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02R0988 IBM Serve 6M 2CH PCI-x $419.38 CAD
120186-B21 HP Fibre Channel HBA $129.94 CAD
124992-B21 HP Smart Array 5302 64MB $165.69 CAD
128293-B21 HP Smart Array Integrated U $64.48 CAD
129803-B21 HP Dual Channel SCSI Adapter $125.97 CAD
154457-B21 HP Wide Ultra3 SCSI Adapter $224.97 CAD
158939-B21 HP Smart Array 5304 128MB $128.83 CAD
201723-B22 HP Storageworks MSA1000 $488.80 CAD
218231-B22 HP MSA1000 Controller 256MB $360.88 CAD
238633-B21 HP Smart Array 5312 128MB $129.68 CAD
245299-B21 FIBRE CHANNEL HOST $315.64 CAD
24P0960 IBM Total Storage FC133 Host Bus $644.15 CAD
255514-B21 HP BBWC Enabler Option Kit $118.17 CAD
25R8060 IBM SAS Raid Host Bus Adapter $180.18 CAD
25R8064 IBM ServeRAID 8K SAS Controller $157.63 CAD
268351-B21 HP Ultra320 SCSI Adapter $111.93 CAD
273911-B21 HP SA6402 4ch Expansion $141.05 CAD
273914-B21 HP Smart Array 6404 256MB $177.58 CAD
273915-B21 HP Smart Array 6402 128MB $116.68 CAD
281541-B21 HP 2GB PCI-X FC HBA $129.94 CAD
283551-B21 HP SA 5304 256MB Controller $153.79 CAD
283552-B21 HP Smart Array 5302/128MB $129.94 CAD
291967-B21 HP Smart Array 642 Controller $154.05 CAD
295636-B21 HP Smart Array 4200 $89.70 CAD
295643-B21 HP Smart Array 3200 $77.68 CAD
321835-B21 HP FCA22142GB FC Dual Chan $1,056.51 CAD
335881-B21 HP Modular smart Array 500 G2 $268.71 CAD
335921-B21 HP MSA20 12-BAY 2U Enclosure $504.79 CAD
351580-B21 HP SA641/642/E200 128MB BBWC Module $129.94 CAD
374654-B21 HP U320 64 Bit PCI-X SCSI HBA $185.84 CAD
381513-B21 HP SA P800 with 512MB BBWC $177.58 CAD
383280-B21 HP P-Series BBWC 4.8V Battery w/Cable $103.68 CAD
399550-B21 HP SA P400/256 for DL360 G5 $64.68 CAD
39M5895 DS4000 FC 4Gbps PCI-X Dual Port HBA $360.36 CAD
39R6525 QLogic 4GB FC Single Port PCI-e HBA $180.18 CAD
39R8743 IBM Ultra320 Controller $98.54 CAD
39Y6146 QLogic iSCSI Single Port PCI-e HBA $438.62 CAD
403619-B21 HP 4GB DP FC QLE2462 HBA $129.94 CAD
403621-B21 HP 4GB DP FC LPE1105 HBA $354.97 CAD
405132-B21 HP Smart Array P400 256MB $129.94 CAD
409180-B21 HP Smart Array E200 64MB $116.68 CAD
411064-B21 HP Smart Array P400 512MB $153.79 CAD
411508-B21 HP SA E200 w/128MB BBWC $129.68 CAD
412911-B21 HP SC11Xe Host Bus Adapter $236.86 CAD
416096-B21 HP SC44Ge Host Bus Adapter $141.96 CAD
42C1770 QLogic iSCSI Dual Port PCI-e HBA $497.90 CAD
42C2069 Emulex 4Gbps FC Single Port PCI-e HBA $180.18 CAD
42C2071 Emulex 4Gbps FC Dual Port PCI-e HBA $371.67 CAD
42D0407 Emulex 4GB FC Dual-Port PCI-X HBA $585.65 CAD
435129-B21 HP SA E500 256MB Controller $296.14 CAD
43W4280 IBM ServeRAID MR10K SAS/SATA $281.58 CAD
43W7524 IBM 146-GB 15K 3.5 Blade SAS $247.78 CAD
44E8689 IBM ServeRAID BR10i PCI-e SAS/SATA $146.38 CAD
44E8700 IBM 3GB SAS/SATA HBA v2 $281.32 CAD
462828-B21 HP P212/ZM SAS Controller $224.97 CAD
462830-B21 HP P411/256MB SAS Controller $533.26 CAD
462832-B21 HP P411/512MB BBWC SAS Controller $592.54 CAD
462834-B21 HP P212/256MB SAS Controller $260.52 CAD
462862-B21 HP P410/256MB SAS Controller $213.07 CAD
462864-B21 HP P410/512MB BBWC SAS Controller $331.63 CAD
468406-B21 HP 24 Bay 3 GB Expander Card $400.86 CAD
46M0916 IBM ServeRAID M5014 SAS/SATA $596.90 CAD
A8002A HP StorageWorks FC2142SR 4Gb PCIe HBA $179.92 CAD
A8003A HP StorageWorks FC2242SR 4Gb PCIe HBA $309.92 CAD
AA986A HP MSA1500 2U FC Enclosure $719.55 CAD
AB429A HP StorageWorks FC1143 4Gb PCI-X HBA $653.51 CAD
AD167A HP StorageWorks FC2143 4Gb PCI-X HBA $360.88 CAD
AD168A HP StorageWorks FC2243 4Gb PCI-X HBA $653.51 CAD
AE311A HP StorageWorks FC1142SR 4Gb PCIe HBA $153.79 CAD
AE312A HP StorageWorks FC1242SR 4Gb PCIe HBA $341.38 CAD
AE369A HP Storage Works FC1234 4GB $853.84 CAD
AH627A HP U320e Dual Channel Host Bus Adapter $592.54 CAD
ST373455FC Seagate 73-GB 15K FC-AL $143.39 CAD
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