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RAZER Naga Epic RZ01-00510100-R3U1 Black Gaming Mouse

RAZER Naga Epic RZ01-00510100-R3U1 Black Gaming Mouse (Razer: RZ01-00510100-R3U1)
VPN: RZ01-00510100-R3U1
Vendor: Razer
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RAZER Naga Epic RZ01-00510100-R3U1 Black Gaming Mouse
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.26/10

Review Date: 09/14/13
Adore it! Been waiting for newegg to get this! oh, did I say 1st! =) Applied one at BlizzCon, havent been capable to get my mind off of it since. none

Review Date: 09/13/13
The entire mouse just rocks! Overall wonderful good quality compared to my Logitechs. The number pad buttons dont push as well effortlessly like i thought they would, so accidently pushing them shouldn't occur that often. This thing is beefy and certainly has some mass to it from the lithium battery. Wheel has a nice firm cog feel. Glides excellently and is super responsive. Firmware updating and computer software works good and installs promptly. Grips install simply and add a luxurious touch. Way to go Razer! None, this issue is the best mouse I've ever employed. The quantity pad must be moved a little closer to the front of the mouse, but not an issue. The wheel isn't fairly as high as some individuals created it out to be, and I dont have any strain reaching for it.

Review Date: 08/31/13
When it was operating, it was amazing. Does what everyone reading this would anticipate it to do; if you're truly looking into dropping 财 on a mouse, you know precisely why you're undertaking it.Setup is easy enough, as is mapping the buttons. Provided that it's 5600 dpi, it posseses about just about every single sensitivity level you could attainable want. The amount of surfaces that it can accurately be employed on is respectable as properly.As a bonus, the WoW addon interface addon that's obtainable from the Naga Epic download website is halfway decent too. As significantly as I hate to say it, listen to everyone else's cons in these critiques, they are certainly precise. There is most definitely an issue with wireless connection frequently cutting out, and requiring direct usb connection. From what I fully grasp, the latest firmware Ƒ.02) is supposed to correct this, however, upon attempting to update to this firmware via Windows 7 x64 and Razer's firmware updating computer software, the updating course of action failed, and I now posses a 财 brick, so I am searching into RMA.When every person says Razer's buyer service is horrible, they are not exaggerating. Out of all the tech firms I've dealt with, they are by far the worst. Even ASRock had better service. Attempting to really talk to somebody relating to a tech. help query is like navigating a labyrinth on their internet site.Also, the interface for the Naga Epic's customization leaves a bit to be preferred. Not nearly as robust as some other folks, such as Logitech's. I have larger hands (long, not fat), and the Naga Epic at very first seemed smaller sized than I'd hoped, even with the biggest attachment to the side (it's smaller length-sensible for me). I've adapted to the size nonetheless, so it's not a big deal. If it makes any difference for size comparison, I was previously working with a Logitech MX Revolution, and the Naga Epic seems smaller sized than that even.

Review Date: 08/10/13
Incredible responsiveness, smooth really feel, quite comfortable, strong click/wheel scroll, customizable grip.Those are some of the greatest characteristics. In addition to these, one thing i did not know was the application the mouse comes with permits you to make custom macro's outdoors gameplay, its fun to play with. The buttons on the side are comfortable to reach (with the exception of the final 3) but even those are fine if you study to use the ball of your thumb rather of the tip. I have never ever accidentally pressed a button on the side, they have a firm resistance but are not tricky to press, just accident resistant.Every person that sees this mouse is impressed with the diversity of the colors of the lighting so if this is something you are into it is definitely a pro. I have located that the wireless performs excellent but its not perfect. There have been occasions when the signal is just lost and i have to turn the mouse off and back on to get it to reconnect (as a healer this is terrible, we have wiped) so i discover myself employing this mouse wired whenever i require to depend on it. but for casual use, surfing the web or working, the wireless is just fine.The "forward and back" buttons that are positioned in the middle of the mouse behind the wheel can be uncomfortable to reach. This is not also big a deal though mainly because the side buttons can be programmed to do the exact same factor if you so desire. If you are hunting at this mouse for gaming the only other choice would be the original naga(or the molten edition) it is extremely comfy. One particular warning even though, there IS a learning curve but its not also large. It took me a few hours of playing with the mouse and acquiring use to relying on my proper thumb for my commands then on my left hand and the number keys, but for me now, there is no turning back.This mouse is also extremely comfy for long function hours. I perform on the laptop all day and the comfort this mouse gives when i use it is outstanding.Relating to the cost: Individuals I have talked to have numerous reactions about the value and here is what I have located. non tech individuals (grandma, dad, some co-workers) just dont see the point in spending that considerably on a mouse, techie men and women (brother, other co-workers, good friends) comprehend that its not that high priced for a best of the line piece of gear utilized every single day with a 3 year warranty.I very recommend this mouse.

