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AMD Athlon II X3 450 3.2GHz Socket AM3 95W Triple-Core Desktop Processor

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Product Reviews

AMD Athlon II X3 450 3.2GHz Socket AM3 95W Triple-Core Desktop Processor
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.75/10

Review Date: 08/24/13
Unlockable 4th core and multiplier came unlocked. Though my motherboard wanted nothing to do with any of that. No bother. I got this proc to do VC1 (wmvhd) playback on my HD motion pictures. Could have been able to pull this off with the x3 3.0ghz, but didn't want to take a chance. I got this and it performs flawlessly I was hoping to get a less costly proc to do my VC1 HD playback, but I had to devote a lil a lot more to get that. I borrowed a pals x2 two.eight ghz was virtually there, but would nonetheless drop a few noticable frames. I'm not confident if it is a 3ghz or a 3rd core factor that got it going, but I'm pleased. Wish I could have spent much less though. I've been attempting to come across an individual to inform me if this kind of information so I thought I would let builders like me know that this is fairly much the base proc to get if you wanna do vc1 playback on the CPU. I know you can do playback on affordable video cards, but I had to use the video card I had cause it has element out to my old 65inch 1080i projection television. All these new fancy cards didn't have element out. I know... I require a new tv, but this proc got me by till I get a new Television once again. Thanks AMD!

Review Date: 08/23/13
unlocked to phenom x4 b50 by enabling acc in the bios and disabling amd cool annd rather . fortunate me i got 6 mb L3 Cache as Deneb what con it just luck often because i purchased 2 of this CPU and built two rigs . a single for my brother and a single me . making use of the exact same motherboard my brother his did not unlocked to quad core but mine did .

Review Date: 08/17/13
With Giga motherboard painless convert to 4 cores at three.84 (so far) steady with modest voltage tweak. Could almost certainly hit 4GHz with a bit much more tweaking. Runs cool. Nothin that sticks out. Just a great deal. Quite satisfied.

Review Date: 07/31/13
Was capable to unlock and overclock. 3.7 on 3 cores and three.4 on all four cores. Easy unlock on ASUS motherboard and amd overdrive software program is fantastic. None No L3 cache on mine but it is nevertheless a great cpu regaurdless. cpu W.E. score 7.4 (after unlock). Also retain in thoughts this cpu will not go any highier than 1.35 volts.

Review Date: 07/30/13
Amazing cost! 6.9 in windows 7. Was capable to unlock 4th core with my Asus mobo! Now a 7.three in windows 7!!!! Enormous upgrade from my core 2 duo @ two.four!! Couldn't unlock the L3 Immediately after i unlocked the processor, it now says that its a Phenom II X4!

Review Date: 07/29/13
Construct my 1st pc with this processor and it's running excellent! Haven't had a single hiccup with this processor and it multitasks like a dream. Can play WoW at 70+ fps and appear on the online/listen music at the same time with no any challenge. none

Review Date: 07/28/13
a snap to install in my biostar ta890gxb require a greater cooler so i can unlock my 4treh co

Review Date: 07/22/13
quickly, does the job fan is too loud I was pleased with this product, the only downfall for me is that the cpu fan is also loud...

Review Date: 07/12/13
Great cpu for the price tag unlocked the fourth core with ease as the other overview mentioned it brought my windows encounter from six.9 to 7.three. 7.3ǝ.9 is fairly great for the 80 dollar cost tag if you ask me. The heat sink that comes with it is great sufficient for unlocking the 4th core its about 45c below function load which is well within exceptionable use. Not at all exactly where amd shines

Review Date: 06/30/13
Common higher-quality AMD CPU. I couldn't unlock far more than the 3 cores on my Asus MB, but it isn't like I expected to be capable to anyway...

Review Date: 06/06/13
I am lucky to have the 4th core unlocked and OC to three.6 devoid of tinkering. Nothing. MSI 880GMA E53 board with unlocking and OC bios setting.

Review Date: 06/05/13
I built a new computer with Globe of Warcraft in mind. Combine this with a 5670 video card and you've got an incredible price tag/performance ratio. None

Review Date: 05/16/13
Runs fast, I'm upgrading from a turion dual core even though, so no fair comparison. Performs excellent. Paired with ASRock Mobo, 4th core unlocked, but not stable sufficient to boot windows. Payed for a triple core, got a triple core. Unless your performing bleeding edge gaming this CPU with a AMD 5770 plays anything on 1080p higher settings devoid of difficulties, rapid sufficient for daily use.

