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RAZER ABYSSUS Black Wired Optical High Precision Gaming Mouse

RAZER ABYSSUS Black Wired Optical High Precision Gaming Mouse (Razer: RZ01-00360100-R3U1)
VPN: RZ01-00360100-R3U1
Vendor: Razer
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RAZER ABYSSUS Black Wired Optical High Precision Gaming Mouse
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.74/10

Review Date: 01/17/14
Cons: No lighting adjustments

Pros: Small, light, plug & play
A very good mouse for people with small hands.It is comfortable for use over long time.The only con about this mouse is that it doesnt have any lighting option on the mouse other than the default configuration.

Review Date: 10/21/13
Cons: Extremely light (baby weight)Only have 3 DPI settings

Pros: Adjustable polling rate and DPI settingsmatte finish texture No software needed Good as first gaming mouse
This mouse is perfect for doing everyday things on the computer. This mouse is also suited games that don't require high DPI or macro movements since it does not have any extra buttons. This mouse is very small and light so it may not be suited for med-large hands. It has a simple design good for everyday computer usage but some may find it too lightweight to deliver for a hardcore gaming.

Review Date: 09/17/13
Cons: LED-Light was annoying (razor logo). I might be able to disable it with the Razer Program and/or Driver, but I didn't bother.

Pros: Price.Simplicity.
A great simple mouse, although I recommend checking out ones that you like the fit (hand fit). The Abyssus is higher on the palm which I disliked (I felt my wirst was in an awkward position). I went back to use my g9x after a month and a half of using it. A mouse is all about the fit (try them before buying).

Review Date: 09/15/13
It's a simple, high high quality mouse with an excellent general feel to it. It is lightweight and comfortable for each hands. 1000hz polling rate suggests it tracks extremely smoothly, and option among 450, 1800, and 3600 dpi really should appeal to all forms of folks and conditions. Mechanical interface for switching this suggests you can use this with equal capability on any operating program. Using this on a triple boot windows 7 x64, Ubuntu Natty Beta, and Mac OSX 10.six.5 osx86. Does not result in weirdness in OSX like my logitech g9x did since it does not interface with the OS's drivers. Crysis two was a pleasure to play by means of with this mouse. It's lightweight meant that following six hours of getting sucked into the game, I did not feel fatigued-at least not enough to cease defending my hometown from evil disease spewing aliens. Advocate using 3600dpi setting and setting sensitivity low on the game. In my opinion, there are too few possibilities for DPI and polling rate and the options are as well disparate. With polling price you get 125hz and 1000hz. No-brainer which to pick as 125 hz feels jumpy, cheap and inaccurate. Some thing like 400hz would have been a more logical setting. With DPI I would have preferred a thing greater than 450 as the lowest setting like 800 or 1000, and perhaps a few more graduations in in between. A thing like 1000, 1800, 2600, 3600 would have been better, but I guess significantly less possibilities keeps the expense down. Simply because of lack of choice, my abyssus stays at 3600dpi and 1000hz all the time-which is really a seriously excellent setting. Just want I had a thing to distinguish in between net browsing settings and gaming settings Supplied you do not want extra buttons everywhere on your mouse, this can be an ultimate gaming mouse. Its lightweight and great responsiveness makes it great for quick action games like FPS. For MMORPG's, you might want additional buttons and such, but you would still get a extremely pleasant experience with this mouse.

Review Date: 08/27/13
As an upgrade from a บ mouse I got at WallyWorld, the difference is night and day. led Quarter size led logo a bit excessive but all proper. Larger finish, I suppose, comes with a bit far more bells and whistles.

Review Date: 06/25/13
Very basic to use and very correct. Extremely comfy, especially when compared to my old generic ŭ mouse. The DPI switch on the bottom is beneficial for sniping. The blue LED is on all the time. If you're utilizing this mouse in a bedroom, cover it up or unplug the mouse to block the light. Obtaining the LED on all the time shouldn't impact everyone's selection of this mouse.