Review Date: 07/19/13
Most MMO's you can play 1 handed, don't even seriously will need to use the keyboard cept to form if you wanted to lol battery life on this factor is horrid. Get utilized to docking it nightly lol I genuinely wish this thing or in fact the wired version would come in a left handed version. /hint /hint.

Review Date: 07/07/13
Best mouse I've ever employed.Wireless is stable with no delay.Colors are stunning with many possibilities.Buttons are all responsive and excellently placed.Incredibly comfy with three grip possibilities. I use the biggest one particular. It felt like heaven in my hand. I quickly retired my Logitech g9x.Simple to update. A bit pricey, but actually, you get what you pay for with it. Highly propose it.

Review Date: 06/09/13
fairly significantly everything on the mice is excellent as far as it comes to the design and style:magnetic interchangeable gripsmultispectrum lightingcrucial guides & finger placementsexcept: it doesn't operate.the battery life is beyond horrendous, it loses connection at random, shuts itself off at random wired or wireless (requiring you to mess with plugging un plugging to get it to turn back on), anticipate it to take upwards of 20 hours to attain a complete charge from dead, that's if it doesn't quit somewhere in the middle of a charge and shut itself off for some unknown purpose. and then other occasions it functions perfectly. lately I have been very disappointed with Razer.Mamba has problems with it's computer software.Naga Epic has troubles with energy.both had these difficulties out of the box, each are nevertheless under a year old. not a fan of shotty craftsmanship/engineering; this may possibly be the final Razer merchandise I buy for a long time. Manufacturer Response:Hi amagon,A couple of couple of quick ideas that might support with the troubles you are having. Initial make positive you have the newest firmware installed on your unit. You can locate that at www.razersupport.com/downloads . Second make certain your mouse is switched to “off” anytime you are charging the mouse, using the mouse in wired mode or anytime you are not utilizing it. If you are nonetheless obtaining problems make contact with the Razer Assistance Team and they will get your Naga Epic operating the way it really should. You can attain them at www.razersupport.com/email

