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Thermaltake BlacX 5G 2.5/3.5IN SATA3 Hard Drive Docking Station USB3.0

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Thermaltake BlacX 5G ST0019U Black Docking Station
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Product Reviews

Thermaltake BlacX 5G 2.5/3.5IN SATA3 Hard Drive Docking Station USB3.0
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.48/10
Cheol Sun_P@NCIX

Review Date: 01/20/14
Cons: - Just a little bit expensive

Pros: - Easy Setup- Nice packing job- Good look- Just what I needed
Very Fast setup, ready to go.Great tool for people who has a lot of hard drives.Fast transfer speed. Very satisfied. - Just a little bit expensive- Easy Setup- Nice packing job- Good look- Just what I needed

Review Date: 12/18/13
Cons: - I don't very like MIR ... why don't TT just discount the 15$ ?

Pros: - very useful and nice gadget to have !- good 3 year warranty- very fast with USB3.0
Wow I bought this so I can use a 2.5" HDD to backup my important data and I have to say that I'm very impressed by what this dock can do !I also bought a new hdd to replace a dying one and had to clone the old to the new, there wasn't a SATA power plug left so I gave a try with this while lauching CloneZilla live cd. I powered the dock after Clonezilla was booted and just before choosing which drive was the source one, Clonezilla was listing the new 750GB (which was in this dock) just as if it was an HDD plugged normally inside the case !!! I was trying this as a last chance ... very fast with USB3.0

Review Date: 11/26/13
Cons: None really

Pros: Easy portable solutionPerformances are on par with SATA2
Great little gadget we got here.I just refurbished my wife's machine which means my mom's machine got a bunch a new parts to replace parts that end up in my dad's.You can picture how many time I had to move data from an old HDD to a less old HDD.It worked like a charm every time and saved me a lot of trouble.

Review Date: 11/24/13
Cons: None so far.

Pros: Easy to use
Works as advertised. Currently using it with 500gb WD HDD. No issues so far with decent file transfer speed.

Review Date: 11/17/13
Cons: Price match ne fonctionnait pas lors de l'achat.

Pros: Vitesse, qualité, beauté.
Je suis toujours satisfais de mon produit, malgré l'absence de la fonctionalitée price match qui ma couté 10$ de plus chez ncix.Je recommande haut la main.

Review Date: 09/03/13
Operates great. I have the USB 2. and USB three. versions of this solution. Thermaltake changed their energy supply manufacturer for the new version. Sadly, this new manufacturer tends to make power supplies that emit a higher-pitched whine. Granted, I have sensitive ears. This whine may possibly not bother some folks. I ended up utilizing the "old" power provide from the USB 2. version of this product on the USB three. version and it worked fine. Nonetheless, the declining energy supply good quality suggests terrible component sourcing and interest to detail. Manufacturer Response:Dear Client, We at Thermaltake apologize for the inconvenience this may well have triggered you. Please speak to ttsupport@thermaltakeusa.com for warranty instruction. Best regards,

Review Date: 06/16/13
As seams to be their practice, Thermaltake took appropriate time to 'get it proper' even though implementing the revolutionary USB 3. technologies on the new BlacX 5G USB 3. Docking Station.Obtaining the potential to hot-swap 2.five" or three.five" SATA I/II/III and SSD really hard drives up to 2TBs each, in between USB 1.1ǘ.Ǚ. on various PCs, tends to make this new docking station one particular of the most versatile and utilitarian peripherals I have ever utilised in my computing life. Consider the possibilities!And of course, USB detection (vs eSATA) won't have you saying "Oh, snap!", due to the fact it's just as easy as plugging in a digital camera to access pictures. In order to have the fastest data transfer speeds attainable, you will require a USB three. mobo (or PCIe adaptor), plus SATA six.0Gbts/s tough drives, both internal and external. I'll be obtaining yet another BlacX 5G for my second laptop, so I won't be wearing out the power adaptor's cord, moving the units numerous instances to and fro.Think about this: Using Bulk Streams (a many dat There's not a ƋG Duet' version obtainable yet. As stated in the personal computer media more than current months, 2011 will be the year of USB 3.. So fasten your seat belts, it's gonna be an expeditious ride (and not incredibly bumpy either). Bring on the speed!My drives/partitions* configuration:VelociRaptor 10,000 RPM - (C:) 7 Residence 64 (D:) My Private (E:) Photo & ImagingVelociRaptor 10,000 RPM - (F:) Game Zone (G:) Music & VideoOptical Drives - (H:) DVD-ROM (I:) DVD-RWCaviar Black 7,200 RPM SATA six.0Gbts/s on BlacX 5G USB three. - (J:) Multiplex Plus (K:) Multimedia B-U (L:) My Personal B-U(*Yes, you got it -- no RAID on my home Pc!)

