside a reasonable price and even then the truly high priced instances don't really present what I am hunting for.
Xia He

Review Date: 04/27/13
Great Steel develop, lots of room None but

Review Date: 04/21/13
Enjoy it! All the fans and lights make it appear Amazing! Developed beautifully. Bought it 2 days ahead of the TWO came on newegg... (FTL) and there are no lights on the 200mm fan on top rated? bummer... Fantastic case otherwise, get the TWO even though

Review Date: 04/19/13
My preferred: Power button & USB ports on Best of the caseI actually like the storage tray on leading of the case None so far The construction of the case is extremely sturdy. not flimsy. All round I truly like this case. Solid building, uncomplicated access & excellent pricing. Would undoubtedly propose
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Product Features

Product Specifications

ModelNine Hundred
TypeATX Mid Tower
Case MaterialSteel
With Power SupplyNo
Power SupplyNo
Motherboard CompatibilityATX / m-ATX
With Side Panel WindowYes
External 5.25" Drive Bays3
External 3.5" Drive BaysNo
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays6
Expansion Slots7
Front Ports
Front PortsPower & reset button with blue LED2 x USB 2.01 x IEEE 1394 (FireWire, i.Link)Audio In and Out
Cooling System
80mm FansNo
120mm Fans1 x 120mm TriCool rear fan with 3-speed switch control2 x 120mm TriCool blue LED front fans with 3-speed switch control to cool HDDs
Side Air ductNo
Physical Spec
Dimensions19.4\'\' x 8.1\'\' x 18.4\'\' (L x W x H)
FeaturesUnique Top mounted 200mm TriCool exhaust fan to cool the hottest systemPerforated front bezel for maximum air intakeTwo front loaded HDD cages for up to 6 hard disk drivesThe HDD cages act as air ducts to take air in more efficientlyTop mounted I/O ports for easy accessTop tray for your MP3 player, digital camera, etc.9 Drive Bays- External 3 x 5.25"; Internal 6 x 3.5" for HDD, or- External 6 x 5.25"; Internal 3x 3.5" for HDD, or- External 9 x 5.25"

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