Review Date: 05/12/13
I'm going to examine this (hereafter Epic) with the Naga Original (hereafter Original). To evaluate the two, I bought a brand new Original and a brand new Epic. (I currently personal an older Original as effectively)I give the Original a 5Ǜ and this one particular a fourǛ. This a single has a lot of capabilities, but the durability is questionable to me. (as compared with the Original.- Each mice have the precise similar 12-digit thumpad- Each mice have the comparable M1 and M2. (Epic's M1 = bigger)- two buttons are moved from the front-left to behind the scroll-wheel. This is great if you use them only for DPI adjustments or hold the mouse at an outward angle.- Multi-colored LEDs (really sweet I tells ya!)- 3 switchable side panels. The wide match felt weird to me, but I'm utilized to the Original. I also fingertip grip though. For palm-grippers, the wide grip will most surely be a godsend! :)- Wireless! It is most amazing. It performs, no noticeable lag, and playing corded feels just like the Original. - Logo is printed and does not light up, although the original is etched and lights up. Logo is also slightly smaller on Epic.- 2 buttons are moved from the front-left to behind the scroll-wheel. This is not fantastic if you use them for far more than just DPI adjustments. (i.e. as Back and Forward buttons for your World wide web browser)- two buttons feel shoddier. They really feel flimsy, like they'll be the 1st issue to break on the mouse. They are also created of shiny plastic as an alternative of the good rubberized plastic.- Scroll-wheel sits a little greater. Not far more forward or back, but when viewed from the side, you can see (and feel) the wheel is physically larger. This benefits in much more strain on my fingers than the Original's wheel.- Scroll-wheel really feel shoddier. It has far more side-to-side give/sway than the original. The Original's scroll-wheel feels solid, but on the Epic it the give/sway is noticable. It just feels less costly. It doesn't feel any simpler to differentiate between the two buttons with out hunting down than on the Original. If you are working with it just for DPI although, either mouse ought to be fine, even though the Original's buttons feel far additional sturdy.If you discovered the Naga Original's mouse wheel too low or as well smooth, then the Epic will be for you. The wheel is a lot more clickier than the Original, plus it sits about 2mm greater. For me, it was also high, I've by no means used a mouse with a wheel this higher so it was really awkward and resulted in extra strain in my fingers.The cord on this is remarkable. The G9x had it's cord attached also low, and the G700 has far as well stiff a cord to play corded. But Razer has this mastered!I would wait to acquire this if you currently have a very good mouse. Just wait for a small even though to see if it is sturdy or not. The building of the mouse is Quite fantastic, but the two buttons and scroll-wheel concern me that they may not last. I feel like the 2 buttons might go negative within a year.

Review Date: 04/25/13
Cons: wireless is bad

Pros: comfortable
I've had this mouse for around a year now, I've haven't really used it much because the tracking is not accurate, and wireless feature is pretty garbage. Always disconnects. Now I RMA it again, one the button is not responsive. It just shows that even with RMA products, you do not do any testing to ensure everything works. I might be unlucky getting lemons everytime, but I must be dreaming if I were to purchase their mice again. I WILL NOT BUY THIS MOUSE AGAIN.

Review Date: 04/11/13
Cons: Disconnects quite a bit, even when wired. Fast battery drain.No side-scrolling on mouse wheel.

Pros: A whole lot of buttons. Customizable colors.Macroable.
I got that one because it was wireless and for the cool factor of color changing according to the game loaded, which suits my G19 keyboard. (I like eyecandy, sue me).Buttons are nice and all, though the lack of side-scrolling function is painful for me (not that I side scroll, I just love those buttons in games. It tends to randomly stop responding for no reason. If I had to buy again, I'd probably go with the logitech option, which wasn't available when I bought my Naga.

Review Date: 03/26/13
Its like my original naga but it fits my hands much far better. My old naga felt like it was made to match a girls hand. Have not tried the other side plates yet as it felt comfy suitable out of the box. Charging base has got some weight to it. I was worried right after ordering that it would flop all more than the spot. I Should have known greater. Incredibly impressed! The Razer log on best of the mouse does not glow like their other mice. This is my third mouse from Razer and all three still operate completely fine. Only picked up this a single mainly because I kept catching my girlfriend trying to steal my old naga. Figured I would be a nice guy and give it to her.I'm curious if razer will sell replacement batteres.

Review Date: 03/18/13
Cons: Price

Pros: Buttons, macro features, looks, changeable grips, wireless/wired option.
The wireless/wired feature makes this a great mouse feature on itself. Not only is it good for MMO but even FPS games feel fairly comfortable with this mouse and the changeable grips that are provided.