Review Date: 06/13/13
Really comfy and light. Plug and play supported. Matte black finish is truly cool. and there's a blue backlight under the logo. none. I purchased it result in i don't like making use of the touchpad on my laptop. this suites well fir gaming and for just standard use...

Review Date: 05/22/13
- The mouse does what it is supposed to and it very incredibly comfy. - looks cool¿ - only has Correct and left click and mouse wheel. Razer makes the very best stuff out there IMO

Review Date: 05/19/13
This is a excellent tiny mouse. I don't game just have my computer setup for media. It gets the job carried out. I like the on-the-fly adjustments below the mouse. Although not substantially of a con, the blue light kinda gets to me at instances, but I won't knock an egg off for it. If you want a easy versatile mouse with a fantastic response this is it. Not a fan of 10+ button mouses either way.

Review Date: 05/14/13
Performs completely, seamlessly. None Prime half is a leather/plastic mized texture, really like the feel, utilized it 7 months so far.

Review Date: 04/29/13
Smaller, precise, has sliders on the bottom to set sensitivity "on the fly". Effectively constructed, buttons and movement feels excellent. Great for gaming as nicely as regular laptop use. No driver or performance difficulties across windows, mac, and linux through KVM switch. No more buttons to map to stuff. I tried a RAZOR deathadder just before and it was great as well but as well substantial. It caused me pain (due to the angle my hand needed to be) following extended use. No such troubles right here. If you want to upgrade from a "standard" บ mouse and don't require attributes like added buttons, this will do the trick at a fantastic cost point. I'm writing this as I purchase a second one particular for the office.

Review Date: 04/20/13
This is a follow up on the previous review. This mouse is quite good. It has been very great to me. I have not gotten to play any FPS games on the internet yet...but i have played them single player. I don't have to move the mouse half as far as i utilised to have to with the Logitech RX1000. It tracks so a lot much better. The only con i have noticed is that sometimes my form with my grip somtimes goes negative. Its just that i am nevertheless not employed to the mouse and its shape. At least for FPS games due to the fact of the continual movement. Technique Specs MSI K9A2 CF V2AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000ƲGB OCZ SLI prepared RAM1x 80Gb Principal Drive1x 250GB Secondary Drive1x 500GB Secondary DriveCHENBRO SR10769-BK-T case(this is exactly where the crazy loud fans are from)Just Computer 550 watt psuGTS 250 1gb Inventive X-fi surround sound (the external 5.1 a single)No overclock yet as i require to purchase a much better CPU cooler...I want the ChilTec cooler.

Review Date: 04/02/13
Plugged it in and it functions, no further computer software necessary. Smooth and responsive. Buttons have a excellent feel and a satisfying click. The blue LED logo is a very cool touch. It is also incredibly well priced. Doesn't have all the crazy attributes that larger end mice have, only has the common left/right/middle click and scrollwheel. Appear elsewhere if you need more buttons or want to plan macros. I personally don't will need the further attributes so this mouse is excellent for my needs. The blue LED can be distracting and it can't be turned off if you're the sort of individual who leaves their pc on at evening. This mouse this fantastic for any gamer who desires a gaming grade mouse but doesn't want all the crazy stuff larger end mice have. The mouse feels great, the buttons have a satisfying click and the scroll wheel is perfect for rapidly-paced FPS games. The DPI is also adjustable via switches on the bottom, so you can go from frantic twitching to precise sniping on the fly with no messing with any software.

Review Date: 03/16/13
Worked excellent for about five months... Registered it with Razer and emailed tech assistance and they Never ever replied... So now I am stuck with a โ piece of junk!!! My prior mouse was a razer that I utilized for years with no problems and I wanted a different very good three button mouse so I ordered this one from NewEgg in Could. Well The left mouse button is erratic and is a continual supply of headaches because I cant drag and drop with out it dropping prematurely plus from time to time during gaming when I shoot I get 1 shot then it quits... I will Under no circumstances get yet another razer product again and neither need to YOU!