Review Date: 05/11/13
I did not know what to count on when I bought this cpu.Hands down this cpu is incredible! It was uncomplicated for me to unlock the 4th core and I OC'ed it from 3.2ghz to three.8ghz. Even although I unlocked the 4th core and OC'ed it, I can't seem to discover the further 6mb of L3 cache every person is raving about!!!

Review Date: 05/09/13
amd.. which signifies tough and dependable. really cool operating on 3 cores.. overclocks good.. three.5 stable utilizing burn in 2008 all night wish i could have unlocked it to a x4 denab... got a phenom ii x4 b 50 propus.. no l3 cache. NOT A CON AT ALL! im just bein greedy ;) just to see how far it can go i took the bus speed up to 250 and the multiplier to 15.five. ran at three.875mhz 32c steady with thermaltake contac30!!! but maintaining it at three.5mhz

Review Date: 05/03/13
worked out of the box. no difficulties. paired it with the MSI 870-G45 AM3 AMD 770 ATX AMD Motherboard and unlocked the 4th core with no issues. it now shows up as a quad-core phenom II. none

Review Date: 04/26/13
Eggcellent worth. A major step up from the old program that had a Celeron D 420. Following I settled on the Athlon II, the triple core seemed like the ideal alternative in the cost range. Incorporated HSF is kinda pitiful. I haven't handled a chip with pins in a couple of years... makes me a bit nervous. We mainly function with Dell Optiplex/Latitudes and Apple Intel Mac's at work. Intel's LGA style is a lot less complicated to handle.For the cash, no complaints. My upgrade on a fairly tight price range (spent 趁):AMD Athlon II X3 450MSI 870A-G45 (SATA III, USB 3., and so on.)G.Skill 4GB DDR3 1600 F3-12800CL9D-4GBXL

Review Date: 04/21/13
An remarkable processor can deal with any game I can throw at it although nevertheless having the convenience of multi-tasking. I was also in a position to unlock into a quad core and it EVEN had the 6MB L3 cache which I was really excited to see. I managed to overclock it to four.0Ghz but the temperatures have been uncomfortably higher so I'm maintaining at three.6Ghz rather till I get a superior CPU fan. Even though playing StarCraft two I occasionally get odd crashes which began when I place in the new processor. It's weird even though because I've tested it with Prime95 for a complete evening unlocked and overclocked with no failures. Great processor and the 4th core and L3 cache were a Incredibly good bonus.

Review Date: 04/18/13
Unlockable core. Win 7 64 bit views it as a phenom quad coreStock heat sink is adequate Whilst adequate, you'll in all probability want to upgrade the Heat sink if you do any overclocking or gaming.

Review Date: 04/02/13
3.2gigs...rapidly enoughfor ๠ duughter pc is more quickly than mine....attempted to unlock on gigabyte mobo,,,,didnt....but runs cool....three.two;;;;she doesnt will need any faster....she loves it nuff stated if was in my personal computer would push it....oh and most reviewers on here Hi tech ....arent

Review Date: 04/01/13
I purchased this for a class I was teaching - Develop Your Personal Laptop. I paired it with an Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3, two sticks of Kingston 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) Desktop Memory Model KVR1333D3N9ǚG, XFX HD-485X-ZNFC Radeon HD 4850 1GB 256-bit DDR3 PCI Express two. x16, and a Western Digital Caviar Black WD5002AALX 500GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA six.0Gb/s 3.five. Booted correct off and right after installing all the updates and MomBd drivers I have a rocking machine. All windows encounter ratings are above 7.1 except the challenging drive at 5.9 (I suspect I have completed one thing incorrect - ought to Study The Funny Manual ! The 4th core unlocked NP but I may lock it back down due to the fact it does not influence my WEI of 7.1 and this build is strong no require to tweek cept the HD issue. It is way too significantly enjoyable to play with. I utilised an old case, stock fan (CPU at 34 but will go into higher 40s although gaming all acceptable), an additional old DVD R/W, 450W ATX2 PS, and leftovers from other builds.

Review Date: 03/10/13
It is as advertised, a triple-core Athlon II. Blazing quick, aspect of a new make (my upgrade from a 6 y/o P4!), appreciate this CPU. Insufficient thermal compound on the heat sink, but not enough of a bother to dock an egg (thermal compound is cheap). I was hoping to unlock the fourth core, but it seems AMD's die sort folks have performed their job, so I can't complain about QC. AMD, get your defects below control!

