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Floppy/Tape Drives
HP 146196-B22 40/80-GB DLT8000 Crbn Int $319.54 CAD
HP 146197-B23 40/80-GB DLT8000 Ext SCSI $563.10 CAD
HP 157769-B21 20/40-GB Int SCSI DAT $231.14 CAD
HP 157769-B22 20/40-GB DAT DDS-4 SCSI L $254.80 CAD
HP 157770-B32 20/40-GB DAT DDS-4 SCSI L $865.15 CAD
HP 175197-B21 50/100-GB AIT Add On $663.13 CAD
HP 192103-002 110/220-GB Ext Crbn LVD $1,399.71 CAD
HP 192103-B32 110/220-GB Ext Crbn LVD $1,399.71 CAD
HP 199676-001 10 20-GB Ext SCSI DLT $206.96 CAD
HP 215487-B21 AIT-2 50/100-GB 8MM LVD $370.89 CAD
HP 216886-B21 AIT-1 35/70-GB SCSI LVD H $546.91 CAD
231823-B21 MSL 5000 FIELD $5,661.89 CAD
HP 231823-B22 110/220-GB SDLT Ldr for M $753.81 CAD
HP 249160-B31 AIT-3 100/200-GB SCSI LVD $1,590.03 CAD
HP 249161-B21 AIT3 100-GB HS $1,247.48 CAD
249189-B21 HP 100/200-GB AIT3 INT LVD $681.66 CAD
HP 257319-001 160/320-GB Ext Crbn LVD $642.01 CAD
HP 257319-B21 160/320-GB Int Crbn LVD $572.39 CAD
268664-B21 DLT1 SUPERLOADER 1280 $3,127.80 CAD
280129-B21 HP VS80 40/80-GB Int LVD $361.53 CAD
293472-B21 HP MSL50262 Tape Library $3,742.96 CAD
HP 29-348201 40/80-GB DLT8000 LVD W $1,899.69 CAD
295513-B22 HP DDS3 12/24-GB INT DAT $266.70 CAD
HP 330834-B21 ESL9000 LTO2 HS LTO LVD $806.00 CAD
HP 340743-B22 20/40-GB Int SCSI DLT $229.97 CAD
340744-B22 HP 20/40GB DLT Ext $370.89 CAD
364507-B21 Floppy disk - 1.44 MB - 3.5 $89.70 CAD
HP 3R-A0517-AA 12/24-GB DDS3 T-GB 5 25 $409.11 CAD
HP 3R-A2408-AA AIT1 35/70-GB HS LVD $2,295.28 CAD
HP 3R-A2409-AA Strgwrks AIT1 Ext LVD Cr $795.34 CAD
HP 3R-A2913-AA 20/40-GB HS DDS4 LVD $632.97 CAD
HP 3R-A3626-AA AIT3 100-GB HS $996.71 CAD
HP 63102011 ESL9326DX HS DLT8000 HVD $1,525.55 CAD
HP 6310209-02 ESL9326DX HS DLT8000 HVD $768.69 CAD
HP 6310209-05 ESL9326DX HS DLT8000 HVD $1,621.56 CAD
HP 6310256-03 ESL9198DLX HS DLT8000 LV $1,525.55 CAD
HP 6312695-03 ESL9198DLX HS DLT8000 LVD $1,525.55 CAD
HP 6430505-08 ESL9000 SDLT 160/320-GB L $3,654.69 CAD
AA988A HP DualChannel SCSI I O Module $129.94 CAD
AD612B MSL6000 Ultrium 960 Tape Drive $1,399.71 CAD
AF728A HP 6105 Virtual Library System $4,730.18 CAD
AG051A HP 6840 Virtual Library System $32,038.80 CAD
AG115A HP MSL2024 Ultrium 960 Drive Library $4,933.69 CAD
AG116A HP StorageWorks MSL2024 $3,495.70 CAD
AG117A HP MSL2024 Ultrium 448 Drive Library $2,918.63 CAD
AG323A HP MSL4048 Ultrium 960 Tape Library $9,062.95 CAD
AH170A HP MSL2024 Ultrium 960 Tape Library $7,117.24 CAD
HP AR-KG4PA-CL LDR 8 16-GB DRV Sled DLT $2,524.73 CAD
HP C5172L 4120 DLT7000 Library 15 slo $2,093.78 CAD
C5686B HP Storageworks Int 20/40-GB DAT $642.01 CAD
C9268R HP 1 8 Tape Rackmount Kit $249.47 CAD
DW017B HP Ultrium 448 External TapeDrive $652.02 CAD
DW026A HP DAT72 36/72-GB USB INT TD $605.41 CAD
DW027A HP DAT72 36/72-GB USB EXT TD $733.66 CAD
DW064A HP Ultrium 232 INT 1/2H LTO $795.34 CAD
DW065B HP Ultrium232 External TapeDrive $1,629.16 CAD
Q1515A HP Storageworks Ultrium 230 LTO $268.71 CAD
Q1518A HP Ultrium 460 Tape Drive 200- $287.82 CAD
Q1520A HP StorageWorks Ultrium 460 $681.66 CAD
HP Q1520B 460-GB LTO2 Ext LVD Crbn $681.66 CAD
Q1523A HP Storageworks 36/72-GB EXT DAT Drive $486.07 CAD
HP Q1528A DAT 72 Ext $599.30 CAD
Q1529A HP DAT 72 Hot Plug Carbon Int $509.86 CAD
Q1538A HP Storageworks Ultrium 960 $795.34 CAD
Q1539B HP Ultrium External Tape Drive $2,879.63 CAD
Q1546A HP StorageWorks DAT 40 $562.38 CAD
Q1566A HP StorageWorks DAT 72x6 $800.22 CAD
HP TH8AL-CL 40/80-GB DLT8000 Int LVD Opal $311.94 CAD
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