Review Date: 02/09/13
This mouse is slick, feels nice to touch, and appears seriously nice on my desktop. It is also a plus when it wasn't as well darn pricey. No.Thumb.Button.I truly want I had a backspace button on my mouse to aid me when I'm stumbling or some thing. Even though it is a pro, it is also a con. I have a difficult time acquiring utilised to the slickness of the mouse and the truth that my hand tends to slide off. I was truly hoping for a smooth scroll, but it nevertheless has the blocky scroll that most Computer users have to get used to. I am operating on a hackintosh make with a retail OSX, but I haven't attempted to see if my mouse reads correctly through the bootloader for the OSX. The explanation why I purchased a new one particular was my old CyberSnipa wasn't reading for the duration of the bootload and I would have to unplug/replug the USB dongle.

Review Date: 01/21/13
Wow, even the packaging is wonderful. I'll be honest, I under no circumstances regarded obtaining a Razer mouse, but the blue LED fit my setup so I gave it a shot. I'm not much of an ergonomic mouse kinda guy, so this is certainly excellent. On the fly DPI adjustment, no computer software necessary. Razer did this 1 appropriate. I was a small scared to get the least expensive mouse they present, but it's Nicely worth the income. None. Hope to have this one for awhile.

Review Date: 12/22/12
Incredibly nice Mouse , functioning excellent.. I like it

Review Date: 11/24/12
Bought this mouse so that I could get a higher DPI mouse for playing Star Craft two.Terrific.Moves perfectly, feels nice on my hand (I use a palm style), and the buttons really feel extremely great.Has the correct number of buttons for a competive RTS player. none. If you want a actual mouse that is high high quality, go with this a single.

Review Date: 11/04/12
This is my initial gaming mice and i gotta say this feels wonderful in the hands. I am also glad it's not one of those razer mouses the make heat on the hands so i don't sweat in long game. It feels outstanding! The sensitivity will require to get some use to cuz i by no means had this kind of mouse just before. I understanding quickly on the other hand (My settings 1000hz at 1800 dpi). I not confident any differences amongst 120hertz and 1000 hertz i dont fell something. But it surposely respond back and forth to the pc but it doesn't really feel something different.

Review Date: 11/02/12
This mouse works wonderful. Good and basic design. Blue led lit up logo. none

Review Date: 10/26/12
This mouse is fantastic. I am not genuinely a fan of 35 button mice, so when I saw this factor for my new Pc make I picked 1 up and loved it correct away. Great really feel, 3 dpi choices. Good basic mouse.Got a second one a month immediately after that for my laptop. None.

Review Date: 09/12/12
Great Gaming Mouse with no nonsense style, greatest mouse I have ever owned None whatsoever If you want a gaming mouse with out a million buttons and a bunch of crab you won't ever use and will just confuse the crab out of you this is your gaming mouse. High quality low drama mouse for those of us who want to plug and play and not worry about reading manuals.

Review Date: 09/05/12
Light, sensitive, very easily installed. None. Bought this for my gf to play wow with. She's not a fan of the mouses with 17 buttons and whatnot, so it fits her wants well.

