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APC P11VNT3 8 ft. (2.44 m) 11 Outlets 2030 Joules Performance SurgeArrest

APC P11VNT3 8 ft. (2.44 m) 11 Outlets 2030 Joules Performance SurgeArrest (APC: P11VNT3)
Vendor: APC
Price: $44.27 - $66.00 CAD from 6 stores
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APC SurgeArrest Performance
The Professional's Source 
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APC P11VNT3 8 ft. (2.44 m) 11 Outlets 2030 Joules Performance SurgeArrest
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APC® SurgeArrest Performance Surge Suppressor Surge Strip, 11 outlets - Receptacles: 11 x NEMA 5-15R - 2030J (P11VNT3)   $56.67 CAD Buy Now

APC by Schneider Electric APC® SurgeArrest Performance Surge Suppressor Surge Strip, 11 outlets - Receptacles: 11 x NEMA 5-15R - 2030J (P11VNT3)
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$56.99 CAD Buy Now
APC P11VNT3   $59.42 CAD Buy Now
  $66.00 CAD Buy Now

Product Reviews

APC P11VNT3 8 ft. (2.44 m) 11 Outlets 2030 Joules Performance SurgeArrest
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.75/10
With 8 User Reviews

Review Date: 12/14/12
Cons: nothing

Pros: protects my powerlots of plugs
surge protector does it's job nothing else to be said

Review Date: 04/09/12
Cons: None.

Pros: Lifetime WarrantyLAN/Cable GuardsA lot of OutletsRotating Power-cord
Always good to have one of these guarding your appliances at home. Never know when it can save your equipment. I use it on my computer and it is rather nice. So far I feel nothing wrong with it.

Review Date: 11/10/11
Cons: -None really

Pros: -Decent price-A lot of protection features (rj45, cable, etc)
-Great product from a reputable company-Purchased after my cheap generic one died
Param Preet_L@NCIX

Review Date: 09/02/11
Cons: The $100,000 worth of equipment protection is a little misleading. They would only cover the retail value of your products at the time of surge, not the price that you paid for the equipment.

Pros: Has just enough sockets to connect almost everything to it. I have my Gaming RIG, three monitors, ps3 and xbox, and two surround sets connected, and working just fine. The Coaxial and Ethernet protection is another handy tool, and now I am certain my computer is not getting any surges from any external sources, this covers it all. The power bar is quite long, and gives you that additional length when the power socket is at a distance.
I recently read a lot of bad news about power surges destroying computer hardware, so I purchased this because of the brand and price. Not regretting it, at all. It does the job perfectly, low profile, has a lot of power sockets for all your electronics, and i like the swivel cable connector for its main powerbar. The performance does seem to have gotten better on my old LCD monitor as there would be some flickering, but now it does not do that. Highly recommended

Review Date: 09/02/11
Cons: None

Pros: Lot's of outlets, includes ethernet, coaxial and telephone in/out as well. Comes with ethernet, coaxial and telephone cables.
This is my second time purchasing this product. I've used the first one for a few years and I have no complaints. The outlets are laid out well, the construction feels sturdy, the wires are thick. I really like that it comes with a it's own coaxial, ethernet, and telephone wires so that you won't have to purchase additional wires if you hook them up through here.Would highly recommend.

Review Date: 03/14/11
Cons: none

Pros: very dependable
i wrote a review on the other page (http://www.ncix.com/products/?sku=41521&vpn=BE650G&manufacture=AMERICAN%20POWER%20CONVERSION) i told a story what happened if i didn't had this and similar products all over my house and if you have one of these and a ups, make sure your ups is plugged on this item to protect it from the power spikes. it saved me thousands of dollars during the "storm of the century" and it will save you a bundle also. all that i lost in the storm of the century was all the light bulbs in the house. read the story on the web page provided on this review to know what happened during the storm.

Review Date: 11/02/10
Cons: none

Pros: Awesome protection and lifetime warranty
Bought this because it comes with $100,000 lifetime surge damage warranty. You can never be too careful with your expensive home entertainment equipment.