Review Date: 03/03/13
Was decent whilst it lasted, NOT worth the money though. Stopped working following 3 weeks, Razer support is horrible. The mouse will no longer power on or connect to the computer when plugged in. Worst client service I have ever had to deal with. Hopefully I can get my 财 back. Going with Logitech next time. Manufacturer Response:Hi Eric,I am sorry about any challenges you had with your Razer Naga Epic or the Razer Support Team. With out being aware of the specifics of your assistance experience I can\'t comment as well significantly. I can let you know you can get in touch with the Razer Technical Help Group at 888-697-2037 or at www.razersupport.com/email and they will be pleased to support you should you nevertheless have concerns. As for the troubles you are possessing you do want to verify two issues. Very first make sure you have the newest firmware installed on your Razer Naga Epic. You can locate that at www.razersupport.com/downloads. Also be certain to charge your battery with the mouse in the “off” position. If by possibility you happen to totally deplete your battery and the mouse is left in the “on” position , the unit may not operate in wired or wireless mode. To resolve this simply spot the mouse in the “off” mode and let it charge for a handful of hours ahead of you attempt to use it. (You may well have to unplug and re-plug the USB cord).

Review Date: 01/19/13
Cons: Scroll wheel broke anfter 1.5 years. Kinda bad that a $149 mouse would break, but it was good when it did work.

Pros: Awesome amount of buttons. side keypad makes weapon changes ingame really fast.
Great for fps/rpg and flight sims. A little bit pricey for the cheap plastic construction. Even with its low quality contruction - I may buy it again cause I am used to it now.

Review Date: 01/16/13
Good really feel. Incredibly comfy.Wireless (when operating)The buttons had been effortless for me to get used to.Charging dock and wired mode charging. My connection in wireless is sporadic. At instances the cursor will jump to the major of the screen for no cause, and at other individuals will cease operating altogether unless I plug it in to wireless mode and unplug it once more.Consumer service is beyond bad. Purchased from Razorzone (big mistake) and had a dilemma with it from the starting. In a three week period I received three emails about the dilemma, two asking pretty substantially the same basic queries with about a five day lag in involving their emails. The third stated they were forwarding the problem to the engineers who were backed up. Haven't heard anything since. Finally known as to ask for a refund and filled out the type four days ago. Have heard absolutely nothing at this point mainly because apparently the Refund Dept. is also backed up. Good product when working, terrible client help.

Review Date: 01/02/13
-17 customizable buttons-adjustable grips (claw, palm, mixed)-flexibility from wired/wireless -wireless: seriously, the wireless is worthless on this mouse. You nevertheless need to have to have this long cord attached from the Pc to a docking station for the mouse. I bought this mouse for the wireless freedom, but on my laptop stand, it doesn't make any sense to have wires and a docking stand receiving in the way. The wireless Naga requires up just as much space with the wires/dock and is additional cumbersome than just making use of the original Naga. I was genuinely hoping or just a little USB dongle that supplied wireless to the mouse.-weight: the battery in this unit tends to make it a little heavier than the wired Naga. I prefer a lighter mouse, particularly for extended gaming sessions, so I like the original much better than this 1.-cost: it's just not worth the additional ุ-โ for the "wireless" features.-placement of the further 2 buttons: I favor the location of the 2 forward/backward buttons on the original Naga rather than placing them behind the mouse wheel. As other folks have talked about, the mouse wheel is raised a small bit due to the fact they added the USB connector to the front bottom of the mouse. It didn't bother me as much as some of the other individuals have pointed out, but I do choose the original to this as effectively. Just stick with the wired version.

Review Date: 09/10/12
Really well-built. The craftsmanship Razer puts into their mice is second to none.3 side-plates. I have major hands so the larger a single operates nicely.The drivers and firmware installed with no a issue.48 unique selections for lighting.The battery lasts a long time. I've utilised this mouse for hours and only lost 20% power so far. It warns you when you go below a percentage that you can set, and you can switch to wired mode without having an situation.I'm nonetheless acquiring applied to WoW with this mouse but it'll be a staple the moment I get it down. If I had to use a spell previous the number 4 on my keyboard I'd stutter for a second to discover it. The back / forward buttons are beneath the scroll wheel. On the original Naga they had been on the side where they ought to be. No application comes with the mouse. It's created for people that play games on the net so I don't see this as a con.The WoW addon isn't quite helpful. All it did was mess up my bars. It just mimics your 1 - = row devoid of the addon, which is what I want.The feel of the Naga Epic will take some acquiring utilised to. It still feels like I'm using a trackball with no the ball. That's not a con, I'm just getting applied to it is all.I bought mine straight from Razer mainly because I believed it would be a even though before Newegg would get it in stock. I was incorrect. All round, it was worth waiting a few months to finally get it.

