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177666-B21 HP PIII X900MHz DL760 G1 $137.22 CAD
191220-B21 HP HZ Xeon 1MB CPU DL580 G2 $187.14 CAD
191224-B21 HP Xeon 2.4GHz ML530 G2 $162.18 CAD
201097-B21 HP Pentium III 1.13Hz DL380 G2 $116.94 CAD
201098-B21 HP PIII 1.26GHz 512KB DL380 G2 $103.94 CAD
201099-B21 HP Pentium III 1.4GHz DL380 G2 $116.94 CAD
222627-B21 HP PIII X900MHz 2MB DL580 G1 $149.70 CAD
226775-B21 HP PIII 1.4GHz 512 CPU DL580 G2 $129.94 CAD
226776-B21 HP Xeon 1.6GHz DL580 G2 $116.94 CAD
231117-B21 HP PIII 1266 512K ML370 G2 $116.94 CAD
231118-B21 HP PIII P1400 1.4GHz ML330 G2 $149.70 CAD
233273-B21 HP PIII 1.4GHz DL360 G2 $129.94 CAD
234277-B21 HP Xeon 1.4GHz BL20P G1 $129.94 CAD
238888-B21 HP PIII P1133 1.13GHz CPU ML330 G2 $129.94 CAD
257913-B21 HP Xeon 2.4GHz DL380 G3 $116.94 CAD
257915-B21 HP Xeon 2.8GHz DL380 G3 $116.94 CAD
257916-B21 HP Xeon 3.06GHz DL380 G3 $129.94 CAD
283702-B21 HP Xeon 2.2GHz ML350 G3 $361.86 CAD
287519-B21 HP Xeon 1.5GHz DL740 G2 $723.78 CAD
287520-B21 HP Xeon 2.0GHz DL740 G2 $324.42 CAD
292892-B21 HP Xeon 2.8GHz DL360 G3 $129.94 CAD
311228-B21 HP 1.9GHz Xeon 1MB CPU DL580 G2 $129.94 CAD
311583-B21 Xeon 3.4GHz ML370 DL380 G4 $212.10 CAD
311584-B21 HP Xeon 3.6GHz ML370 DL380 G4 $137.22 CAD
316898-B21 HP 3.0GHz Xeon ML530 G2 $224.58 CAD
322472-B21 HP Xeon 3.06GHz DL360 G3 $137.22 CAD
323139-B21 HP Intel Xeon 2.4GHz ML330 G3 $324.42 CAD
325253-B21 HP 2.5GHz Xeon 1MB CPU DL580 G2 $129.94 CAD
325254-B21 HP Xeon MP 2.8GHz DL580 G2 $137.22 CAD
331002-B21 Xeon 2.0GHz DL560 G1 $199.62 CAD
331003-B21 Xeon 2.5GHz DL560 G1 $736.26 CAD
331004-B21 Xeon 2.8GHz DL560 G1 $474.18 CAD
333713-B21 HP Xeon 3.06GHz DL380 G3 $116.94 CAD
333714-B21 HP Xeon 3.2GHz DL380 G3 $116.94 CAD
334036-B21 HP Xeon 2.0GHz DL740 G2 $411.78 CAD
334037-B21 HP Xeon 2.8GHz DL740 G2 $311.94 CAD
339072-B21 HP Xeon 2.5GHz DL740 G2 $723.78 CAD
345321-B21 HP 2.2GHz Xeon 2MB CPU DL580 G2 $129.94 CAD
345322-B21 HP 2.7GHz Xeon 2MB CPU DL580 G2 $149.70 CAD
345323-B21 HP 3.0GHz Xeon 4MB CPU DL580 G2 $129.94 CAD
346989-B21 Xeon 2.7GHz DL560 G1 $137.22 CAD
346990-B21 Xeon 3.0GHz 4MB Option Kit $123.37 CAD
348110-B21 Xeon 3.0GHz ML570 DL580 G3 $129.94 CAD
348111-B21 Xeon 3.33GHz ML570 DL580 G3 $249.54 CAD
351050-B21 HP Xeon 3.0GHz DL740 G2 $374.34 CAD
351051-B21 HP Xeon 2.7GHz DL740 G2 $237.06 CAD
352567-B21 HP Xeon 2.8GHz ML350 G3 $187.14 CAD
352568-B21 HP Xeon 3.2GHz DL380 G3 $137.22 CAD
354582-B21 Xeon 3.4GHz DL360 G4 $174.66 CAD
354583-B21 HP Intel Xeon 3.6GHz DL360 G4 $162.18 CAD
358345-B21 HP Xeon 3.2GHz ML350 G4 $199.62 CAD
361035-B21 HP AMD Opteron 1.8GHz DL145 G1 $129.94 CAD
