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Other Accessories
128289-B21 HP Tower to Rack ML530 $400.86 CAD
168233-B21 Cable Management D-Rings Kit $64.48 CAD
244059-B21 HP Bay Hot Plug $239.85 CAD
306557-B21 Tower to Rack Kit $384.80 CAD
364639-B21 HP MEM Expansion Board $411.58 CAD
40K1228 IBM Intel Xeon 5140 2.33GHz $199.62 CAD
445575-B21 HP AMD Opteron 2352 2.10GHz BL465c G5 $137.22 CAD
44T1816 IBM Intel Xeon L5420 2.5GHz $199.62 CAD
46D1351 IBM Intel Xeon E5504 2.0GHz $299.46 CAD
46D1352 IBM Intel Xeon E5520 2.26GHz $274.50 CAD
46D1354 IBM Intel Xeon E5540 2.53GHz $374.34 CAD
494262-B21 HP Opteron 2384 2.70GHz BL465c G5 $411.78 CAD
494264-B21 HP Opteron 2378 2.40GHz BL465c G5 $324.42 CAD
494267-B21 AMD Opteron 8384 2.7GHz BL685c G5 $2,346.18 CAD
500042-B21 HP Opteron 2384 2.70GHz BL495c G5 $262.02 CAD
500060-B21 HP Opteron 2380 2.5GHz DL165 G5p $973.38 CAD
500535-B21 HP Opteron 2384 2.7GHz DL385 G5p $199.62 CAD
500537-B21 HP Opteron 2378 2.4GHz DL385 G5p $324.42 CAD
500813-B21 HP Opteron 2380 2.5GHz DL185 G5 $973.38 CAD
507530-B21 HP Opteron 8384 2.70GHz DL785 G5 $1,222.97 CAD
508867-B21 HP Opteron 2376 2.30GHz BL465c G5 $299.46 CAD
510145-B21 HP AMD Opteron 2384 2.7GHz DL365 G5 $411.78 CAD
510148-B21 AMD Opteron 2378 2.4GHz DL365 G1 $199.62 CAD
510150-B21 AMD Opteron 2382 2.6GHz DL365 G5 $574.02 CAD
539798-B21 HP Opteron 2425HE 2.10GHz BL465c G6 $723.78 CAD
539812-B21 HP Opteron 2425HE 2.10GHz BL495c G5 $686.34 CAD
539821-B21 HP Opteron 8425HE 2.10GHz BL685c G6 $2,246.33 CAD
539842-001 DL585 G6 Opteron 8439 SE 2.8GHz $6,609.65 CAD
539847-B21 HP Opteron 8439SE 2.8GHz DL585 G5/G6 $811.14 CAD
539848-B21 HP Opteron 8431 2.4GHz DL585 G5/G6 $973.38 CAD
539849-B21 HP Opteron 8425HE 2.10GHz DL585 G5/G6 $2,258.81 CAD
570113-B21 HP Opteron 2435 2.60GHz DL385 G6 $436.74 CAD
570115-B21 HP Opteron 2431 2.40GHz DL385 G6 $411.78 CAD
570117-B21 HP Opteron 2427 2.20GHz DL385 G6 $561.54 CAD
570119-B21 HP Opteron 2425HE 2.10GHz DL385 G6 $711.30 CAD
572140-B21 HP Opteron 2425HE 2.1GHz DL165 G6 $711.30 CAD
572373-B21 HP Opteron 8435 2.6GHz DL585 G5/G6 $561.54 CAD
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