Review Date: 07/19/12
WOW! That was my intial impression when I received my Rzaer Epic from NewEgg. The packing was incredible and what was inside even far more so. The mouse is solid and functions properly. The buttons on the side take some time to get utilized to but general actually solid build. The mouse itself does not really feel affordable.. Razer Epic software program from Razer worked flawlessly on WOW and on my computer vista 64. Like some other users here I am having a challenging time keeping this thing charged. The mouse has been plugged in all day and it sits appropriate around 35%.. I believe the mouse stops charging for some cause.. Ideal now the mouse is plugged directly into my Computer and I am not using the dock because it does not charge the mouse..I will be contacting razer on Monday and ask them about this mainly because it is a enormous difficulty.. Far more then probably they will tell me to dim the lighting and that will improve the battery life. General excellent mouse, Razer just needs to perform on the battery charging concern, which is a major situation to gamers...

Review Date: 07/07/12
The feel and the buttons. I am primarily a MMO gamer and I really like the concept of this mouse.... ...but it doesn't Work! It loses its' 'signal' generally. All the sudden I can't move my mouse. I have to unplug and replug in the receiver and then it's great for only an additional 15 minutes or so. As I am writing this it has occurred twice. I've been using wireless mice for really a although now, and have by no means had any of these problems with any other brand.Also, I ordered by way of Razer (Not Newegg) and I deeply regret it. Their consumer service is about as awful as you can get. My emails go totally ignored and I've been trying to ask for a refund for 2 weeks now. Following about three emails I get a response that says something like "So you're hunting for a refund? Or are you hunting for a replacement?"... I've gotten that response twice now. Looks like I've got a 130$ paperweight. Yay. - DO NOT ORDER THIS MOUSE DIRECT FROM RAZER. -If you're going to try this mouse, get it from Newegg. Like most Razer stuff, it feels great, but they in no way perform excellent. The software is shady and the hardware, nicely... like I mentioned, doesn't work. I wish I could discover a good non-Razer option to the Naga because I enjoy the thought of it.

Review Date: 06/24/12
Wireless, High Quality Gaming Mouse.Your choose of colors for the LED lighting. Terrible customer service. Slow shipping. I ordered my mouse on twoቬ񳏋 at approx 7ᛆam Eastern Time. These days it is 2ታ񳏋 at 10ᛕam Eastern Time and the mouse has only created it from CA to KS. So roughly half way across the nation. So I still have approx four days left to wait. Now, I ordered this item directly from Razerzone.com, not from Newegg like I usually do. I will by no means make that mistake again. On razerzone.com, it states that if you spot your order by 11am your item would ship the very same day. It didnt. It shipped two days later. When I known as their buyer service to see what the dilemma was and just to vent. They seemed fully indifferent and uncaring. One particular agent actually laughed at me for being upset about the slow shipping. At this point, this mouse far better blow my mind or Razer will never ever get my business once again. I have in no way noticed a Pc element maker that just doesnt care about their customers. I guess there is a initial time for every little thing. I fully grasp that Razer doesnt control how fast items are transported, however they didnt ship the identical day like they stated on their internet site. But, they also will need to recognize that just seeming a small apologetic toward a disgruntled customer and letting them vent at times will make them content and costs the corporation nothing. I normally hate when individuals rate a product low because of the organization that makes it. Due to the fact the excellent client service doesnt straight relate to the top quality of the product. Even so, I thought this needed to be stated about Razer. Also, if I am getting treated like this just before I truly have a challenge with the product itself, how are they going to treat me when/if the mouse breaks and I need an RMA or Tech Support?Just some food for believed. Also, I will post an review of the product as soon as I truly get it.