361036-B21 HP AMD Opteron 2.2GHz DL145 G1 $103.94 CAD
361412-B21 HP Xeon 3.4GHz BL20p G3 $174.66 CAD
361413-B21 HP Xeon 3.20GHz BL20p G3 $174.66 CAD
366619-B21 AMD Opteron 2.4GHz DL145 G1 $129.94 CAD
368152-B21 HP Xeon 3.0GHz DL360 G4 $137.22 CAD
370513-B21 HP Xeon 3.4GHz ML350 G4 $237.06 CAD
371541-B21 HP Xeon 2.8GHz ML150 G2 $311.94 CAD
371543-B21 HP Xeon 3.2GHz ML150 G2 $129.94 CAD
374492-B21 Xeon 3.2GHz ML370 DL380 G4 $137.22 CAD
375369-B21 Xeon 3.16GHz ML570 DL580 G3 $129.94 CAD
376189-B21 AMD Opteron 2.4GHz DL385 G1 $129.94 CAD
376243-B21 HP Xeon 3.4GHz DL360 G4p $129.94 CAD
378749-B21 Xeon 3.2GHz ML370 DL380 G4 $137.22 CAD
378750-B21 HP Xeon 3.4GHz ML370 DL380 G4 $137.22 CAD
378751-B21 Xeon 3.6GHz ML370 DL380 G4 $137.22 CAD
381019-B21 HP Xeon 3.2GHz BL20p G3 $199.62 CAD
381020-B21 HP Xeon 3.4GHz BL20p G3 $137.22 CAD
381587-B21 HP AMD Opteron 2.4GHz BL25p $137.22 CAD
381883-B21 HP AMD Opteron 2.4GHz BL35p $137.22 CAD
383335-B21 HP Xeon 3.4GHz DL140 G2 $149.70 CAD
383392-B21 HP Opteron 1.8GHz 865 PC3200 DL585 G1 $274.50 CAD
385903-B21 Xeon 3.6GHz 1MB ML570 DL580 G3 $153.66 CAD
392444-B21 HP AMD Opteron O265 1.8GHz BL25p G1 $199.62 CAD
392449-B21 HP AMD Opteron 2.0GHz BL35p $129.94 CAD
396861-B21 HP AMD Opteron O270 2.0GHz DL145 G2 $249.54 CAD
397819-B21 HP AMD Opteron O254 2.8GHz BL25p G1 $187.14 CAD
397821-B21 HP Opteron 2.8GHz 854 DL585 G1 $336.90 CAD
397843-B21 HP Opteron 2.4GHz 880 PC2700 DL585 G1 $374.34 CAD
397844-B21 HP AMD Opteron 2.4GHz 880 DL585 G1 $174.66 CAD
406426-B21 HP Opteron 2.6GHz BL25p $299.46 CAD
407433-B21 HP AMD Opteron 2.6GHz 2218 DL385 G2 $129.94 CAD
407435-B21 AMD Opteron 2.2GHz 2214 HE DL385 G2 $174.66 CAD
408837-B21 AMD Opteron 2212 2.0GHz DL385 G2 $237.06 CAD
408840-B21 HP AMD Opteron 2.4GHz 2216 HE DL385 G2 $116.94 CAD
409157-B21 HP Xeon E5320 1.86GHz DL140 G3 $262.02 CAD
411362-B21 HP AMD Opteron 2218 2.6GHz DL365 G1 $129.94 CAD
411365-B21 AMD Opteron 2216 2.4GHz DL365 G1 $174.66 CAD
411368-B21 AMD Opteron 2214HE 2.2GHz DL365 G1 $174.66 CAD
411374-B21 AMD Opteron 2210 1.8GHz DL365 G1 $162.18 CAD
411604-B21 AMD Opteron 2210 1.8GHz DL145 G3 $174.66 CAD
411605-B21 AMD Opteron 2214 2.2GHz DL145 G3 $174.66 CAD
411606-B21 HP AMD Opteron 2218 2.6GHz DL145 G3 $149.70 CAD
411615-B21 AMD Opteron 2210 1.8GHz DL145 G3 $174.66 CAD
411616-B21 HP AMD Opteron 2216 2.4GHz DL145 G3 $129.94 CAD
413931-B21 HP Opteron 2.0GHz 8212 DL585 G2 $399.30 CAD
413932-B21 HP Opteron 2.4GHz 8216 DL585 G2 $536.58 CAD
413933-B21 HP AMD Opteron 2.6GHz 8218 DL585 G2 $137.22 CAD
413934-B21 HP Opteron 2.8GHz 8220 SE DL585 G2 $1,460.09 CAD
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