Review Date: 03/09/13
Unlocked complete on Deneb with 6mg L3 cache!! "AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 B50; Deneb Core L3 6 Mbytes 48 way."I under no circumstances get lucky in fact luck and me just don't appear to get along. But (knock on wood) this puppy unlocked to a quad core with the operating L3 cache. I had to RMA the 1st a single due to a undesirable memory controller, didn't expect this one particular to unlock, I figured all these have been extended due to the fact gone. Minor flaw with temps but a fair trade in my opinon! AMD need to be ashamed of the stock heatsinks they ship with these. (Just cut aluminum blocks, mine looks like it was cut with a table saw and in no way sanded at all.) And if your hoping to unlock or OC you need to think about the price of decent heatsink vs the Phenom's with the far better heatsinks. If you already have a good heatsink then go for it, even at 3 cores these are quite sturdy and rapidly cpu's at 4 cores there monsters. With the additional core unlocked I can not see the individual core temps but CPUID's Hardware monitor nevertheless reports overall Cpu temp (which is all I want.) And it's not stable with four cores at one hundred%, effectively at least my computer freezes but that may possibly not be the cpu's fault, even so any three cores can run one hundred%. I went ahead and bumped the voltage on the cpu and northbridge and so far so good, WIE rating of 7.four running at 3.36. But I'm no master oc'er and I don't have the best PSU in truth I'm shocked it's held up as nicely as it has and my Asrock 890GX S3 isn't recognized to be a excellent overclocker either but I haven't ran into something as a result far other than anxiety test that has come close to pushing this to one hundred% so I'm freakin thrilled with my 79.00 acquire!!Nominated for the Consumer Selection Award.

Review Date: 03/06/13
1. Runs cool (idle 39*C)two. Unlockable 4th Core! You can turn this CPU into a quad core. How awesome is that? Took 5 minutes to do (only two settings will need to be changed in bios).3. Great price tag for what you get. 1. Fan has moderate sound. Not also loud but wish it was a small quieter. Not adequate to take an egg off even though. Men and women who buy intel cpus dont realize it provides them only tiny FPS gains in video games. In other words - they are hardly worth the cash. Some men and women just like bragging rights... But if you want performance for the $, this is what you need to have.

Review Date: 02/05/13
Unlocked to AMD Phenom II X4 B50.CPU Benchmark score increases from � to �. Mobo: BIOSTAR A770E3 None. If you use BIOSTAR A770E3 update the BIOS for stable core unlocking.
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Product Features

Socket-AM3 Tri-Core AMD CPU
Fan Included Heat Sink

AMD ADX450WFGMBOX Athlon II X3 450 Triple Core Processor
Deliver more sophisticated solutions with the leading-edge technology of AMD ADX450WFGMBOX Athlon II? 400 Series processor. Built from the ground up for great performance, the AMD ADX450WFGMBOX Athlon II X3 450 Triple Core Processor incorporates 1.5MB of high-speed L2 cache and high-speed DDR2 or DDR3 memory. Speed through complex multitasking, critical business productivity, advanced visual design and modeling and visually stunning digital media and entertainment. Whether it's a single solution or an enterprise system, the AMD ADX450WFGMBOX Athlon II X3 450 processor has the power to perform.

What It Is & Why You Need It:

  • With AMD64 Technology, you can enjoy incredibly sharp audio, jaw-dropping performance, and graphics so intense it's hard to tell what's real and what's not.
  • Enjoy accelerated video with extreme resolution, quality, and performance for a mobile entertainment experience.
  • High definition entertainment that's light years ahead.

AMD Athlon II processors include AMD Digital Media XPress? 2.0 technology, advanced technology that delivers sharper and more lifelike 3D graphics. Also AMD's advanced power management technology can help reduce PCs' heat output and increase power efficiency. Discover amazing speed with True Triple Core Performance. The AMD ADX450WFGMBOX Athlon II 450 processor is advanced technology.

A Closer Look

Product Specifications

Brand AMD
Series Athlon II X3
CPU Socket Type
CPU Socket Type Socket AM3
Tech Spec
Core Rana
Multi-Core Triple-Core
Name Athlon II X3 450
Operating Frequency 3.2GHz
Hyper Transports 4000MHz
L1 Cache 3 x 128KB
L2 Cache 3 x 512KB
Manufacturing Tech 45 nm
64 bit Support Yes
Hyper-Transport Support Yes
Virtualization Technology Support Yes
Voltage 0.85V - 1.4V
Thermal Design Power 95W
Cooling Device Heatsink and Fan included
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 3 years limited
Labor 3 years limited
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