Review Date: 06/02/12
-Adjustable grips are incredible, and magnetic. No clicking/snapping them in, incredibly effortless, quite cool.-Charging station very heavy, sturdy, and magnets guide mouse connections appropriate into the dock.-Colors are wonderful on the mouse, really cool function.-Scroll Wheel has excellent resistance, feels fantastic.-Thumb pad is freaking incredible.-Wireless/wired options are great to have.-Product Packaging was cool. Good high good quality black/green box inside.-Included rubber 'feet' or 'guides' to place on the thumb pad. 2 different varieties and a lot. Idea is equivalent to the ridges on the j and f keys on a keyboard. Can place as many as you want, exactly where you want. Very amazing for receiving utilized to the mouse. No *TRUE* Cons, see other thoughts:-Mouse buttons are hair trigger sensitive. Finding utilised to the thumb pad usually causes unintentional clicks at initial.-I rather expected it to incorporate a case for the accessories. Don't get me incorrect, the box is nice, but the way its packaged isn't convenient for swapping grips. The box is pretty much a puzzle. Couldn't place it back together at first. Felt stupid. Virtually removed an egg for the box making me appear stupid. The cons are barely cons, and are hardly an situation 99% of the time. As soon as you get comfy with the mouse and get handy (pun intended) with the thumb pad, it's incredible. Natural really feel, flow, and ease of access.

Review Date: 05/29/12
Buttons, buttons, buttons. Excellent feel and response - when plugged in. ...but I bought a wireless mouse. Related issues to others right here: when in wireless mode, no matter if in a game or just on a desktop, the cursor hiccups and freezes consistently. On the desktop it's annoying; in a game, it's unplayable. I have the 1.02 firmware and 3.01 drivers. As soon as I plug the mouse in through USB, all troubles right away cease. Go back to wireless, and it's teleport land. Terrible. From the other critiques on here I don't have significantly confidence in Razer support, but I'll attempt this week anyway; otherwise, it's RMA-land and a diverse brand. All the fancy packaging is sort of a waste of resources maybe superior spent in producing positive the point functions ideal.

Review Date: 04/18/12
Cons: ony charging throu USB non independant power charging

Pros: very hi quality, wireless and wiered hi level of DIP a lot of macro can fit in
exellent MMO mouse (probably the best) a lot of short cut botton (12) and very reactive Razer is doing a great job

Review Date: 04/07/12
Greatest mouse I've ever owned, hands down. Geared toward MMO gamers clearly but I've had the original Naga because it's release and it replaced my G5, G9, MX, G500, G700. In fact like it much better for FPS than the G9 because you can have specifically what you want where ever it's easiest for you to reach, and the new customizable grips are really comfortable, a big bonus more than the orignal. They moved the two buttons on the left mouse button to the center of the mouse just beneath the scroll wheel. You don't accidently click something when trying to actuate them---ever. Had that difficulty on the original in spite of months of use, and on top rated of everything else when you clicked one particular it was impossible not to move th emose at the exact same time.Customizable DPI settings with five methods all the way up to 5600.Battery life varies drastically depending on your polling rate, but I average 6-8hrs it seems like while gaming at 1000HzBRAIDED plug-in cable! A lot more functionality than any other mouse I've ownd Price tag.Possiblly personal prefrence but could maybe use a different foot or so on the cable length.The two buttons moved from the left mouse button are now less accessible than before, but it's a fair trade off, see above^^Lacks the left/right scroll wheel actuation like the G5/G9 series offers but tends to make up for it with a total of 17 different actuations Sleek packaging like often with Razer, 2 organization day delivery from Newegg : )DO NOT attempt and order this from the Razer retailer or you'll be waiting a though, order whilst the Egg has them in stock, been waiting 3 months since Razer "pre-order" and the dates are continuously pushed backOwned: G5, G9, MX --, G500, G700, Naga original, Deathadder, R.A.T 9Naga Epic beats them all- 68 Different Keybinds with Sft, Ctrl, Win, Alt + mouse buttonsNot practically the customizability of the R.A.T but it's got every little thing else you could want for comp. playUpgrade to Firmware 1.02 when you get yoursWorking with mine to rock RIFT Beta correct now...Specsɇx GTX 480 Tri-SLI + 8800GTX Physicsi7 920 @ four.65GhzGskill 2100Mhz RAMTagan BZ 1100w + OCZ MODXStream 700w dual energy 3x Dell 3007 WFP-HCDual loop custom water + Heatkiller REV3, Ʊ EK Full cover GTX480 blocks + DD 8800GTX block2x XSPC RX 360, 1x Black Ice Pro Stealth GT 240, 1x XSPC RX 120Custom built and modded Black Pearl