Review Date: 06/13/13
Nice idea - quick swap drives, USB3. assistance. I didn't have any of the troubles (sticky eject, loud noise) other individuals here had, except... It flat out does not work. USB Mass Storage driver doesn't install properly. Thermaltake support gave me brief tips by way of email, that also did not support.I've tried anything to make this operate. When I very first got it, I got it to recognize the 1st drive I place in and it's in no way worked because. I've been attempting on and off to solve the concern for ӯ months.Big disappointment. Final Thermaltake device I will purchase. Waste of time and income. Gigabyte X58a-UD3r board w/ Win7 64bit

Review Date: 05/26/13
3. not 2. none, I haven't attempted the 3. however. My final assessment was for the USB 2., not USB three., wrong model, sorry.

Review Date: 05/03/13
Operates just fine. Reads any SATA tough drive I place in there and has pretty decent transfer speeds on usb 2. alone. A lot of persons are mentioning that USB three. isn't functioning for them all that properly and they are right. Even so, there is a way that I've located to get it to work all the time, as long as you're not planning on swapping challenging drives although your personal computer is operating.The trick to get usb three. to perform is to have this dock plugged into the personal computer in a usb 3. slot, with the dock turned on Just before you even turn the computer on. If you do that, your computer shouldn't have any problems selecting up the external difficult drive. Even nevertheless, if you are planning on swapping difficult drives a lot even though the pc is on and you want to use USB 3., that's nevertheless an concern.

Review Date: 04/20/13
Cons: large size

Pros: Solid build, no setup, super fast transfers
I bought this dock for formatting and transferring large video files from my RAW video camera. The files are huge and I wanted the fastest transfer speeds possible.Using my Sandisk Extreme 480GB SSD, I am getting 225MB/s read and write speeds. Same as my internal 2 disk RAID 0!Install was basically plug it in. The unit is heavier than I thought. Very solid build, not cheap, plastic at all.My only negative would be, maybe, possibly, it's too large is you have a small desk. Super minor point though.

Review Date: 03/23/13
In order to have the quickest data transfer speeds attainable, you will need a USB three. mobo (or PCIe adaptor), plus SATA 6.0Gbts/s tough drives, each internal and external.Take into account this: Utilizing Bulk Streams (a a number of data stream transfer approach), the USB 3. protocol is already a lot more quickly with big data transfers than eSATA. Sensible examples would be storing and updating substantial backups, or watching a seamless HD movie from an external really hard drive.As USB 3. drivers are enhanced, and far better USB three. motherboards are developed, we can count on to see a gradual and considerable boost in throughput / transfer speeds that really should leave eSATA lagging. Totally none! 90% of bad critiques for this and other goods are from persons who are as well impatient to resolve their Computer's settings/configuration troubles initial! Please attempt waiting to write a overview until Following you know what is causing a challenge. It is rarely the new item which is at fault.

Review Date: 03/14/13
Cons: poor quality control

Pros: stylish, easy setup
The product seems to work as expected. Doesn't require any special drivers outside of whats already built into windows, its a nice plug and play setup. I found the power button to stick and sometimes it wont turn on or off unless i hit it a few times. Have not had any troubles with the device itself though. Probably wouldnt buy another one but will continue to use the one I have.

Review Date: 03/05/13
Excellent time saver transferring information. None After you use someting like this you will not want to use any other technique.

Review Date: 03/03/13
Operates as expected. Runs rapidly and mount hard drives effectively. The ejection mechanism sticks and it must have an eSATA adapter on there for more choices. Operates as anticipated, but it could be greater.

Review Date: 02/20/13
Cons: None so far

Pros: Fast transferportable
Bought this at the same as I replaced my main computer drives. This made transferring data easy and fast without plugging everything inside the computer. I'll use my old hard drives as disk backup so this docking station make it a simple task.Satisfied so far.

Review Date: 02/17/13
On/Off switch is nice. It has some weight to it so it is steady setting on the desk. Functions fantastic. I applied it for secure erasing with a couple dozen Sata drives - 3.five and two.5 kind element. Had no problems with the release button. Great buy for the price tag. Good lengthy connecting cable - functions good. None so far. Pleased I bought this - it'll be handy for swift drive searches and fixes in the future. I like it.

Review Date: 02/06/13
Cons: Poor reliability.

Pros: Good looking.
It failed to recognize my hard drives, tested two Seagate, both 500 GB SATA2, one is 2.5" (brand new) and the other is 3.5" (in excellent condition), tested on 3 different PCs, also tried both USB 2.0 and 3.0, still had no luck. When the bay was empty, my PCs could detect the docking station and said no media, however, when a hard drive was inserted, nothing could be detected. I took it back to return and got the Mediasonic 4X docking station instead. The Mediasonic works just fine.