Review Date: 09/21/10
Cons: No

Pros: Price,Number of outlet
Its a really great Power Surge for the price and the number of outlet we got on it!Apc made maybe the best product in those kind of protection so for the price its a big deal for anyone!
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Product Features

APC P11VNT3 Performance SurgeArrest Surge Suppressor
Lightning, power surges, or changes in voltage can permanently ruin your electronic equipment, cause lockups, and cause loss of work. The SurgeArrest will protect your equipment from the threat of power fluctuations. This unit offers protection at a great value for home equipment and business applications such as small office / home computers.


  • 180 degree Rotating Cord Retainer: A 180-degree rotating cord with strain relief offers flexibility in positioning the SurgeArrest, and in routing the power cord.
  • Adjustable Cable Management: Keeps cords and cables neat and organized.
  • Building wiring fault indicator: This LED informs users of potentially dangerous wiring problems in the wall circuit.
  • Catastrophic Event Protection: SurgeArrest components such as MOVs and Thermal fuse ensure instantaneous reaction to lightning strikes and wiring faults. If the surge components are damaged due to power spike or over voltage, excess power cannot reach your equipment. Unlike the APC SurgeArrest products, most surge suppressors continue to let power through even after circuits have been damaged, leaving your equipment exposed to other damaging surges.
  • Coax Protection Data-line Protection: Protection of data lines (Ethernet, Coaxial and Phone lines) ensures complete protection of your equipment from surges. It is very important to protect your equipment from ?back door? surges traveling through data lines, as they can be as damaging to your equipment as surges traveling over power lines.
  • Fail Safe Mode: Most other surge suppressors continue to let power through even after their circuits have been damaged, leaving your equipment exposed to future surges. APC?s SurgeArrest fail safe, which means that once the circuit of an APC SurgeArrest has been compromised the unit disconnects equipment from the power supply ensuring that no damaging surges reach your equipment.
  • IEEE let-through ratings and regulatory agency compliance: Stringent third-party testing gives you confidence that APC's surge protectors will safeguard your equipment and data from potentially damaging surges and spikes.
  • Lightning and Surge Protection: To prevent damage to your equipment from power surges and spikes.
  • Noise Filtering: Surge Protector attenuates EMI/RFI line noise that can cause data errors and keyboard lockups, ensuring better performance of protected equipment.
  • Overload Indicator: Indicator illuminates when connected equipment draws more power than unit?s capacity. To remedy the condition, unplug less vital equipment.
  • Phone Line Splitter: Allows use of two pieces of equipment at once, such as a modem and phone.
  • Protection Working Indicator: SurgeArrest will warn you if its circuitry has been damaged by heavy strike or power line surge and it is unable to provide 100% protection. If still under warranty, APC will then replace your damaged SurgeArrest free of charge.
  • Receptacle Shock Safety Shutters Shutters: protect users from accidental contact with unused outlets.
  • Resettable circuit breaker: Easy recovery from overloads; no need to replace a fuse.
  • Right Angle Plug Plug: angle allows for equipment and furniture to be placed closer to the wall than with a standard power cord. Reduces cord stress too.
  • Transformer Block Spacing: Connect bulky transformer block plugs without covering up other outlets.

Product Specifications

Outlets Type: NEMA 5-15R
Input Voltage: 120V
Output Amperage Capacity: 15
EMI/RFI Noise Filter: 70 dB
Certifications: CSA,NOM,UL 1363,UL 1449
Unit Weight: 2.33 lbs.
Unit Dimensions: 1.57" x 4.7" x 11.89"
Features: Phone Line Splitter Resettable circuit breaker Receptacle Shock Safety Shutters Fail Safe Mode Data-line Protection Protection Working Indicator Catastrophic Event Protection Transformer Block Spacing Overload Indicator Noise Filtering Right Angle Plug 180 degree Rotating Cord Retainer Building Wiring Fault Indicator Adjustable Cable Management Lightning and Surge Protection

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