Review Date: 02/24/12
buttons. appears that i have the exact same troubles that others are stating with the mouse suddenly going dead. battery is full. receiver is no a lot more then 2-three feet away. lost all it's settings and no matter what settings i made to it through the razer software program it had zero effect. set the color and it refused to do anything but go by means of the color spectrum... THE only way to get the mouse to behave properly was to plug the usb straight into the mouse. appears a software conflict and/or driver concern. when i looked at the device listed in windows 7 it had changed from "USB Composite Device" with a mouse icon to one that was the same name "atleast" but had changed to a keyboard icon... : / it's new. not just new as in when i purchased it but also as in improvement. adding wireless as a function is the concern i believe and with time i hope they iron it's function out for this device. Manufacturer Response:Hello,Please do make confident you are using the most recent firmware and drivers for your Razer Naga. You can discover those at www.razersupport.com/downloads. The difficulties you are reporting really should not be happening and if they are please make contact with the Razer Help Team at www.razersupport.com/email or in the US or Canada you can call them at 888-697-2037. They will be pleased to assist you resolve any problems you could be experiencing.
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Product Features

Gaming Mouse Laser Sensor
5600DPI USB Connection

Razer RZ01-00510100-R3U1 Naga Epic Elite MMO Gaming Mouse
Enrich your gaming session using the Razer Naga Epic Elite MMO Gaming Mouse. This gaming mouse is engineered to deliver total convenience for its users. It features three interchangeable side panels to fit your grip in style that offers maximum comfort even for long hours of gaming. This mouse takes complete control of your gaming with its 17 MMO-optimized buttons. It comes as a dual mode that can be operated on both power and battery. You can play for extended hours as this mouse shows a battery life of up to 12hrs when used continuously and up to 72 hours when used normally. Plus, this gaming mouse is designed with a classy black and pleasing purple shade. You get a charging dock that also functions as a wireless receiver unit. Grab the Razer Naga Epic Elite MMO Gaming Mouse right away!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • 17 MMO-optimized Buttons; delivers optimized, ergonomic control while gaming
  • Three Interchangeable Side Panels; suits different hand sizes and grip styles for maximum comfort
  • Dual mode; operated on both power and battery

Product Specifications

Name Naga Epic
Model RZ01-00510100-R3U1
Type Wired / Wireless dual mode
Interface USB
Tracking Method Laser
Buttons 17
Scrolling Capability 1 x Wheel
Color Black
Maximum dpi 5600 dpi
Features 17 Fully-programmable MMO-optimized buttons (including 12 button thumb grid)
Wired / Wireless dual mode capability
Wireless: USB 2.4ghz dongle (with wired-mode connector port)
3 Interchangeable side panels
Charging dock (also functions as a wireless receiver unit)
Unlimited character profiles with AddOns
Optional MMO-specific software AddOns
16 million color backlight illumination
5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Laser Sensor
1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response time
Battery Life: 12hrs (continuous use); 72 hours (normal gaming usage)
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 2 years limited
Labor 2 years limited
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