Review Date: 01/20/13
Quite handy, I use this with 3 diverse 1TB difficult drives to back up various information on every. The ease of use is fantastic, no far more swapping drives in or out of an external enclosure. Not certain why.. but the drive at times will unmount if the laptop or computer goes to sleep. Typically when the drive spins down following not being use for a period of time, the drive will not spin back up when the computer attempts to access the drive. When this occurs, I have to power down the Thermaltake unit and then restart, typically without any troubles. Its just bothersome that it does not wake when accessed, and even a lot more bothersome when I get the message that the disk was not adequately ejected... Not positive if this is a computer concern or a problem with the USB external adapter... I'm working with a quad iMac, looking the Thermaltake or Apple site does not lead to any resolutions.

Review Date: 01/11/13
Cons: Lack of tech support. Lack of decent documentation.

Pros: Convenient to swap drives. Simple setup.
Purchased because I like the idea of swapping drives. Setup is simple. Don't need to be a techie.The documentation is almost non-existant. For example, covers included, why are they included and which way do they go on. You would figure these would be answered easily.Contacted Thermaltake's tech support by the online form. Wanted to verify if the firmware I had is the latest. Ran the application but it didn't detect my docking station. Docking station is working as I can access data on it. Docking station connected to a USB3 port. I figured they'd respond during this "normal" week but didn't. [Funny. the firmware application has more documentation (although amateurish) than what came with the docking station.]

Review Date: 12/02/12
Quality construction, and focus to detail. Upon initial use, the docking station door does turn out to be scratched from inserting the challenging drive. This is the type of item that must be in every single user's toolbox.

Review Date: 11/25/12
Consists of USB 3. cable, silicone sleeves for two.five and three.five in difficult drives. None It just operates, and operates properly.
Kevin A_M@NCIX

Review Date: 11/17/12
Cons: Costly, not as versatile as others with respect to power options, ac adapter sucks, some design papercuts

Pros: Works with Linux, Cutting edge standards, Versatile, Useful, Fast (probably).
Works with Linux: In case you were worried about Linux support for USB3, you can rest assured that it was flawlessly handled out of the box by the xhci USB3 subsystem of Linux kernel 3.6. Cutting edge standards: USB and SATA 3.Versatile: laptop and desktop drives backward compatible to usb and sata 1.Useful: more so than you think even if you already think it might be useful.Fast: I've only tested it with my slow 5400 rpm laptop hard drive, but I can at least say that in this case it delievered throughput and latency indistinguishable from an internal connection to the same drive.**************************************************************Costly: A bit extra cash to shell out for the cutting edge stuff. USB 2 equivalent is 1/2-2/3 the price depending on promotions.Not as versatile as others: The unit requires a separate AC adapter for operation in all circumstances. Other similar "Swiss army" tools will often power a laptop SATA drive solely from USB power and require external adapter for desktop drives.AC Adapter kind of sucks: as per usual with drive enclosures and the like, the AC adapter looks really cheesy and takes up multiple spaces on the power bar.Design papercuts: I had to remove my laptop drive from its caddy to fit into the 2.5" slot in the cover, which was kind of annoying. When I did remove it, the opening was too large and the drive was kind of flapping in the wind held only by the SATA connector. I'm concerned about the kind of stress this puts on solder points of the connector. Best try not to put too much force on it and use the eject button rather than yanking it out. Even under the best conditions, SATA connectors are only rated for a small number of connect/disconnect cycles before failure on either end. As someone else mentoined, the hard drive caddies could leave the drives less exposed - they also don't appear to have any anti-static properties.****************************************************************Allthough it appears I have a lot to complain about, I'm pretty happy with my purchase. I don't expect mountains to be moved just because I shell out less than $50. Therefore, due mostly to it's as-advertised utility and speed (at least as far as I've yet been able to tell), I give this a 4 star rating. This review was modfied by poster @ 11-17-12 06:03 PM

Review Date: 09/07/12
It worked well for 6 weeks then kaput Was returned to Thermalke twice and both occasions was returned with the assurance that it was operating and checked out. In the meantime I had purchased a competitors dock for USB three. and it worked perfectly. Immediately after the manufacturer let me know that they would not refund my purchase price tag and that the seller had to do it. The seller has only a 30 day window in which they will problem a refund so I am left with a โ piece of junk. Tried it on a lot more than one particular computer and on USB 2. as effectively as 3.. Did not function on either but I checked the difficult drive by connecting it to the personal computer straight and it functions perfectly. The one and only time I will obtain something created by Thermalke.