Review Date: 08/27/12
When the Abyssus is discovered by the computer system at boot-up, it functions as advertised. The mouse is plugged into my ASUS P6T motherboard, but it is not communicating with the motherboard. The cursor does not move. Reboot does not fix the challenge, unplugging and replugging does not repair the challenge. I installed updated drivers from Razer and the Abyssus mouse worked at bootup for about a week and then the difficulty returned.Don't buy the Abyssus if you will need a mouse that you can trust to turn-on when the laptop or computer boots up.I've had ten-year old OEM low cost "throwaway" mice that have never ever failed to come alive with many various computers when they boot up. With the Abyssus, it is plug and *pray* on a wing and a prayer. This is an absolute distaster when a client calls and needs an emergency update to their website but my more than-priced mouse with the respected-manufacturer-name refuses to turn on. I can not let an untrustworthy mouse to determine how a lot of content clientele I have or how considerably funds I have at the finish of the month to buy food and pay bills. Epic fail. I researched the problem myself and discovered posts on a number of tech-assistance forums about it. There are firmware updates for other Razer mice but only a driver update for the Abyssus. The driver update did not resolve the issue, and I am typing this text on my kid's machine because my primary computer system is without a mouse correct now and unusable.I was shocked at the untrustworthiness of this Abyssus mouse considering the price tag and the reputation of Razer. Everyone who reads this post will have had the expertise of blindly reaching into the "parts-box" and pulling out "any mouse of any age and any high quality" to work on a computer system simply because we all anticipate that fairly-considerably any mouse is going to function with pretty-a lot any pc. When a mouse with the value and reputation of the Abyssus regularly fails to activate at bootup, then it is time to warn others and start off hunting for yet another mouse---probably one particular with a reduce price. The Abyssus just doesn't "turn on" with the laptop or computer. Manufacturer Response:Hello,Devoid of understanding additional facts it is hard to say exactly where your exact dilemma is. It could really nicely be with the motherboard on your computer system as the Razer Abyssus really should surely function at boot up. If you are nevertheless possessing concerns please make contact with the Razer Support Team and they will be happy to support you out. You can reach them at www.razersupport.com/email.

Review Date: 07/10/12
Good mouse for the value. On the fly sensitivity and polling rate switches on the bottom are good, even though i would prefer them on prime. Downloadable drivers let you to adjust any aspect of usage, from acceleration to double-click speed and so on. It is Quite sensitive so you have to play around with the settings to get it where you want it. The shape of the buttons provide great help for your fingers. It requires a little finding applied to, but has served me effectively so far. The sensor can be fussy if your mousepad isn't clean. Nothing a small soap and water cant fix. The click noise is on the louder side, but quite a few folks prefer this for games. It's a smaller sized mouse, excellent for "fingertip" grips like me, and "claw" grips.
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Product Features

Wired Gaming Mouse

Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse
Play with precision and stay on the winning track when you use the Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse. This gaming mouse utilizes its 3.5G Infrared Sensor which delivers a movement resolution of 3500dpi, ensuring accuracy in every tracking. It also boasts three ultra-responsive buttons for rapid clicking that?s required in every hardcore situation. And with its 2 toggle switches, you can easily adapt to your game as your computer will respond faster to your commands. Simply plug the Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse on your PC using USB interface and start winning the game.

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Ambidextrous gaming mouse; ensures accuracy in every tracking and is comfortable to use
  • 3.5G Infrared Sensor; delivers précised movement with 3500dpi resolution
  • Mechanical dpi/polling rate switches; allows you to easily adapt to your game
  • Three ultra-responsive buttons; creates rapid response and ideal for rapid clicking

Product Specifications

General Information
Manufacturer:Razer USA Ltd
Manufacturer Part Number:RZ01-00360100-R3U1
Manufacturer Website Address:www.razerzone.com
Brand Name:Razer
Product Line:Abyssus
Product Name:Abyssus High Precision Gaming Mouse
Product Type:Mouse
Pointing Device
Pointing Device Connectivity Technology:Wired
Pointing Device Wireless Technology:Not Applicable
Pointing Device Cable Length:2.13 m
Movement Detection:Optical
Movement Resolution:3500 dpi
Number of Total Buttons:3
Number of Programmable Buttons:3
Scroller Type:Scroll Wheel
Pointing Device Host Interface:USB
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions:40 mm Height x 63 mm Width x 115 mm Length
Additional Information:
  • 16-bit ultra-wide data path
  • On-The-Fly Sensitivity adjustment
  • Razer Precision 3.5G infrared sensor
  • 60-120 inches per second and 15g of acceleration
  • Adapt to your game instantly with 2 toggle switches for 450/1800/3500dpi
  • System Requirements:

    Hard Drive:

  • 35MB
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