Review Date: 07/29/12
Cons: Others will constantly want to borrow it

Pros: Works greatEasy useGood price for how useful it is
If you work on computers a lot, have multiple computers, have a laptop, or have a lot of extra SATA drives laying around, a hard drive docking bay is a must have item.I had the original USB 2 model but my brother-in-law kept on borrowing it. So I've let him keep it and upgraded to the USB 3 version and very glad I did.So much faster, same easy setup and use. It's how all products should be: it just works.Doing a long-distance move and will be without desktop PC's for a month, so I can yank out all the drives, take them with me, and access them on my laptop to get any data needed. Also great for doing backups with all those older smaller SATA drives I have lying around.
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Product Features

Thermaltake ST0019U BlacX 5G HD Dock
A compact docking station, the Thermaltake ST0019U BlacX 5G HD Dock maximizes heat dissipation and exhaust for all 2.5 and 3.5-inch SATA hard drives up to 2TB. The BlacX offers hot-swap capability for rapid multi HDD access and exchange. It supports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ? Maximum Transfer Rate up to 5.0 Gbps. The RoHS-compliant Thermaltake ST0019U BlacX 5G HD Dock is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and is Windows 7 ? 32 & 64-bit Ready. The Thermaltake ST0019U BlacX 5G HD Dock's patented design allows you to safely detach SATA hard drives without risking damage. Made of durable ABS plastic, the Blac will keep your hard drive cool and efficient for years to come.

What It Is and Why You Need It

  • Safely Detach SATA Hard Drives Without Damage !!
  • Easily Connects All 2.5? & 3.5? SATA Hard Drives
  • 2.5? & 3.5? USB SATA HDD Docking Station, Supports All 2.5? & 3.5? SATA Hard Drives up to 2TB !!

A Closer Look


  • Enclosure Interface: SATA / SSD to USB 3.0
  • Transfer Rate: USB 3.0: up to 5Gbps
  • HDD Compatible: SATA I / II / III & SSD
  • HDD Capacity: All Standard 2.5? or 3.5? SATA & SSD Hard Drives
  • OS Compatible:
    • Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2003 / 2000
    • Mac 10.3 and later
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Power: Input: 100-240V / 50-60Hz ; Output: 12V / 2A
  • Dimension:
    • 136 (W) x 73 (D) x 88 (H) mm
    • 5.35 (W) x 2.87 (D) x 3.46 (H) inch
  • Accessory:
    • USB 3.0 Cable
    • Power Adaptor (CE, FCC, GOST R Certified)
    • HDD Silicon Jacket - 3.5" (x1) & 2.5" (x1)
  • Fan: N/A
  • Weight: 312 g / 0.69 lbs
  • Special Features: *Supports SATA III (6 Gb/s) Hard Drives with maximum speed up to 5.0 Gb/s (maximum theoretical speed offered by USB 3.0).


  • Supports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ? Maximum Transfer Rate up to 5.0 Gbps.
  • Backward-Compatible with USB 2.0 (Max: 480 Mbps) & 1.1 (Max: 12 Mbps).
  • Premium Shielded USB 3.0 Cable ? Corrosion Resistant Plating & Heavy Gauge Wires for Years of Reliable Use. .
  • Plug & Play Installation ? Ready to Work in seconds, No Software needed.
  • Supports 2.5? & 3.5? SATA I/II/3.0 & SSD Hard Drives up to 2 TB.
  • Hot-Swap Capability for Rapid Multi HDDs Access & Exchange.
  • Trendy Docking Station Design maximizes Heat Dissipation & Exhaust.
  • Windows & Mac OS Compatible.
  • Windows 7 ? 32 & 64-bit Ready !
  • Supports SATA III (6 Gb/s) Hard Drives with maximum speed up to 5.0 Gb/s (maximum theoretical speed offered by USB 3.0)

Product Specifications

Brand Thermaltake
Series BlacX 5G
Model ST0019U
Color Black
Size 2.5" & 3.5"
AC Adapter Yes
Material ABS Plastic
Internal Interface SATA I/II/III
External Interface USB 3.0
Fan No
Specifications HDD Compatible: SATA I / II / III & SSD

HDD Capacity : All Standard 2.5" or 3.5" SATA & SSD Hard Drives

OS Compatible : Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2003 / 2000, Mac 10.3 and later

Power: Input: 100-240V / 50-60Hz ; Output: 12V / 2A
Features Supports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed – Maximum Transfer Rate up to 5.0 Gbps

Supports 2.5" & 3.5" SATA I/II/III & SSD Hard Drives up to 2 TB

Premium Shielded USB 3.0 Cable – Corrosion Resistant Plating & Heavy Gauge Wires for Years of Reliable Use

Plug & Play Installation – Ready to Work in seconds, No Software needed

Hot-Swap Capability for Rapid Multi HDDs Access & Exchange

Trendy Docking Station Design maximizes Heat Dissipation & Exhaust
Physical Spec
Dimensions 136 x 73 x 88 mm / 5.35" x 2.87" x 3.46"
Weight 312 g / 0.69 lbs.
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 1 year limited
Labor 1 year limited

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